Hgedit Example Page

An example of the hgedit textprocessor, meant to facilitate the use of greek and hebrew characters, also in the form of HTML (web) pages, which require no special fonts and can therefore be read also through simple viewers.

Interlinear Bible Fragments

More will follow on the use of this editor, and some of its extensions:

Complete old and new testament available in hebrew and greek representation, with all freedom to make annotations.

Editor Properties

Currently, the editor allows typing of english, greek and hebrew by the keyboard, while hebrew and greek characters can also be added using the mouse.

Hebrew types from right to left, and can be aligned at he right margin.

This is a 'version 0' which needs some work to make a full blown tool, but the screen shots give a good indication of its capabilities.


The editor is completely written in Tcl/Tk (a scripting language with graphical extension) that can easily be obtained, is highly portable (most PC's, unix, mac), widely used, and is even available as Netscape plugin.
The fonts are simple graphics fonts (based on small gif images). When other fonts are available (for instance several word processors can use greek fonts) a converter can easily be added.
There are various hebrew and greek sources on the net (will add some links) which transliterate the original charters. The setup is currently such that these sources can be pasted in the text window, selected, and converted to ancient characters with the convert buttons.


When the editor has a more or less version 1 status, it can be made available on this site, in the form of Tcl/Tk code. Logical additions would be to have more file options, search and replace, and some more formatting, but the main reason was to make HTML pages with interlinear hebrew/greek representations, which I might implement by using a automatically formed table.
I'm also thinking of making a more full blown hebrew/greek bible tool of it, by having all the greek and hebrew loaded internally and allowing searching, cutting and pasting, cross referencing, etc. Some of the techiniques I used could be utilized to automatically create web pages accessing the hebrew and greek in the original characters alongside with other versions. Currently I don't have the web space to facilitate this ...