A study of 1 Corintians 9

After having looked at 1 Cor 5, 7 and some related passages, 1 cor 9 is likely to speak about similar subjects as these chapters, and Paul seems to elaborate on the puroposes of the lives of people and the way in which to maximize the good effects of it.

Lets start with quoting the greek, and thanks to the Goshen bible study site and the Perseus greek lexicon, references to strong's notation and a solid greek lexicon are also available.

1 Cor. 9:25,26

[KJ 'striveth for the mastery', from SL ago^n: gathering, assembly, struggle] [KJ 'temperate', from SL egkrate^s: in possesion of (power), holding fast, with a strong hand] [LJ 'corruptable', SL phtheiro^: destroy, perish, corrupt, bribe, wander]

And [1161] every man [3956] that striveth for the mastery [75] (5740) is temperate [1467] (5736) in all things [3956]. [3303] Now [3767] they [1565] [do it] to [2443] obtain [2983] (5632) a corruptible [5349] crown [4735]; but [1161] we [2249] an incorruptible [862]

[KJ 'run', SL trecho^: 'run'] [KJ 'uncertainly', SL ade^los: 'unseen, invisible,by unknown hand, unintelligable'] [KJ 'fight', SL pukteuo^: 'box, spar; strike with the fist (on the head), fight']

I [1473] therefore [5106] so [3779] run [5143] (5719), not [3756] as [5613] uncertainly [84]; so [3779] fight I [4438] (5719), not [3756] as [5613] one that beateth [1194] (5723) the air [109]:

The last word translated as to beat is described in Scott Liddel as:

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Words Max. Inst. Freq./10K Min. Inst. Freq./10K
Totals in Perseus 2.0 texts 3392479 48 0.14 23 0.07

derô Aristoph. Wasps 485, Plat. Euthyd. 285c, etc.:--

  • also deirô Hdt. 2.39, Aristoph. Cl. 442, ti=Aristoph. Birds 365, Cratin.361: impf. ederon Hom. Il. 23.167, Ep. deron Hom. Od. 8.61: fut. derô Aristoph. Kn. 370: aor. edeira Hom. Il. 2.422, (ap-) Hdt. 5.25, (ek-) Plat. Rep. 616a:--
  • Med., v. anaderô :--
  • Pass., fut. da^rêsomai Ev.Marc.13.9, POxy.653b (ii A.D.): aor. edarên [a^] Men.Mon.422, (ap-) Xen. Anab. 3.5.9, (ek-) Hdt. 7.26; part. dartheis Nicoch.8: pf. dedarmai (v. infr.):--
  • skin, flay, of animals, d. bous Hom. Il. 23.167: prov., kuna d. dedarmenên 'flog a dead horse', Pherecr.179; askos dedarthai to have one's skin flayed off, Sol.33.7; derô se thulakon klopês I will make a thief's purse of your skin, Aristoph. Kn. 370: prov., prin esphachthai dereis 'first catch your hare, then cook it', Eust.1792.45; aera derein 'plough the sands', IDEM=Eust. 1215.50, Suid.

    II. colloquially, cudgel, thrash, dedoktai moi deresthai kai derein di' hêmeras
    Aristoph. Wasps 485, cf. ti=Aristoph. Cl. 442, POxy. l.c. (ii A. D., Pass.): prov., ho mê dareis anthrôpos ou paideuetai 'spare the rod and spoil the child', Men. l. c., cf. SIG1109.91 (ii A.D.): metaph., eis prosôpon tina d. 2 Ep.Cor.11.20. (Cf. Lith. derù 'flay', Skt. d&rnull;&nnull;ā´ti 'split'.)