Hebrew Alphabeth Pictorial/Conceptual Character Meanings

aleph source (aleph...), drain(...aleph); branch out
bet proximity (place under 'tree')
gimal offering
dalet one the one hand, and on the other (inclusive choice, ...daleth...)
heh missing, 'the', female (noun suffix)
vav and, or (connecting letter, also indicative of tenses)
zayin cut of
het added
tet suspended (captured, fallen in ?) (Womb?)
yod being, creating (also in conjunction)
kaf added (connected) above
lamed to, toward
mem piece, portion (also: breast as input to the heart)
nun putting into
samech putting or having around
ayin low, hanging
peh blowing forth, also of wind, life
tzadi to sprout out, blossom; open, split, cut
kuf head down, to drop
resh down(wards); hanging (over)
shin providing a place
taf providing support; wanting (toward, verb extension)

cawmates: being
patach: causing

dot: staying, bringing about
vertical double dot: making, following through

Hebrew Character to Word level and Adjacent Words Combinatorial Aspects

generally branching out of meanings from right to left
order of character related to time causality, source/drain
juxtaposition levels seperated through daleth/vav
prefixes (tav)
suffixes (hai: female)

vav inter word connections (equal level), also with pre and post repetition

hebrew tranlation examples using pictorial meanings

proposals for further work