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Latest: Februari 6 2001

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

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February 6, 2001

I've done some more greek reading, aeschilus, about the athens modes of operations in the time of wars against philip, and two characters, rivaling for positions amoung the leaders, one bing known orator (demostened), the other a bit maybe the underdog, but at least because of lacking orating qualities done short (A.) because I went into trying James 1 again, which slowly gets clearer, and more founded, and definately different. If I'l remember good enough by hart, I write some, otherwise I'll see if I can make and put on notes. At least various ambiguous words from apearing in James 1, appear together in 2 chapter in aschillus, too.

A less background subject seemed to ask for my attention, not a nice subjects, but with all I see and seem to perceive going on, I think it is important to try to at least deal with thinking about them straight.

Christian faith alikes that are actually a church of satan

I've mentioned on various older pages that lets say 5 years ago I became aware of the story (through media first, and her book later) of a girl who had been (sexually and in many other ways) abused by her parents and many from her environment, who in the end at least got her parents behind bars. The descriptions that she gave about what they made her undergo were absolutely unimaginable for me, though I believe every word written down to be truthfull. Such torment, such a suffering induced, such voilence, is absolutely unimaginable for me, and the scale of such crimes even less, she mentioned about half the middlesized dutch town as part of ones taking part in the actual abuse. Horrifying, absolutely hell.

She mentioned that one of her abusers was a reverent (priest, but I think not catholic), and that that one she saw later on in a church, devivering a sermon about christs' love, forgiveness, and such.

The idea alone took me a long time to get used to. Of course I know natural man is deprived, and only inclined to evil, but it is hard to imagine where so much evil and horror comes from, and why sometimes it can wither and last so long.

I'd be prepared to go to actual war if that effectively stops it straight away, though I'm aware of it that such a action may only pay of in certain cases. When the half of holland is in these evils and their derivatives, then what, hope it is better abroad ? Start an effective civil war? Become terrorist, simply blowing the kind away from this earth ?

Though I realize it doesn't do more than at least set victims free but not heal them, the latter is not untempting, though I'm sure at the moment I wouldn't take the chance. I'm sure though that when I know about certain rituals being prevented by the death of some nobodies that deserve to be so, I'd have no problem emotionally causing it. In fact I think I'd sort of like the idea, though am not stupid enough to become so illegal unless there is good reason, or to believe that that would solve the worlds' problems.

Judgement day by the only holy God wil come for everyone, minus that christ has his own that do not appear for that judgement seat, but I'm sure are not allowed to be hitler just the same, which in the end should cause justice to be achieved, but in this life there are things to be achieved to correct and prevent, too. How it is that God lets such incredible evil exist and continue I don't know, but I'm certain the remarks about the romans and their swords were not for nothing in the new testament, and it is certainly in our common translations so that such practices were punished with complete and utter death in the old testament, for evident reasons. I think it is likely that the 'promised land' was taken from its inhabitants violently not mainly for territorial reasons but that a people supposedly holy from the kinds of idoltrous abominations were violently kicking great evil out.

So how is this in revelation? It can be assumed that the 7 types of 'churches', groups of believers, mentioned by Jesus in Johannes' story of the experience, are the various types of churches that may well still be so. That is not a very appealing picture, though some seem fine. What about the 'beast', is that the gestalt that the nazis wanted the same to make them rule themself, giving their autority to some fake saviour/prophet, assuming these images have an amount of fullfilment before the 7 years of great tribulation (after christ returned) as well. What are the many heads, or should that be taken as the general game people play. Then it is amazing they still try the same, after all these centuries, after so much misery and failure of such things even to be worth anyones' while, is it still so apealing to follow in the footsteps of the manslayer from the beginning, the father of lies, that it is very appealing and a good idea to want to be like God, and ascend to heaven.

And in the end proposterously and pityfully put itself in th e tempel to show that the goal well known from Roman emperors has actually achived. I though about the way things could run in Islam, first you give em devilish rules and commands and life-modes, then after centuries you release some restrictions, or expose some lies, and get praised for the enlightment that brings. Horrible, and the demons live through the centuries to do the tricks, though completely subdued to the holy Spirit (the real one), you'll be dead maybe before the on delusion is replaced by a another. Sad.

The great whore, centered in rome, and in the end accumulating all cults and fake religions without question is not mentioned for nothing as an aboniation, and causing joy in heaven when it is destroyed. The beast it is supposedly riding, and in the end turns against it because it is given it in it heart by God himself (or is that another beast), what is it, and is that applicable today in some sensible way? I'm certain many small scale and straighforward, and demonically inspired explanations are at least in order.

Is making idols not something out of date, isn't rituals to be active in the spiritual, witchcraft and magic doctors a bit to low for modern, civilized man, and something preferably left to unenlightened, isolated african tribes of no world level significance, and whose maybe canibalism noone will make an example or a desirable life-mode ?

I'm certain for many that is so, but also that the jews were not the only ones to break God laws also in the idols and adultery against God areas, making idols and fake religeous systems of their own, going astray in many ways, and ending up in babylonic trouble. I think babylon is related to the concept known in various circles as schizofrenia, where opposing emotions are played against eachother with little persons inside all these opposing pairs of emotional components, without much or complete control. I'm certain there is a deamon with the same name, and it is not hard to imagine how evil people try to achieve these and other hurt states in their victims to prevent them from ever talking about the babylonic circles they've been sacrificed in or know about, and to make sure their power can find its way in them by inducing and using fear, and making then parts of a machine or spiritual constellation they hope to master and exploit.

The fear and life of victims of the kind I read about is unimaginable for me. I've been forced away from what I had with nothing because I refused to be put in the nuthouse or enter the social system to get my credibility down, taking unusual risks, but I haven't been wraped, physically tortured almost to death, been completely enslaved in many ways and sacrificed and drugged in still others ways, so I don't feel capable of understanding how one can come through those ordeals, or what I can sat exactly to someone out from or in still in such families, though for sure I can assure everyone that God never asks for such sacrifices, and never is on the evil side of things that some religions are into. The reason I took risks is to prevent that I would be officially labeled or put aside into a position where I wouldn't easily be able to claim also natural authority of some that want to rule important areas of life that I now suppose are probably child abusers, nazi-kinds, and other such types of evil excuses for the human race, and at least I can still claim to be ahead of pretty much every one of them, and be contentwise not affraid of any comparison, with any one of them, which I think I could use to major advantage when done right. I beat them at computers, software, vision in new types of research, physics, and various areas of electrical engineering, and for real in many important, essential and fundamental subjects, even convincingly. That means that at least my being put aside is not on the basis of fair treatment, and that too, politically could be a lot worse, and as in what is in public life acceptable, I'm not to blame for any serious misbehaviour.

Maybe some that I might want have been forced to conspire and falsely accuse against, me, that could bother me, but then again, compared with child abuse, how much am I going to blame victims of such kinds, that I may have worked with. Of course I'm against persons that would willingly undermine my credibility and worse, just for to fo agianst such things, but I don't think I find it hard to imagine how much pressure can be put on them, and I think exposure of the ones making that so is the main remedy, of course acompanied by positions of esteem and authority in society that are not themselves corrupted or corroded by collaborators with such evil.

A christian leader, low ranked person, preacher, or anything at all, even when they've indeed had the priviledge of being found by Christ thats even a bit into such ideas is nothing but a adulturer against God and his Spirit, maybe a satanist, or other type of criminal religion partaker, and not christian in any perceivable way at all, such things have nothing, whatsoever to do with christianity. Nothing. Such practices are evil, inspired and brought about by natural men and women, the devil and deamons, achieve nothing except their condemnation by Gods laws, are not making anyone better of, are not of any value to true christians except that they may want to prevent them and counter and heal the consequences, and are punishable with death in old and new testament, depending on a countries' law system.

The reason for inducing fear can be twofold in such context: it is a method of course for keeping unknowledgeable or powerless persons under a certain power structure, and it can be an open door for deamons, which should be prevented. When a little girl or boy is so gravely abused, I know only few things for certain that are of use, the first that they are not to blame. Christ does not blame them for the fact that their parents or keepers are so evil. Also, that they do not need to feel in any way at all compelled to cooperate on the basis of religion, because such a religion is pagan, unchristian, develish always. And that they are not condemned by the God or Christ or the Holy Spirit to such sacrifices, they are not their fault.

People wraping children supposedly in the name of christ. I think I could kill.

The Gospel

Jesus said "my yoke is soft, and my burden is light", and "come to me all who are troubled at heart, and I'l give you rest", and "the truth shall set you free", and various other quotes I used to see on lets see tractates and writings of various origin. I think that no matter how evil the preachers of such truths, the essence is still true, that that is who the Son of the real God is, amoung other things.

And that He calls on His own to live accordingly, and that the abovementioned ways of life are part of an old life that we can safely put aside and not live in anymore, knowing for sure that those are not the ways He deals with persons and the world, which He loves. And we are called to discern this old and new life in us, and put off the old, and learn to live in the new.

Jesus is not just love, and the Holy Spirit does not just tell us to love everyone, sacrifice ourselves to the highest evil priest, and become what Jesus already is: the way to God. There is justice and unjustice, and the latter should not be left uncorrected and/or punished. There is good and bad and being nice to childabusers, thiefs, wrapists, killers, evil politicians, exploiting and abuse slave-owners, and others of such kinds is a priviledge they cannot assume to be general code of conduct, and certainly those could even end up dead with Gods' and Christs' and the Holy Spirits' approval. God is not just mercyfull, but also just. Which is why there is no other way to circumvent being dead from Him than through the once and for all perfect replacement sacrifice Christ made.

And of course there are multitudes of false apostles, teachers and prophets, and deamons, to after their father, the devil, make clear that that is a God invented lie that they don't need to believe, they're not children, God can be made even, isn't that wonderfull. No, in fact it is unneeded, it sucks, it has no positive results, and will only make way for the strong derire for even bigger lying mouths, more incredible lies, and more babylonic and other secret circles to get lost in.

In spite of all this, the gospel of the real Christ is still the same as He: unchanged.