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Latest: March 26 2001

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

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March 26, 2001

Some computer stuff, I'll need to think about some other subjs first, and of course get a job other than unpaid what is it all, I'd say.

The joy of Tcl/Tk

I think I've seen this title somewhere, it is an exageration, but then again, the contentwise jobs I've done the language are not inconsiderable, ranging from web servers and applications, database, picture presentations, file handling, html handling, and lots of jack of all trades very portable scripts.

They make a new (apprieciated but currently for me unuseable) version, and another, and another, make it available for free, make sure it runs on just about every platform, make good help/manual pages, and I continue to at least promote the package, that's the way it can work, isn't it. I don't think I'm mentioned int he shareholder meetings (if there are any) but I'm very certain the existance of the ones that made it at least made some sense in the whole of things, in a non-negative way.

I've made some more menus, ran a not so big but interesting script to display html pages, even on my anchient computing engine, which is a touch slow, but it even displays moderately viewable dithered impressions of gif images, so maybe I'll do some html bwise blocks and examples networks.

I've been looking at making the function and variables associated with each block on a canvas into a database automatically, and preferably interactive in real time, that is that a database window contains the fields in the little windows on the previous page, and just like in that case, the fields change straight away with the bwise blocks being active, so when the network runs, the fields change when inputs and outputs change.

By adding a simulation time counter as a database field, and using the dbsearch functions, one can make traces, and of course the indirect addressing possible in tcl can make for well presentable reports of traces. Also, the whole network can be added in the (or another) database, with easy enough browsing and selection possibilities.

More to come, I'll also put the library on for others to use, with maybe manual pages whenit all comes together enough, it fun enough and advanced enough stuff. Telling exporer with drawings what to do with certain files and where and then what next and all that is definately worth some effort. working matrix inversion array of processors, but I guess I'm not prepared to merely piss some off, I want them out of the way, or lets say exposed for what they are not, so U might push my way more 'deadly' physics knowledge and its applications with my math knowledge to realy get to some essentials. Sound analysis, generator and pratical application wise, for instance. Brain cells are working.

Legal news

I have a habit of getting an impression of legal legislative and other news lately, and of course in the the netherlands there is still this thing going on about euthanasia. Huighens got depressed, now holland can take people out of their misery legally, that is it is possible to aid a patient in euthanasia (help dying) as a doctor, and not get persecuted or at least appeal to excess of force or something to not get punished. It's sort of the way out of legal testing, while still not breaking the 'thou shalt not kill' in person, and there is an official committee formed to verify wether certain conditions of carfullness are fulfilled.

Strongly enough resisting the tempation to make funny enough comparisons, I have wondered for years why it is such a subject takes on such a place in politics, of course I understand it is a legal and society wise issue of relevance, but I guess it in normal life is not a too common phenomenon.

In life as it is, I'm not sure what it all stands for, signifies, and brings along, I don't liek any thought in the area, none whatsoever. Its little short of morbid in normal thinking, I'd say.

But on a scale of wraping children or just selling their lives to not even the highest bidder I guess its a mild outward form of unhealthy preoccupations.

The constitution, I recently read on cnn that the brittish and israeli don't have a written one, I guess I should have known, it has strange implications looking at broadcasts from the house of commons (do the lords get on as well?), also in holland doesn't give me the creeps, except that there is an incredible amount of additional legislation about inheritance, seriously, if that doesn't say something. What an effort.

I think serfdom (dutch 'lijfeigenaarschap') is forbidden by constitution, as well as the taking of property pending legal proceedings. At least it is noteworthy that such principles have outlived the post dark middleages long enough to be still applicable in even constitutional legal sense.

Something on the acceptable side (qoute form the constitution, see also my tripod homepage):

Artikel 7
1. Niemand heeft voorafgaand verlof nodig om door de drukpers gedachten of gevoelens
te openbaren, behoudens ieders verantwoordelijkheid volgens de wet.
No-one needs prior permission to utter thoughts or feelings by print, save everyones 
responsability according to the law.

2. De wet stelt regels omtrent radio en televisie. Er is geen voorafgaand toezicht op
de inhoud van een radio- of televisieuitzending.
The law poses rules concerning radio and television. There is no prior censorship
on the content of a radio or television broadcast.

3. Voor het openbaren van gedachten of gevoelens door andere dan in de voorgaande
leden genoemde middelen heeft niemand voorafgaand verlof nodig wegens de inhoud
daarvan, behoudens ieders verantwoordelijkheid volgens de wet. De wet kan het geven
van vertoningen toegankelijk voor personen jonger dan zestien jaar regelen ter
bescherming van de goede zeden.
For the revealing of thoughts or feelings through other means than mentioned in the 
previous articles, no-one needs prior permission because of the content thereof, 
save everyones resonsability according to the law. The law can arrange the giving of 
performances attendable for persons younger than sixteen years for the protection 
of the good moral.
4. De voorgaande leden zijn niet van toepassing op het maken van handelsreclame.
The previous articles are not applicable to the making of merchandize advertisements.

No russia or other behing curtains country here, luckily.

I guess models for model drawing are legal for under 16, isn't it.

What would happen, lets say socially if I'd claim and use some of those constitutional rights, I mean, I'm official dutch citizen, with all rights and obligations, I even neatly enough paid my taxes, and not a minor and self sufficient already for years, have more than enuogh life and work experience to be taken serious, have officially at least been called not nuts enuogh to have to undergo any treatment at all, in case my wonderfull family would still like to entertain such sick ideas, so I'm entitled to my constitutional rights for the equivalent of free speech, free choice of labour, to vote, to take on a public office, again become civil servant if I'd so desire (in my case without having commited purgery or worse or anything illegal more than speeding tickets, which, I'd say, is almost like parking tickets in this country, if not pushed), all that.

Artikel 9
1. Het recht tot vergadering en betoging wordt erkend, behoudens ieders
verantwoordelijkheid volgens de wet.
The right to gather en protest is recognized, save everyones responsability 
according to the law.

3. De wet stelt regels inzake de aanspraken van personen op kennisneming van over hen
vastgelegde gegevens en van het gebruik dat daarvan wordt gemaakt, alsmede op
verbetering van zodanige gegevens.
The law poses rules in the case of appeals of persons as to acquiring knowledge of 
data having been recorded about them, and to the use that is made thereof, and 
as well to the improvement of such data.

Good one, that last one, I remember it was a (left-ish) political issue. I can imagine thinking that it would take effort to explain why it is realy that marx and such ideas existed in the first place, why they cought on, why they are still there in most european political landscapes, and why it never worked right after all, without making social democracy look tainted different than it was, or not some centre politics, or bla bla.

The richest childabusers should run the world, of course, than at least we all win. Donno what yet, but at least it feels miserable, would that be not agreed on by the highest spirit and bring great, euhh, what again?

Verruckt, rausch mit ihn. Heil ***. Versteht es nicht, stats gefaerlicher kunstler, wahrscheinlich judisch, lass in rakete gegen nich heimatland und arisch aufgebaut england bouen oder nicht bekannt werden. Sich *. Clack.

Exit the spirit of the antichirst, in a sane audience. Which is biblical, though under the wrong heading. I'm sure the seventies were also sinfull and self centered, but at least there was some nice music. (more thoughts deleted/held in for the moment)

Artikel 12
1. Het binnentreden in een woning tegen de wil van de bewoner is alleen geoorloofd in
de gevallen bij of krachtens de wet bepaald, door hen die daartoe bij of krachtens de
wet zijn aangewezen.
Entering a house against the will of the person living therein is only permitted 
in the cases determined by or through law, by those appointed thereto by or through 
2. Voor het binnentreden overeenkomstig het voorgaande lid zijn voorafgaande
legitimatie en mededeling van het doel van het binnentreden vereist, behoudens bij de
wet gestelde uitzonderingen. Aan de bewoner wordt een schriftelijk verslag van het
binnentreden verstrekt.
For the entering according to the previous article member prior identification 
and statements of the purpose of the entering are demanded, save exceptions 
posed by law. The habitant is supplied with a written report of the entering.

When I am and/or can find some reliable witness, this might letme put some to jail at some point, and it is possible that after sufficient time to get me far away and more than good enough, I'd indeed press charges to do so. No ha, just because I'd decide I find certain personally oriented kinds of evil in the context of very great society wise evil even punishable by very or little shady judges and legal persons.

Lets do some more quotes, officially we're all (in holland anyhow, as far as I remember) supposed to know the laws, and it never hurts to know what is there

4. Ieder heeft het recht het land te verlaten, behoudens in de gevallen, bij de wet
Every one has the right to leave the country, except in cases
determined by law.

Wonderfull, I remember there were times after the war one would get funds to do so permanently even, good against overpopulation. Not against braindrain, but then be serious about making a university at top level where I feel free enough not to bump into some active childabuser while enlighting it with official presence. And seriously, I can use such terminology, I have more than enough provable level in it all to found it.

Artikel 3
Alle Nederlanders zijn op gelijke voet in openbare dienst benoembaar.
All dutch are onthe basis of equality eligable for public service.

Lastly, the first article:

Artikel 1
Allen die zich in Nederland bevinden, worden in gelijke gevallen gelijk behandeld.
All those who are in the netherlands are to be treated equal 
in every case.
Though I guess one becomes a bit more equal with a major family capital, isn't it.

Discriminatie wegens godsdienst, levensovertuiging, politieke gezindheid, ras,
geslacht of op welke grond dan ook, is niet toegestaan.
All that are present in the Netherlands, are in equal cases treated equal.
Discrimination because of religion, view of life, political conviction, race, 
gender or whichever other grounds, is not permitted.

I've written it before, I have the impression that after a time when the loss of principles in certain thinking circles has been observed and mentioned, there is not too much idealogical thinking going on in circles where such would at least make sense, like students and other interessees in the whereabouts of society we all live in. Maybe some actor mothermessed up the whole of collective thinking into the idea that the environemt is going to solve itself, and that is is more manly not to deal with real gouvernemental issues.

Playing watchdog of some real pretty whore probably is more masculin, and profitable, and not as hard as being a real person, with disrespect and respect intended as a normal child would understand. And as usual, nothing is new under the sun proverb boldly states, the maffia will agree easily that there is no reason to worry and that of course such crimes pay.

Prelude to life

As in that I first need to think a little more to write about some essential subjects, out of privacy (also but not primarily my own) considerations, out of risk prevention (serious enough), maybe because of carfullness with these means of publishing, though not much, I think I'm quite decent, mainly because I don't want to write what I didn't yet throughthink thouroughly enough or what just hasn't formed itself in my mind enough.

I guess at least I've been smart to not trust certain parties that without question would have found ways to effectively work me aside from any serious enough position in life

So must we all become obidient, subservant christians, kindly subdueing ourselves as laymens or skilled and honoured members of the global church of whoever seems to lead the lot?

Clearly, there is worse than irony in this statement, because for many year I've wondered how it is that people claim to have found the son of the eternal almighty god, are on friendly basis with Him it seems, and still live no life to live up to atleast such a high calling. And I realy did, not knowing that in quite some cases the whole thing and their whole lives must have been mainly a lie and insult to the idea alone.

Yet for the few that might at least be serious, and indeed did listen mostly to the (real) holy spirit and not every deamon or family spirit or spiritual maffia persons evil, it is not acceptable how things are pretty much everywhere, I guess according to scripture, but NOT according to scripture for those who have the privilidge of finding Him, and have the choice to learn to listen to him and live the life that he intended. It is a sign of absolute craziness in my opinion when that is possible to disrespect or otherwise discard such possibility, even though I'm aware of it some of those (and i guess of the other kinds, too) did end up dead and not nice.

Yet when it is realy God that calls persons out and gives them His life, and He is indeed good and worthy of our respect, why the hell is it that so little lastingly and inherently good is visible, though that should be possible? Because certain people aren't where they should be, certainly, I guess. Because some are treacherous and evil by their nature and don't reveive enough mercy and doctrine and rasingup care to learn to live their newly begotten good life, certainly too, I guess, but at least it is for me unacceptable to jsut write of the world as it is witout anticipating that at least I myself and hopefull some others I like may not be evil and not without knowledge and power to good. Why wouldn't I aim for such a think, I see no reason. I can think of reasons: fear, delusions of riches and pleasures otherwise (oi oi..), wrong teachings and authorative persons using such positions wrong (won't work much in the end with me, I think at some point I'd want to think like a mature and independent enough person of my own again), blackmail, threats and pressure, which add up to the first, ormight be of some consequence, but that doesn't put me up for judgment, except maybe for being cunning and good enough to change all that, and maybe indeed real insanity or incapability, but I guess my life has just not been insane or out of the desirable enough to make that stick, I don't think I qualify even under evil intend, and as I wrote, some did try, for real, and not misreably so.

I've wondered for years why I'd meet so little amounts of serious christians, many years ago, when I was aware of at least why such might be desirable, and why it is that with so much biblical material still at leasdt being serious, so little lets say recogniseable names would be anywhere near acceptable, as normal persons, as acceptable leaders, let alone as honorable teachers and authoritive apostles.