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Latest: March 6 2001

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

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March 6, 2001

I got some piecs of the gnu compiler, which should be fine, I've used it before, it is just that I can only transfer files over floppies, and can't easily split them up, so I need to use an older version, and I didn't get all the required incremental installation files yet, so my 'go32' is one version to old. When that hopefully can be solved, I should be somewhat better of.

It seemed like a good idea, the matrix stuff, so maybe I'll go into it a bit more. I don't have any graphics worth mentioning, otherwise a basic radiosity program would be worth it.

Radiosity, objects, what's fundamental

The interesting idea in radiotity that got me interested enough in the time I was into graphics using bicubic rational bezier surfaces for modeling and rendering, was the idea of distributing light according to physical laws in a realistic way, which is intrinsically a complicated problem. Just solving it for lets say a hundred surfaces all receiving light radiation from all directions and emitting it to many other, doing the same again, etc, is not and easy to define and solve problem, not even in lets sat regualr science in those areas. Solved 40 years ago easily for many practical variations (for heat exchange computations) and centuries ago in various mathematically fundamental pieces, but not trivial.

Making software to do the actual rendering for scenes up to lets say a few hundred thousand surfaces and various conditions is interesting enough, and thinking about how to make a special computer to do all this more efficient a good leading up to the next three generations of voodoo or other graphics cards to come, when done right.

The idea of making a scene description langauge as a part of such an undertaking was natural enough, and taking aboard an object oriented language at the time was an experiment because others did similar things, and the syntax and some of the functionality of objective C was worth applying, though probably not the most efficient manner when applied to very small building blocks, leading to interesting enough software architecture tradeoffs. All worked in the end, so that was fine, but of course it is of interest to consider what in all this can be considered fundamental and of such kind of scientific interest.

To make a comparison I was just reminded on, is a web crawler comparable with a ray tracing program computing light transfered between objects in a rendering program. Not a tricky one, but a comparison requiring knowledge of various fields. The idea is that a web crawler both exhibits certain kinds of indirect and recursive behaviour, transfers data from various other processes (machines in this case), and performs some kind of operations while doing so, obtaining links, storing them, and making lists of future references to try out.

The ray tracing program takes a ray of light or of line of sight from a virtual eyepoint, computes where it hits something in the database of graphics objects, and sends more rays from that point into other directions to scatter the light or determine what the (partially) refecting or mirroring object sends light to or gets from to.

The rays traced over various surface hits are also stored somehow, and in addition, some computations are needed to compute intensities from surface properties and light colour, jsut like the energy distribution balance.

Programming wise, there is no reason to distinquish between various objects in the scene, or make them into programming wise structural objects, except for archieval purposes, or when it helps doing computations faster or easier, there is no fundamental reason.

In case of the webcrawler, the wen pages are over many possible servers, so the nature of the problem is that data is in collections that are seperated and need to be accessed in some distributed form. When the graphics program is made to work on more than one machine simulaneiously, there is reason to distinguish between graphics objects or surfaces on the various nodes in the computer or the various machines.

Either way, an object oriented language doesn't fundamentally help much, except, it may be easier to start with a scene description with a distinction in some object sense, probably with some levels of hierarchy and spatial meaning. The OO language in the case of a webcrawler application doesn't do the distribted access, thats socket programming and html parsing, and in the case of most OO languages the interobject messaging can not directly be used for crawling web server, and as a mechanism isn't the handiest either.

For graphics, an object oriented renderer may be handier to read and maintain, although I honestly doubt this holds in general, and against decent C programming, which is often quite overseeable, and at least has the data type inter relations visible explicitly, instead of over often hidden inheritance and overloading mechanisms. For scene representation, arguably source level objects corresponding to graphics data units and strucure are not the most efficient, but make sense enough, programmingwise it regularly pais syntax wise, and objective C delivers extenive enough set programming library, though the time to look the methods up may well not be all to much smaller than programming a few loops oneself. Looping over all objects to find some with desirable properies and making changes in their data members isn't too hard, and using the same function for another class of problems isn't too hard either. Collections of functions in a seperate namespace with variable argument lists is handy, and not much of a problem, worth a library extension.

A syntax idea is not worth a programming frame of course, so it should be seperated, except when the syntactical units happen to have good correspondence with desirable data units at run time, which can be done for the graphics database, but for ray tracing isn't nice generally, and induces overhead of the same order of magnitude maybe as the actual computations.

So the fundamental ideas are efficient core computations and good algorithms, without question in general, data units good for either input/output or computations, based on the computer systems properties and chosen algoritm are naturally there, because complex computations are naturally split into smaller units, lets say one has to think of some way to add up all the rows and columns of a spreadsheet, either per column, per row, per square, or maybe otherwise, and it depends on the computer systems and the program wether that makes a difference.

As we've seen in the matrix case, a lot of considerations are needed to make an efficient algorithm work as opposed to thoughtless implementations, and a computer that cannot hold the whole spreadsheet in memory or in cache would better first finish computations on the data set it can hold in its fastest memory before continuously swapping data back and forth.

Those are fundamental observations. Just like the idea of soving a set of equations, and the idea of forming the radiosity solutions matrix, ray tracing as a way of getting information on how light bounces around a scene, and there are quite some more fundamental issues in such areas.


I know three major meaning application areas of the term, in order in which they would come to mind: objects inheriting methods in programming, inheriting money when my grandma dies or someone else, or inheritance in lets say biblical terms 'I will let them inherit this land, ...' .

I remember the second from when I was maybe 11, when I got a little inheritance share of the sheer amazing amount of 500 guilders, which was considerable, completely spendable, but out of any proportion with my normal spending plans. I think my philips experimentor kit (e2003) was one of the few decent and responsable purchases made with it, which was worth it, of course.

That the first association is indeed the first is because I programmed objective C for 7 years or so making a parser for a text formatted object oriented database, which would need to be available in real time.

Then inheritance means something like I've made clear in the table, table legs, etc object example sense I gave some time ago, where the computer object leg would probably inherit the method paint from the class 'table' or 'table parts', meaning one can set the colour.

As a means of acquiring capital, inheritance evidently is a game the rich, not necessarily famous, and even has been known to be reversed in dark times, where slaves for live would pay for the maybe sins or general malfortune of their ancestors by means of negative inheritance, which is a system which with the right growth exponents evidently makes some people quite powerfull, others quite enslaved, and in the end when the religeous fear is removed for quite some guillotines as part of a new realm of production or consumption goods.

Luckily, legally, everyone in most western societies I am aware of is free over the age of 18 or 21 or so, without obligations to dark ancestors, or legally binding commitments to anything else than obtaining the means to stay alive legally and not causing damages.

The idea legally at least is that then by some amount of maybe part time slave labour, maybe the chances of a lifetime to fund utter self fullfillment and sources of great riches, life can be sustained, inflation continue as long as there is some progress and state depts are used for the purpose of a maintainable power balance game, production goods are written of and invested in as part of sensible and controllable or decent enough game of economics, and many conditions probably quite utopian in the face of the rothshields and the industrials with political connections without impacabillity. Or downright powergreedy and abusive maffia interference.

From a micro perspective, the whole thing could work, and the inheritance game is just a family determined additional money transfer circuit with associated power games and misery. Maybe to be prevented, but why the hell be against getting your grandparents millions, you'd be crazy. But then again,squirming for I don't know who to get it is another story.

I don't think I have that problem, so that's easy, I doubt if there is much to be had anywhere in my family, though one never knows of course. As part of normal life I find it hard to imagine that when a person does have the lets say ease of life with lots of monet without effort, that the games around it should be so consuming, though I'm aware of the even scriptural reasons people may be in trouble in various ways for having some power over or with money.

It seems that mankind is crazy enough to invent any game in every area, though I think mostly they don't excell in a showoff of intelligence to achieve something good, so lets see what the law of murphy can give us if we play the devils lawyer. Not that that is necessarily or usually of much interest, but it may be revealing at least.

It can be imagined that money is used to blackmail, to use as a means for political and other kinds of power, etc, that sort of easy stuff. Now suppose the european or whatever delusive fake religeous leaders, after bad catholic habit telling its better to lie to their followers and get them to belief that that is actually better, delude people minds enough that they are not just playing power and riches games. As in the big industrial to the hippy: I think you karma is wrong, I just don't see why it is needed that those oil reserves are used up, and why the environment should not be stopped from going to waste by making fuel prices go up to prevent ineficient 2CV's from driving all to much, bla bla, and other political basic crap.

The idea is that in my observation those house boys and girls are not even aware of the fact that such power games and probably a lot worse are not fought in vain and are not very effectively changed by assuming its is better to let love rule without changes, or conversely observe that the end of punk is death anyhow.

The age of the deceased ideals was long ago, and also I remember about 15 years the same thought was not obscure in political and social thinking in various environments I was in. I don't think that in general is ever good or something worth perseuing, I think it is an open door to facism that would better not be there all to much, espacially amont the supposed intelligent enough regarded for their opinion and making the foundations of the world at least partially, that all live in in the end, like it or not.

Abstenance from taking part in thinking about at least possibilities for making society at least not the most miserable possible variation I don't think ever pais of, except for endulging in lazyness or lets say growing up as little nazi boys looking for their whereever father figure to tell them whatever, which of course in the end hardly beats fascism.

Of historically it is not so hard to make these statements and be right enoughm, except maybe for the few that would claim so much moderisn and news under the sun that nothing compares anymore, which is probably not maintainable. The idea that a generation grows up that inherits a society where their aircondition probably halfway their lifetime (and about 3/4 of mine) can only be operated by making nuclair waste and accompanying riscs, and travel by airplane maybe the same way is a part of an inheritance game that most can see, but that is not very high on the lifes agenda of many.

Agreed, with the general traitors (I felt like not locking out shakespearean language regularly lately, or greek for that matter), child abusers, effective nazis, religeously heavily deluded, perverted, lets say insane and evil ones, and other lets say generally not trust worthy people probably so much in many governmental circuits that no one likes to even start thinking straight very long for real, it isn't making for popular conversation or writing wanting to deal seriously with these subjects, but then again, it is my future too, and I do believe that for longer than the catholic system and antichristal saviour theories exist, there has been the promise of salvation, and a gospel that at least seems to have worked considerably, so I have no inclination of giving up hope.

I guess it pisses me of to maybe see much of what has been through serious work and effort and even bloodshed achieved in my and various other societies go to waste, be un lets say respected, or even effectively regarded as undesirable. Seriously when 1/4 or so votes at some points can go to effective and open nazis that were luckily kicked back where they came from or killed rigorously not so long ago. That leaves not much hope for the hidden thoughts and plans. The idea of normal enough government and police is not dead, and at least it isn't alien to want normal enough lives and see them, film them, and such, but some forms of crazyness in various circuits makes me wonder how far the probably indeed divine damnation for followers of idols goes in this world.

I've never been much inclined to look for lets say pagan ritual ruling the world, performing rain dances to save sailors in distress or see reverents as the reason for voting behaviour even, but various forms of very unfree behaviour I observe is at least troubeling, if not incredibly stupud and hard to believe. Would hitler jugend still think they can own any woman a whole lot better if the fuerher appointed childabusers wrape and betray them and sell them to them when they are the most evil and thus be against them? Oh no, then they would be punished. And some very strong lie and delusion and faith in some daila lama would be needed to think that excactly that fuerher and his own would be safe from the kind implementing their own murderousness. Oh no, that solves itselfl when all nations are subdeud to the catholics and the fuehrer kills himself. We should understand he voodoo child himself of course, and we can easily pity himi for it. At least he did some real destruction along the way. Heil.

Would this page continue to be perfectly acceptable on tripod? Of course, noone is stupid enough to take that one word out of context, but seriously, maybe one needs to go to the seriously religeously deluded, I don't mean for the fact that they have some regious idea at all, which is also understandable point of view I sort of shared for years, but to get in to the real stealing of faces to make sure their own little antichrist whore boy and father at the same time can keep their wonderfull janushead up until only the real christ disspells their lies and stolen profecies for what they are.

Send in the ghostbusters? No, I don't think that it is necessary to go beond seperation of state from religion and pretty basic half mature intellectual thinking and reasoning to get and stay out of this one, minus that I am aware that on a personal level, being the sons and lets say slaves in spiritual sense of the dethroned satan doesn't make things easier, and that the gift of for real and for real gifted christians by that saviour that appears to have had even power over some real problems like death is without question not a luxury good provided by the one that I assume to indeed be almighty god.

And seriously applying murphy only limits the foreseeable damage in this world's foundations and inhabitants only seems still limited by probably the direct presence and interfearence of the holy spirit (of God, also called the Withholder), the general stupidity and predictability of deamons and their doctrines, and the quite limited arsenal of devious desires of men and their spiritual guidance without correction, which can easily be anticipated and understood, except for the wealth of intricities and implications which mere hide the sources and the possible outcomes of the various ranges of lies and evil intent being put into motion.

I guess I haven't though that much about such things the last decade before some years ago in my life, and probably should have, but then again, I made morer than enough money, was hopefull of to a nice enough environment, engaged in acticities I could oversee more than fine enough, and certainly wasn't bad myself, apart from maybe a touch high exhoust quotient, though extremely low on monoxide. That sort of level. And rubber is a natural product, isn't it.

I also recently again recalled my knowledge about everything in the area spanned by lets say illuminati, rothshields, babylonic rites and system, including the catholic system and every other liarish christian circuit that in the end will team up with it, freemasons, devil worshippers including human sacrifices, all that which will never do a soul any good because it wasn't designed for the purpose, and there seems not a chance probabalistically speaking that it ever will do any good, I don't thing there is ever recorded any from any of this that is worth while, so I guess the strong delusion sent by god in his own words is indeed effective, and the lie that he gave them serves some purpose He has all to well.

The canibals during a raindance, not even naked, look very attractive or gracious, I don't think many will take the fruits of what is worth it for the lies and misery resulting from the palette of sin and delusion when they realy want to think about it, which unfortunately happens not too much, and often seems not to lead to the realisation that making something better isn't going to happen through the ways of these kinds of evil, there is no reason why it would.

I do believe that sadam (h) tries very hard to get to the hearts of persons that are not living in the greatest miseray to (stupidly) try to convince them he realy loves little boys and the greatness of the islam with god knows what head this time is to fortunate an accident to miss during your and my livetime. And again god knows how many deluded worshippers of demons and the damning doctrines still belief that some faggy, farty old sucker is going to bless them when he gives them fake keys to another door with janus head in leading nowhere except the illusion and shame of yet another level in the game of babylon.