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Sun Apr 08 16:28:08 2001

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

Previous Diary Entries

Sun Apr 08 16:28:02 2001

Tcl still going strong, some sounds with the string simulator, what has Zeus got to do with angels in 'mid-air', what about that car stuff, and why is it that the holy spirit subject wasn't finished.

The personal, too, should receive some attention, and seriously, what a mess there is in life, and what a misery must be defeated and gotten over first for appearently so many before at least normalness can find some place.

What's with that car stuff

Not defined exactly, I guess I just write some stuff about what I like or find, and until some years ago, cars were part of my life, and for more than a few years consumed a noticable proportion of my monthly (or yearly) income. Mainly, I bought a Audi 100 as my second car, paid back the loan and interest for it in two years, making it economically only variable costs afterward, and I liked it more than enough. As I wrote it's (was) fast enough, evidently, it is a more than average luxury vehicle, it has comfortable suspension, a good combination of driving behaviour and comfort, at the time i was looking for a big car because I like space, to wrench without multiple axis arm extensions, safety, and because over the popular middleclass the big ones have the advantage of having downrocketing prices after a few years, while their quality easily makes then last a long lifetime after, I also looked at an alternative the renault 25, evidently of different character, but with similar properties, and I had a renault before, so it made some sense to look at it.

No explanation is needed that apart fromwhat was possible I went for the Audi, and about ten years ago that cost me about $5000 for an about 6 years old one. I had it tested before buying, and knew in the worst case some valves might have beenblown in the liquid gas running for 160Mm through the engine, so that an engine revision might be needed, and it had non-original back fenders, which didn't strike me as problematic, and of course a dozen or so other minus points like suspension rubbers and such, but over the whole it was in good enough state, and of course no rust whatsoever.

I planned on fuxing it up in halfa year or so, to have it sort of 'as new enough', which not unreasonable for such a car, 6 years is not old, some scratches, some wearage in the interior, bearings, maybe distribution chain, obvous brake stuff, all kinds of things start to add up to long term maintenance, but nothing like the gearbox or drive axises and other far longer term problems, at least not for this 85kW 2 liter 5 cylinder, which could be 2.3 and maybe 2.8 for similar engine and drive hardware, so wearage shouldn't be too bad, though there were a few smaller version, too, which I wouldn't have liked anymore, and probably diesels with lower power peaks in the high RPM range, it wouldn't surprise me when the engine when pushed can crank out higher peak power, the airflow system is not miserable, it wont overheat easily when used with normal fuel and the cooling system correctly operating, and the whole machine, and I can know, I did the revision myself, is built more like a ships engine than lets say a average renault engine with sport ambitions.

I prooved to be unlucky, because the ANWB (dutch car association) test which indicated differing loss of rpm per cylinder ws not because of the ignition system, but because as I found somewhat later indeed 2.5 cylinder were not optimal, valve/compression wise, of which one seriously, so work as anticipated had to be done.

I had motivation to get the machine going when I just had it and it started to make clear that indeed the valves and not changing the spark plugs and the cables and distributor was the problem (in winter time), because I wanted to be able to travel far distance, so with educational help I got the engine top off, after disconnecting all the needed cables, pipes and parts from the top of the engine, and started dismantling the cilinder head, and int he end getting the valves and pushers and internal axises out, cleaned and arranged them in order to see what the damages were, which was evident enough, I needed a set of new outlet valves, maybe minus one or two, and possible one inlet valve, though I think not, and of course the valve seats would have to be bored and made even.

So I asked around and found a small company that did such jobs for other gagares, and they estimated the job at a few hundred guilders, including sand cleaning the whole top, which was almost hilarious, and meanwhile I ordered the new valves at Audi, which were definately not in the outrageous or exclusive price range, I think $25 or so a piece, and then some for the pushers, the tops, a new, quality seal (this thing ended up having a mildy rusted (bottom) carter, no oil that is, after another more than 150 thousand kilometers, those seals and engines are not just funny) and of course new cilinder head bolts, and I could borrow a big enough torque wrench.

After a few days of work, evening sort of hobbying, part ordering, and luckily being able to succome to my old 5 to get to work and get parts (the engine top would not like to travel by bus), I got the top back together, fixed the trick bolts with srew driver slits to put it in place, checked and double checked all the parts for being in one piece and in place, and having verified the pistons were still intact, and put it back in, putting all necessities back in place. In short, after tricking the valve timing plates such that at least I'd have withing spec timing to make it to a place where they'd have a supply of them to make timings nice and equal, setting the timing, fastening the latest bolts and cables, the redone engine started the second time I used the starter engine, short, just to get some oil circulation the first time, and this almost immedeate victory was nice, it seemed to run fine now, and I never needed to take it apart again, except I checked the valve timing a few times, which never changed much, realy this engine was something else I found.

I gave it some time to run without asking much power, got the valve timing optimised (the better end of the margin and equal), adjusted ignition, and was left only with the air flow and stationary control system, and lets say the idea that the injection or fuel lines weren't working, though since the revision, only stationary running appeared a problem for a short few annoying days. SInce I realy wanted to travel long distance, I spent some also night time to try to fix it, and ended up funding what type of control system it was, and what the weak point was, after which the only problem was that the very primitive liwquid gass system had a habit of every now and then backfiring, completely upsetting (read wrecking, fumbling up more like it) a nice aluminium air flow measurement plate for the injection system, blocking all inlet air, basically making the car undrivable when that happended.

I learned how to prevent this, and mainly when I know what it was it was just a matter of fixing it every now and then in maybe 20 seconds. And the engine wasn't the way it was before, with kjetronic transfering expensive but more effective ordinary (super) gasoline, that air flow measurement and the rest of the engine perform more than averagem and those hundred or so horsepower are swift enough to put to action, speeding up the not so light flying wheel is done in short enough time, and the traction/torque curve of the engine are a good combination of pleasant low rpm torque and quite extended power production in the higher rpm range, which makes for not peak-driven sportcar like behaviour, but simply a more or less continuous power availability, becoming significant as I remember at 6000rpm or so, and not dropping much.

WIth the experience of having to replace an engine in the 5, I didn't like to push it much, and with a few motor seat rubbers later on being quite worn out, the engine roar was not to mild as well in some ways, so I didn't often push the engine, which is fine, this thing also was specified at something like 1:12.5 doing a hundred k/h (maybe even 120, I don't remember), anyhow doable for distance driving, especially considering the not minor size, which made feul life better. Though often I'd not like to go under 140 or so (130 in holland I guess) cruising speed, costing more feul, but the dynamics felt nicer. To realy accelerate, I guess that speed should be done in 3d or at least 4th gear (of 5), but that I wouldn't often do. When I did, I had no problems with various competition, though of course quite some more horsepower might be needed when facing lets say sports like cars and 6 liter ones.

The sports car thing did have a certain interest with me, because quite some I;d notice I wouldn't much like to be in at 180 anymore, I think, and seriously, doing 150 or so there would be ample acceleration power, which I liked.

Anyhow, after 320,000 km's or so the engine still had compression ratings of 5 times 12 bars, in a permissable range of I remember 9 to 13, which is quite good and even, so the engine lasted at least twice the number of km's then when I bought it, and was ready for more. Sure, the gearbox was sloppy, it already was, and I guess would be even more so after another 100000, and in the end, some more repairs were needed, from windows to truck luck, starter engine relais (I tricked it using a big diode), a waterpump, the clutch was almost completely worn out (never replaces) some rubbers of the front axises were broken, though the couping mechanism still all right, which imo is considerable, that must be some strong material, realy, these take the full driving power also in quite bad curves, and I tought thy would wear out soon enough, but they didn't. The ordinary bearings would, I think every 30M or so, they'd be rumbling, and sometimes I let it get to worse, but at least that was to be expected and not too expensive.

I liked to have good brakes, so I got new shoes, cylinders (back), plates (front), and got them to work good pretty much always, and I had them measured after years, and the front ones seemed up to a breaking force with the equivalent of a 2G decelleration, I think per wheel, which was official, state measurement, which I though was crazy, but fine. Thinking about such mechanics, and visualizing the sort of strange material of the front wheel suspension, all that stull I find qutie remarkable, and a safe and pleasant feeling to rely on, that stuff won ralley's. eh.


I'm not sure what the greek pronunciation is, I never liked the articulate lessons when I head them about greek and latin reading pronunciation, how would one know? I guess it is z u s or something, as in english it would sound, or maybe as in dutch, hard to describe. I was reading a passage in Homer's Illiad, and found out that supposedly Poseidon and Zeus and Hades were 3 brothers, having been allotted the sea, the earth, and death by the outcome of throwing dice, and I found that a lot of biblical (revelation, but also old testament) expressions and images are present in these passages, so much that I'm sure I'll make a little study of them and write them down.

Kings that are images for the way the gods want them and give wisdom, divine properties and life to mankind, and for instance the idea of the olympus, as compared with the idea of Zues, the earth, the heavens, and the expression mid-air are all subjects that require some more of my attention, and I'll bet my background knowledge can be a lot more like at the time of the new testament writing with this stuff, making many subjects and language probably more easy and better to understand.

The Holy Spirit, rev.

As I wrote the last section I did on the subject, I belief the holy Spirit is a person, and God, and that He when he choses makes things known to people that 'have' Him indwelling in their spirit, after they were found by Christ and invited Him to fill them. That's not just theory, but lets not jump to conclusion, and stick to proper and hopefully tested doctrine and practice.

Without any question it is biblical, which I guess is worth more than something, to assume that that spirit may reveal, comfort, lead, provide utterances and gifts, and have to do with many things going on the the spiritual world, though He only lives in regenerated people, and is indeed Holy, so it should be discerned carefully what is Him and what isn't. Also, revelation-wise, nothing much doctrine-wise needs to be 'revealed' anymore, since the first apostles more than enough covered the basic and important subjects covering this whole period of new testament grace, and there is no reason to believe that until hopefully Jesus does return there will be a change in Gods main ways of dealing with people in this dispensation, or time span.

So that leaves us with no need for new 'special' or different doctrines or information about who God is and Jesus was and is, and what the workings of the Holy Spirit are, or what believers are to live like and know, except obviously for contemporary subjects, maybe.

So revelation for leading persons, or confort, exhortation, correction is biblical, but people who develop doctrines or gospels against the ones in new testament sense are most definately deluded, excluding maltranslations or malinterpretations, obviously. And such delusions, from whatever source or motivation are always wrong, damaging when taken serious, and against the real holy Spirit, because there is only one God, and He is not devided against Himself, and all other spirits (deamons, or human) are not holy and not good by nature, so that there is only one divine and trustworthy holy Spirit, which should be tested for and taken for being God, as is clearly taught.

For those not into such christianity and its intrinsities, I'm against any spirit, 'soul guide', deteminate or fuzzy influence or other spiritual parties with something to say, except when they are clearly human and not clearly wanting something evil. Everything else can without problems be trashed, ignored, and gone against, because nothing good will come of it, ever. That includes nazism, spiritism, catholicism, and any variation christianity that I find suspect or clearly not listening to the real and indeed Holy Spirit. And I mean every kind, without distinction I'll be against them if they follow a spirit that can be verified to be not the biblical Holy Spirit, and I'll not 'bow' for them say they're just as fine, or ascribe or assign them any authority over subjects I've got something to say about. Ever, preferably.

Normal humanness should be fine enough, there's more than enough natural that's fun or interesting enough, and I don't need no miserable spirit to mess it all up, thank you very much.

I'm sure there european and world wide spiritual dominions that would prefer me to burn at the stake (no specific pun intended), disvowing my beliefs and sacrifycing my every area of life to their miserable and damnable ways for even thinking so, let alone uttering such statements of freedom and such type of godliness and only worshipping the in my opinion only real God, and wanting to live accordingly.

Now what are the various beasts mentioned in revelation, supposedly being given authority, prepared for by the false prophet (basically a pathetic liar so miserable many fall for such underdog actor) and probably having to do with the at some point fleshly coming antichrist person that will incarnate the satan a few years or so, setting itself in the temple to make sure noone misses the incredible 'ceci n'est pas un pipe' shit that it claims to be god, and must realy realy be taken for it, look, it actually sits in the temple, and more such nonsense that in a time of major tribulation that is supposed to come over the earth for twice 3.5 years before the second return of Christ to rule the nations as promised in old testament, as kings of the jews is to happen.

It seems that like in for instance nazism, and many fake religions and 'spiritually' led social systems, and without any question the 'synagogue of the satan' and satanism, there are structures targeted that I guess are outlined and revealed in revelation, with the horns on the heads and all that, though I'm not sure how that all is, and I'm sure that also those things, apart from the way they are filled in at some time are already to be found in biblical source form, and that all special that could be needed is the holy Spirit saving people from it or revealing what is what to prevent evil from it as far as it pleases God to lift those forms of damnation that I'm sure covers continents and world systems.

A spirit that preaches or produces a gospel that is no gospel including such images to be worshipped, including incredible abusive bitches and criminals and their little magicians, slave/whores, dog trainers and general liars as integral part of the system that is the result of the doctrine and messages it gives, it NOT the holy spirit, and can safely be discarded as evil, delusive, not christian, not divine, and not worth bothering about, except maybe casting it out or not accepting it.

I'm sure the profitability of deamons is very, very limited, and only applies to a few magicians kinds or maybe lets call them anti-christal ones that are actually part of satanism (in effect even, I'm not making this up as position, read revelation and some letters, this is mentioned in just about every reasonably translated bible there is), as described in acts, where some sooth sayer kinds were affraid their sources of supernatural information, probably based directly on what could be taken from what the real Holy Spirit revealed, which is usually not necessarily private anyhow, would be no longer manageable, trickable, adaptable, or present or valued at all.

'Nope, Delphi's deamon doesn't work anymore, and the realy reliable revelation is for free in every reasonable circuit with spirit filled and prophesying (hopefully real) christians, so no more tickets, sorry'.

A smooth bass

A ran the string simulator program and made a new sample with the latest version, which includes a heavy non-linearity. This is a single string version, and I added a graphical string and waveform display, capable of real time update of the two graphs, one displaying the string displacement, updated every sample, and another where I like on an osciloscope let the wave taken from one point on the string run over the screen, also updated and shifted for every sample generated. In maybe 5 seconds I generate the required short sample of 4K points for the synth, seeing the whole vibration on the screen, which is fun and educational, and of course intended as research aid to get good angles on the behaviour of the string, given certain boundary conditions and added signal processing. maybe a (real time?) fourier transform in both space and time parameters would be nice, though not that needed now, mainly I make the string exited with interesting waveforms (mathematical ones), and see how the vibrations behave, interfere, are damped, and what the effect of the non-linearity is, sort of like keeping a nail near the string, damping it when it excurses more than a given amount, for instance.

The result of the latest set of parameters I put in the program with a string made of about 120 section, of which gradually damped end sections, and the non-linear section, is s quite smooth sounding bass sound, interesting with stretched quick note reaches, nice sound. The program makes raw type of samples at the moment, so I'll need to do some conversion to put examples on the web, thought that shouldn't be a problem considering I at least have the gnu compiler working.

I might have put this program on already, check the software examples page mentioned a few diaries back, the only thing is that it is a DOS only program, it will not run under some windowing system (I guess also not a later one), so the machine must be started up in dos mode completely, which most people won't normally do. And I think 'go32' is needed, which I'll probably put on when I think about bringing it, though it can also be found on Delorie GNU site in the dos download section.

I would be good to have a 'bit' more recent machine to use cygnus or maybe squeeze on gnu 2.x to make generally windows compatible executable programs, for the sake of making my programs more easily testable, useable, and maybe sellable. I saw they have at least one music related software site where one can offer software, and even get a check with revenues of sales, without investment, and with serious appeal and audience, and all that is needed seems to make the package uploaded, and of course get it to sell on line. Interesting, though I guess not at any point near a possibility to make a living, but then again, lets say a good package for $100, sell a few hundred in a few months, that's a few hundred megabytes download for them, over such a time that should be no prob, they get a percentage, I think 10/20 percent, that shouldn't be bad. I guess copy protection in that case may of important, and some client guarantee that the package is worth such an amount and the download effort.

It's fun to see the string move, and one gets all kinds of ideas that are also present in mathematical ideas to deal with waves like symmetry, interference. Maybe I'll make a command line only version that runs under tcl/tk, preferably structure coupled with bwise, that could give me a modular approach that may well be quite a killer possibility, provided I program the other analog simulator functions as treaded blocks, and some efficient block simulator in C, which is on its way, after I've done the general thinking in tcl protorype form, in bwise itself.

The idea is that I've made various ways to execute blocks on a row which are connected over wires on the bwise graphical canvas, and that I can extract the structure of such a network in various readable and neat forms as well, which can easily enough be read by a C program, and be used to do computations with C versions of the same blocks for sound generator computations, including both the string simulator ones as the analog and sample generator ones and filter simulations.

When those are connected up and used right, seriously interesting, strong and new sounds can be rendered, and that's interesting for both me as others interested in making at least samples with them. I've used some other programs that can connect various types of blocks up to make sounds, some of them sort of actually work, but certainly none of them would include physical simulation like I do them, and most have serious limitations, though I did get a few good sounds here and there, so I'm sure that a well founded enough, generally applicable block editor and accompanying sound generator blocks and simulation infrastructure is worth programming and using, and also selling.

The idea of tcl in this context started mainly as a scientifically oriented angel, but it has major advantages to see the tck scripting and tk easy userinterface building utilities as reasons to maybe stick with the combination even though bwise like behaviour could be programmed into a single application with the sound generator functions. It gives users the hassle of two application to deal with instead of a single executable program and maybe some resource files, but then agian, tcl/tk is a well behaved application, easy to install, and free, so there should be no real problem, maybe it would be a good idea to burn the whole thing on CD, or of course have an easy to use combined decompression / installation program.

To seperate the user interface has the disadvantage of needing a seperate fast, real time graphical interface for graphs for instance, depending a bit, but a real time 3D graph is probably out in tcl/tk, but a major advantage, except from beign able to add scritps and personalized interfaces, is the great portability of the tcl/tk interface, and when using sockets or some remote execution / shared file mechanism, one can run the interface on any machine kind, and run the sound rendering software on another fast computer connected over some network. And distributed rendering is also a lot easier supportable and configurable this way.

Anyhow, I'll see when I find time to make a complete bwise simulator, and add a fine enough grained C equivalent simulator to be driven by it, and then make some nice audio infrastructures tick.

The picture below is an example screen dump of a dos (with norton in this case to at least have some command line editing, though this stuff would work under tcl just the same, I tried) window compiling a new string simulator program, this one is witout builtin graphics interface, a bwise window with a graph read from the possible tcl (text based) ouput of the string state, and some editing windows, to get an idea of how things are organized into a working environment.

A sound development example screen dump.

There is no tricking in the windows or the screen dump the poor 486 does all this, and the resolution is all the monitor can handle, but it DOES all work, except that the string simulator cannot be interfaces dynamically with the graph in the bwise window, that is it doesn't make new images as the string is simulated in real time, as the socket version can, all things work as in the older examples I gave, except I wouldn't like to try a CD quality 12 string simulation now.

And note that the output sample is sent to the printer port, and over my dma interface in a split second is made playable ove the small keyboard of the synth microcomputer system, which is cool.

This particular string simulation has a major discontinuity in the string initial state, which is audible as a space sound sort of component, and the progression of the wave, which in sample per half a second or so can be followed graphically, is interesting, at certain points it damps the excursion to a single peak, which signal processing wise gives rise to samping artifacts at the boundaries.