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Latest: Februari 10 2001

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

Previous Diary Entries

February 10, 2001

What does sacrifycing to the moloch mean, is that something I should take into account as devilish doctrine in the society I currently see around me? Such and other questions I ask myself, not all day long, but I think it is relevant to at least have some knowledge about the causes of error, evil, injustice, wrong and misery in the world.

I read the preface of a book from a mrs Lindberg, seemingly the flyer, stating reasons for publishing diaries and personal letters, worth repeating, maybe I'll quote it, it gave me the thinking I remember when I used to pick up a book since I was little; to read the words and the lines and be in another world: "get me a unicorn".

I've done more work on the wave laboratory page, but it isn't finished yet, and I need to sit down and think about which waves for the applets and effects I all want included. Maybe I should arrange materials into a full coverage, including the sound experiments I've described on other pages, but that would take a lot of referencing work, and it is often handier to at least have it all together on one page. The whole subject wouldn't even fit in one book properly, though. I checked the online-university site, and found there are various courses in lets say EE sense of interest, including sampling, transforms, etc. Good enough, but not the way and as rigid as I would make it, but then again, I don't think the course makers are paid as professors.

A good list of tranforms (gifs of formulas can be good enough), the basic properties of the formulas

Exposure of Babylon

In advertising, exposure is positive, normally, as in how much exposure did a product get. In terms of 'spiritual' battle, it means the same as in exposing blackmailers.


I was thinking along the lines of the japanese babylonic mother whore playing a spiritual connection game over any victim they an find to connect to Einsteins mother to tap his brain. Not that that would have worked, but it is the sor t of logic I think such system is about. Apart from being pityfull, it is in revelation that that whore exists and that the life even of apostles is in here at times, which does make me wonder about what place this image should have in current days.

It could a purpose, or actively what's going on, at least I know that the image in revelation is clear enough about it that in the end it is pretty much all there is, besides the merchands, but that is just during the last 7 years, and that it is about a woman on a beast, and that it is about riches. Or was the woman about the many waters a different one? I should look it up, but I don't think so, I'm sure it pays to look up the greek and the comparisons, too.


I'm not sure it's a correct english term for computer science, it's the term used in Delft university. I knew some people in the department, some quote friends unqoute, because I don't see them as such now unless I've got good reason to change my mind, which I doubt I will, some I worked with, from various departments, and come to think of it, I even was officially on the (masters) graduation committee of one.

When I wanted to go to technical university, or maybe physics or mathematics on an 'ordinary', I considered the then new 'informatics' study, and soon realized the if I'd go for electrical engineering, I'd do both the essence of it, and more, so that was easy. I didn't like physics enough as in the application area, it sort of was unclear to me wether I would be able to do nive things with it enough, and I didn't have the drive to make it in the theoretical area to cover major grounds, I had no idea wether I would be up to it, and wether that would make me like it.

So it became EE, and I don't think I ever regretted it: 3/4 of the first year almost strictly mathematics, quite up to standard in those days, hopefully it still is, and of course software doesn't start with little examples, not all to clear ideas of what the essence of programming is, and various roads not all to clearly founded, but mainly with the machines that run it, the circuits, the computer structures and ideas in it, etc. Not nice language ? Donno, I just can't help thinking that in the lets say general electrical engineering area computers are not dream machines and software can be dealt with quite rationally and most developments in the area can be dealt with without the fuzziness and lets say unclearly foundedness found in varous software areas.

Not in general, but one may ask for the legitimation of someones' authority (if that is the word) for making things run in certain ways in software land. And when that is only a bunch of bad or not boys that thought they should do things a certain way because of who knows why and must stick with it because otherwise they'd be out of power, things may be not so good.

It depends, but I prefer good reasons for certain choices, when they can be given.

Clintultery ?

Lets see, fornication is sexual activity with the wrong and or illegal partner, adultery is betrayal or at least going behind the back of or against a loved one with another person as a loved one, 'normally' in the sense of man with woman relationships, otherwise the attraction of that kind and the sexual aspect wouldn't be important, and it would be betrayal of friends, or general unreliability, or breaking your word or some deal.

Maybe I should look up the words, but that's roughly the ideas would think about. Destroying someones life in general is not as effective I guess as through their loved ones, either in actual daily fact or only as a matter of the heart, so if I gather the childabusing maffia is trying to rule major parts of the world, they may be by their very nature not all too smart, but such thinking they are probably not children in.

what does it mean when some professor draws pictures of prison bars during some lecture, clearly trying to make a point clear to me, that I interpreted as making clear I wouldn't want to be all too much over that ones head or something, where the maybe threats of prison bars were just the same as the traffic light comparison another delft professor in a for me quite unpleasant time gave without clear reason, as in 'they' determine wether I am not allowed to (clearly enough at the time) do my things, a bit too much over their heads? Not that that one didn't benefit in major ways from me.

What were all those nazi women doing in their own sort of prison and institution, would they expose or implicitly render the size of hitler ridiculous before anything, or be so syrene pandorra's boxes that they, especially the exceptional ones, would realy be a threat to society? Or spread syphilis? Gmmrph. (check mein kampf yet?). I guess temple whores in babylonic thinking should strictly serve there purpose, and get people either enough to endure the next shame level, or render them hopeless in their lives and subdued, or strongly under the influence of some idol, with or without accompaning deamon, or many. I'm sure gestalts can also be idols, and that they too are intended in at least the idea of having no other gods before the real one (who'd better be indeed that one), and to make no images of anything above on or under the earth and bow down before them, or worship them. Lets take spiritual and mental bildensturm serious, where appropriate, we are not enticed to love madonna like ourselves, or be kind and social because every moslim and idolator at least also has made a nice god of their own. And damn themselves, their environment, their children, their friend, their families, their city, country and the world in the process. Themselves should be enough, if they so chose.

I saw a picture on the bbc, in literal sense, with the head of a person sort of in the place of where the arms of an squid or probably a major octopussy should be amidst, and hardly above, a dozen or so tentacles, some even branches, with names being written in them, of subjects, sort of showing what that head would be connected with, idea wise, such as renaissance, society, decline, such things.

The greek and romans has idols, I mean as in 'by jove' whom they sacrificed to as well. That sort of open idolatry isn't common in our society, but I wouldn't like to give a quarter to everone that has the gods for themselves and the accompanying deamons in them, contrasting with the greek that at least in writing made fun about such things.

I'm sure criminals, victims and others with babylonic upbringing or thinking are tought that such making of fun alone is unpermitted, and that it is a major sin to go against the fake religion in oneself even, and in words or deeds, and that the evil thinking leads preferably for the criminals and the deamons at least to the sort of personal misery, schizofrenia, and other types of derangements, that are supposed to chain or damn them into that system into a bad place they are less and less likely to ever get out of or free from the more those principles are not countered and their sad fruits reversed.

I'm sure the stepford wives were about similar principles. Unpleasant picture, but I'm sure that when child abusers get taken serious even the world has victims and criminals of a kind that cannot be described with normal language or easily understood without taking great evils and their effect into account. I knew about schizofrenia and the likes, and the deamons, and the lets say problems around 20 years ago, also because of recommended literature, not being aware of the reasons for it and one of its major root (bitterness, which is also a deamon), and how much incredible torture and personal miserableness can be the reason for it.

The term victim may not be correct, hitler may have had a bad childhood (no idea), but would not be seem as a victim, others may in spite of incredible forms of child and later abuse have achieved things in life that makes them not at all qualify as victims in normal terminology. I just refuse to take victims of the kind of abuse I can hardly imagine as being given what normal children need and can endure, that means their parent are quilty as worse than hell, and to be held accountable for a great evil.

And anyone wanting to even suggest that such doctrines are part of normal upbringing makes even worse victims in my opinion, unless countered by at least the normal awareness that they should be dead for (and preferably before) their deeds.

And I can imagine that certain deranged thinking could also be to make such (in the above sense) victims quasi aware of the alledged value of their treatment, so that maybe theu are even better capable of dealing with such things. No cynical language here, that is the same as saying expose yourself to chernobil to make you resistant to nuclear radiation. There is never a point of wraping and torturing a person, except a negative one, and if someone is affraid of such things existing, let them start by not cousing them themselves.

I would imagine there are thought controllers in such babylonic circles that want to make sure that their power basis remains unimpacted by teaching and blackmailing into thinking that the sacrifices, being nothing else but torture and wrape and killing and worshipping deamons, are needed and are the way to achieve something in the world they want to make go to waste, just like their non-god.

The biosphere days

Biosphere X didn't go out of hand, but it did take em all in that were popular, in the end. It shouldn't have been commercial, of course, at least in the end the lists got short enough. Bond had to go outside regularly, and secretly hated it in his heart.

"Good morning, mister Bond"

"Fuck you, too", would have been his impulsive answer.

Well trained as he was in his majesties' service, no one knew who that secretly was, he of course didn't as much as move a muscle on his face. Let's say the Moore kind had proven to be darwinistically the most succesfull. Even though after the end of genetics as we know it, diversion didn't just return in grains, and it had become common knowledge again that it propably was just as unwise to take the whole of live in the hands of very fallible and limited creatures as it was to assume that evolution was mere coincidental not throwing of a femtoscopic cosmic dice. In the dark.

"Thank you", in what could still be considered perfect brittish, followed by a little prayer unnoticed by anyone that this time the results might be as the world wouldn't dare hoping, that in the end, the kind wouldn't be needed anymore. Not the kind that calls for his activities, nor the kind that needs to be anything reasonably succesfull enough to counter their effects. The bonds were still popular enough, and they looked on on the life-cams, which were regularly permitted to make their actions visible to quite an audience, their feeds were popular.

Though their quality was limited, reruns of what used to be movies were around more than enough, and the other day bond watched a redo of the theme where a war vessel is taken over by terrorists that are out to get the war heads on it. Unrealistic shit in american language he prefered, and very suitable to relax and reflect with, of course.

The opponent wasn't much taken by the general ideas in the world, and was therefore thusfar capable of playing his own game, including in ways that started to get to various gouvernments, that of course still weren't insipid enough to trust these kind of problems by world wide organisations, so some countries in various ways had decided to keep fighting them in any way they still saw fit.

Within the bios, there wasn't much point, live had to be controlled enough, and the problems were of another nature, but outside, it was hard to prevent plots for world dominion for various reasons: people to live with the lack of pleasant air, the filters, the hassle of anchient transportation means or limited modern ones, and the lack of much niceness and cleanness because noone cared much anymore about asteatics they'd not be much confronted with in daily live, and the costs of having a place that would still be liveable, made the dangerous outsiders in general people that had things to hide.

And they'd never fit in enough, so they wanted their own biospheres, with their own, unacceptable rules. The ones that would try would be quite one and have quite some resources in general, and many criminal organisations would support them, and it wasn't too hard for them to pose serious threats, because the rest of the world sort of was not into war and such things, making them weak and unattentive, and only some kept themselves collected for the good of many, and kept a close eye on the activities of the outsiders, and today, bond was on a mission.

He had decided that inside woman were out the time and days before a mission, and moneypenny still nagged him about the principle still, making it a bit easier to unlink. When dealing with the outsiders, they would be aware of who he was, but not about his mission, and usually he would still end up saving people and such by major physical demostrations of power, destroying the faith and systems some would have been a serious threat with.

Not this time. He had to be diplomat. All for what? The general braindead, senseless, person imperonators not even endulging in the nice enough life possibilities in the biospheres? Maybe, for as far as they weren't evil. For the women he loved or cared about? Probably. For a country, his family, friends, circuits of their friends? To an extend. Mainly he was used to the principle. Maybe he needed the tension and the relative freedom to do something worthwile and noticable. Some though the kind always had some secret religeous conviction, but most doubted that was good enough motivation, or important on missions at all.

This time, the threat was nothing else but control over the idea alone that life inside wasn't worth keeping the dangerous criminals out of. In principle, that is, of course they lived there, too, but the principle had been to keep good track of everyone's surroundings, and keep various forms of organized crime down.

Those person impersonation things had done it. When nothing is real enough anymore, what does it matter? Criminal, evil, dead, alive, act, truth, it had started not to blurr, but to become only distingishable in ideals that many couldn't stay focussed on in their lives enough. And they didn't try much either. Personal decadence, that is a term some would understand, but that wouldn't change the world.