Java Graph Application Trial

Finding some of the Java examples from the jdk distribution inspired some combinational work to see if Java can be considered to be a serious object oriented language and environment. It has its share of strange properties, of which the absence of pointer based mechanisms is one. Although there are good (runtime) portabiblity reasons to only use non-machine-specific pointers, it is sometimes hard for me to grasp the thought-model that underlies the way Java interprets certain OO concepts, such as the 'this', and its combination with 'super()', which I understand easily contentwise, but not implementation wise. A good Unix style manual, although PLEASE WITH the hyperlinks!, and programmer oriented short overview would help. Including some of the technical issues that are nw obscure from the docu, such as the granularity of the threads how they are mapped on various machine architectures, how are various well known concepts given shape in the implementation (class/instance vars and functs and how to cross reference them).

Then again, what is there is not nothing, especially since it is for free, and seems to offer most of what is needed to do serious graphics and interaction programming. And the compiler seems to function reasonably up to speed for an application like this.

More later, it is clear that an application like this can be used as the basis for some of the things I've proposed, since this works according to plan.