Mission Statent

Possibilities and Plans
for development and putting to use
of recent biblical findings,
their connection with and influence
on views and practical dealings with
healthy power and sexual relations
and what the gospel appears to
have to say about the changes
and healing of the unhealthy
and abusive ones.

1. Introduction and Main Mission Statement
2. Background
3. Main Goals
4. Outline of Proposed Practical Outworkings
5. First Implementation Proposals

1. Introduction

My recent work on bible translation and the interpretation
of some of the inescapable conclusions in combination with
the apprehension of some of the serious problems and
dangers for individuals, families, society, and christianity,
has led me to consider three main points:

1. The 'Gospel' that was preached in the time of the early charch
had direct, totally significant and practical, authoritive,
and fruitfull bearing on the problems most compactly
summed up as the correct place and use of power- and
sexual relations, and the correction and healing of
minor and major deviances from them

2. I feel there is a need to make a publicy available statement
about the views that are developing through my translation
and exegetical work, to expose the views to as rigorous as
possible scruteny, to make them known and share them with
those interested in hearing or contributing, and to
create the means to share and gather up the results of
interactions based on both my settled and developing views.

3. Create a center point for dealing with practical problems
and working on their solution, both by appropriate teaching
to prevent them, as by dealing with the sad results of

I realize that both some of the views are quite unconventional
in many christian contexts, and that the above is in some ways
an ambitious goal. That means I have to trust that at least
making an effort to deal with these issues openly, and to try
to bring back what I honestly percieve to be the power of the
gospel in the early NT days will contribute to break down
some barriers to bring to the light what is performed in
darkness, and to allow the Lord that was preached in that
gospel to bring about more change in the cosmetics
of our world and healing of the broken harted.

Doing nothing certainly isn't going to make a difference,
and considering the changes history has already shown
and the blessing they have brought to many people, the
gospel is more powerfull than people in the days
when it was first preached may have thought.

2. Background

Lately I have been looking at parts of scripture to investigate
where our translation suggest views contrary to the clear
original meaning, and the results slowly led me to believe
that my former views on what it had to say especially about
relationships and sexuality are quite contrary to the actual
text, and recent findings in my personal life, and hearing
and reading about the lives of others made it painstakingly
clear that a lot of misery is induced in both areas, and
that christianity fails to correct it, and in some cases
has grown to be an intricate part of certain problems.

Not all christian doctrine and its practical outworking is
refuted by my latest findings, not at all. But some of my
other findings (already for a longer time) are that there
is quite a need for sober, solid, well founded,
uncompromising, simple teaching about basic subjects
in New Testament life. I have been exposed to a course that
did give me that, but found that many have not been as
fortunate, and it is not trivial to find coherent, solid
teaching, not even in book form.
Since the course I followed (written be Dr. A. Grimes)
has given me a solid foundation, I would want to share,
in various forms, the benefits of it.

This goes to say that what I'm finding now does not
at al go against the teaching I and quite some others have
already had, and which is fairly well established, on the
contrary. But I did find the area of relationships and
sexuality to be at least underexposed, and the traditional
teaching about it partly contradictory. I don't know if
someone can be an expert in them, and if that is at all
possible in general, I wouldn't say I qualify, but that is
not a reason to hold back on the opportunities to become
acquainted with the practical outworking of a healty
implementation of the fairly straightforward interpretation
of what the gospel should be about. After all it should be
good news, and be accompanied with the power (from above)
to make it work.

3. Main Goals

My main goals as stated in the Main Mission Statement, are a bit
more elaborately put to give hands and feet to the three main
areas of focus: theory, information and practice.

My translation and exegetical work is far from finished. I
found sufficient solid results to continue with and to act
upon, but there is a lot more to be discovered and retrieved,
and probably corrected.
When the rest of the texts have equaly much more (and sometimes
different) to say than I found about a relatively small number
of passages until now, and when I consider the short time
(appr. 2 years) I've been working on the subject, it is
not at all an act of overly enthousiatic faith to assume
that more will fall into place, become logical and consistent,
and hopefully bear good fruits.

Recently I've been discussing and reading about both the powerstructures
that are prevalent in mostly our western world, and about
relationships and sexuality both in the positive and in the
negative sense. The negative side was not always completely
clear to me, and in some cases are shocking.

What to do? Based on the refound sides of the gospel and with
sufficient internal and external backup as to the validity of
the findings, it should be possible to start to act, both on
the personal level, and in a more publicly visible and accesible