Hebrew Examples

with pictogram based tranlations added

To announce, to prophesy (Davidson).
"Entering into the proximity of the source" (from above pictorial meanings).
is like a place under a tree, while is like the branches of the tree, sort of like Adam was having contact with God above when He was like the wind through the leaves?

To despise. (D)
Putting into as source of cutting or of sprouting out.

Compare James 5:3 "Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days." with the next 2 words:

Heaping up (D).
Offering a piece, breast.

cover; collect, treasure; perhaps chests in which precious things are stored (D).
Offering putting into and cutting of.

James 2:25 "Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way?"

Act insolently (make a noise); urge, press upon, embolden;to overcome (D)
Hanging over/(down because)/(overcoming) the missing in/for/by/giving proximity

To tread a winepress. (D)
Double/two feet downward on 'the' (feminine sense) (compare Song 2:15 "for our vines have tender grapes")
Coming down over those hanging over those missing the point. (e.g. R ev.)

to love (e.g. as in 'your neigbour as yourself')
The source of feeing the missing of the point in proximity (being in love),
or the source of missing and wanting proximity (loving someone),
or adding proximity where there is a source of missing something (being human).

adultery (D)
Putting into as a source of blowing away the life, or to drain or draining the breath

to set, go down (sun) ; late, dark; obscure (D)
The source of blowing forth (away) towards.(katapine?)

This, this very, here, now. (D)
cut of and missing. (sort of like amartalo)

To dream.
result of the above

Jacob ('pounded small')
creating hanging and droppin/head down in proximity

Creating place for bringing downward God

shalom, peace.
providing space for approaching the heart (breast)

Eat, consume; to make war, to fight; food, meat (fruit); bread; meal, feast.
toward added a piece.

Table (D)
providing space toward adding and putting into.

(Remember the greek 'partenoon' does not imply virginity in the sense of not having had intercourse, and that the greek 'widow' does not have as it's (only) implication that someone's spouse died. Some other translations may well also have quite different meanings.)

Woman, wife (D)
Source of/for providing space , fem. / missing.

Virgin (arab. to seperate) (D)
(In) proximity support(/wanting) toward.
Proximity support and toward (that which is) missing.

Tokens of virginity (D)
Proximity support and toward making/creating a piece, breast (touching the heart)

Damsel, young woman (D)
putting into downward hanging (over/on), missing/fem.

Man (D)
Source (spine?) on one hand, on the other chest

Man, husband, individual (D)
source of creating space.

To try, prove, tempt, assay. (D)
putting into and having around, to see if/where the point misses, some(one) missing the point.

To bind (++) (D)
source toward having or being around;
branches toward having around (like a a binder).

to accustom oneself, to learn, to teach (D)
towards the heart/breast, on the one side and the other, or between two parties.

A widow. (D)
source of learning or teaching putting into for/being missing the point;
source towards touching missing.