z80 system card, display + card, supply card+ near empty breadboard, chips, keyboard.

right speaker + amp + model

black speaker, front, cutout, turquise background, tweeters on top

2d amp on desk, closed, front view

small im, amp on desk, open, worked on

me holding open amp, halfway finished

small im, front closeup

blank speaker with amp on top (turned away) + right in 1st ais, with mac and Mirjam

The modest PA sys page I've also made a web server based on the latest tcl/tk server with integrated image processing to automatically generate web pages from an image database, with on the fly image comversion for optimal resizing and jpeg encoding. Before this, I've worked at Delft University in a project designing and prototyping a 3D graphics system, where I've programmed distributed radiosity/ray-tracing software. flyer picture (3d page) example internet site built for a festival.

some exa's

pcom page, with screendumps

A bwise canvas, with a picture/text database, real-time coupled with a rectangular interactive picture/associated function network.

This screenshot gives an impression of the preperatory development for a personal online sound processing system (internet client/server), where my audio software (sample processing, physical modeling of musical instruments) and mpeg encoding are combined on a web page, which can be served from any windows 95 + system anywhere over the internet.

An example of a small bwise canvas, where a 'shell' and graph subwindow reside, and a dynamic text is displayed.

A simple arithmetic function as block graph under bwise, and a more complicated set of blocks.