Recent Software

For those interested my recent (march 2001) software whereabouts, I'll put some stuff up download on this page, the executables (.exe) are compiled for 486, with dmpi (donno the version) present, and the graphics programs may ask for 640x480x8bit, and may not run under anything else but plain dos, that is not started up as windows subwindow, because I have an old version of gnu.

March 7, 2000

col.c Source of a 3d graphics tryout program, press a button several times to get more (rotated) 3d views. Completely exprimental, to find out various machine boundaries and use my quite basic graphics routines, not yet the more advanced ones.
rot.c rotation functions, needed in above
the program Note it may not run at all when not in complete dos mode (due to my grx+gnu compiler version)

mat.c matrix test program source
mat.exe run this program in a dos window with one argument, the number of dimensions, for instance 3, see what matrix it randomly makes, how it is inverted, and wether the resulting vector indeed is a good solution. The parameter may be up to 100 or 200 or so, but beware that that will print a lot of data (100x100=?), maybe use mat 32 > matout.txt or so to redirect output to a file, which can than be read into a wordprocessor.

this is an example output file

dx sound names list per bank
dx sound names sorted list both these files contain about 10,000 DX7 sound names, and the name of the sound bank they are from, and the DX7 algorithm parameter, the first is in order of the banks, the second is sorted to alphabetical ordering, both are big, a few hundred kilobytes (half a minute on isdn), the sorted misses some sounds, about 2/3 seem present, and they give an idea of what a database of dx7 sounds could contain, and why it may be handy to have more distinction possibilities than merely the names.

I don't know how 'legal' the library is, I just used the sound presented in the dx72csnd package. I don't know url's by heart, if you're interested, mail me, these are valid sounds for the latest phrase synthesizer module from Yamaha, too.

I'll see if I can put up some converted images of with fancy enough graphics, they start to look ok enough to be looked at as examples, maybe I can find some small enough converter program (gnu ate up most my harddisc space, and csound doesn't make it empty either...)