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Sat Apr 28 13:10:12 2001

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

Previous Diary Entries

Sat Apr 28 13:09:59 2001

I'm not sure what the effects will be either way, but I've not been into diary writing as time filling activity per se, I've wanted to make some points, and last week I've not done much of it either way.

I do feel it is not irrelevant to make at least a few things publically readable, and hopefully usefull in some direct senses, such as generating funding, or preferably: a serious income to fund myself with, somehow, in a way that I and others can live with, and hopefully prosper. And maybe getting people free (-er) with, or more convinced that certain ideas are bad news, nor for me, but for them, and for society. And therefore also for me, and them.

And at least I'll not be taken for illiterate nutcase who happens not to have passed some illgotten test to the next circuit in bablyon or freemasonry, that can be threatened, numbed, put aside, stolen from, and never heard from again: my life is not for the benefit of child abusers, powergreedy wrapists, lawless satanists, blackmailers and liars in general or otherwise highy undesirably artifacts of the free world, oh no, not with my consent. I've more than enough to offer, but not to give away and have exploited and robbed by those kinds.

And in historic consciousness I'm certain and without doubt that the issues I've been forced to also deal with are, like mentioned in proverbs or ecclesiastes, hardly new, and dealt with formally and practically in various ways in the past, so it makes sense to remind people that that is so, and to do so effectively, and raise public awareness about things that long ago after often considerable battle have been anchored in unalienatable constitutional rights, and sometimes regained though actual bloody battle against the same forces that were there in second world war, that are now embraced in 'new' (gmpf) forms by generally very not so literate and intelligent citizens. And raising such awareness is best done with more exposure, so public pages and such at least are not of no use.

And as for the importance and practical use of a constitution, and the fruits of being serious about such, and the freedom and unity and power that can come from such seriousness: that is hardly an alien subject.

Let alone lunatic, not even in europe.

The bank

I just thought about an I think MTV clip of a song called 'the bomb', which is a few letter difference from the title, there's a nice girl in there, visually, that is, I guess that is why I thought about it, apart from the subject.

What's a bank? From my economics lessons, it is a money storing and transfering place, where savings and loans are brought together to make sure the money transfer balance adds up.

And we have the national bank, where our poor state pays its dues to the rich by trading the inflation against the right to print more money.

I read the greek (athenians, I guess they were) found it unfitting to ask interest for borrowing money: money doesn't grow or wear out in use, they reasoned, so why would one have to pay for having it.

It seems that in late early christianity times, when the roman empire collapsed, they had so major devaluation, that nothing worked much anymore, except of course than some other powersystem go in place more or less world wide at the time, a religeous one. It seems they were not into letting the state borrow money from banks on the basis of their incredibable assets as a colatteral (is that the word?).

Books about algorithms

An as it was presented essential enuogh course during my electrical engineering study was called 'datastructures and algorithms', and from what I remember the mainly computer variation (a part of the graduation direction possibilities). Guys that were into it seemed to think it had some weight, maybe just work-wise, I don't remember. I didn't follow the course, I was into a quite wide and deep enough spectrum of courses already, and at points I thought that could be a bit of a formal setback, though not too much.

Seriously, the graphics programming I did, also officially, for grades and for my graduation work contained more than enough knowledge about both datastructures and algorithms, and of course browsing through books and knowing my computer stuff for over a decade already at the time, I knew I didn't miss too much here. I took time to disect and learn to use a 'latest technology' computer system and unix type of programming environments on it at the time, that though me more than I still need, and more practically, too, I'm sure.

So I did advanced physics courses, electronics (always heavy and fun enough, normally), formal logic, chip design, computer circuit design and testing, and also took a major strawl in economics (seems to have been a well known course 'z4', quite some hours) and philosophy, datacommunication, and of course computer graphics. Synthesizer use or even design courses weren't around in the physics or electrical engineering depts., which was a pity. Just a lame digital circuit design course I probably wasn't allowed to pass for very obscure reasons. Here's a guy that can do all other courses, quite well even, mathematically and physically completely challenging, that knows his computers more than most others, proves he can do working major signal processing himself, and he gets no more than a 5 (what is that a d+?), for two or three times on a row. I mean seriously, I've taken a few times for some other grades just the same, but when I study, I get higher grades, seriously, I was probably in the highest 10 or maybe 5 percent of the first two years, making it through my exams the fastests. I've failed some courses, then I study, and some more, make excercises, try again, and then I pass, that's the way it has always been, I've not left a single other course thinking I'd not even go and check what the m*f* reason had been for another failing to score sufficiently. I didn't need the course, I'd more then enough knowledge about almost all subjects in it, the dictate sucked bad (badly readable, hand written, badly copied even), and the target section I was in and respected in for my contentwise achievements in the same area more than enough, so I didn't bother anymore.

Anyhow, synthesizer design had my interest, and at the time no course came even close: I was into the bessel functions behind FM synthesis, and there wouldn't be even an advanced course or workshop about lets say a simple sampler design, which was a pity.

Coming a cross a book on algorithms, I couldn't resist the urge to at least have a look at what would be in there, it seemed serious enough, and so I looked at what this book had to say about some definately not irrelevant subjects, sorting, lists, graphs, data traversal, graph traversal, traveling salesman, bigraphing, linear programming, in short I was satisfied: no doubt I miss an a little or bigger algorithm and trick here and there, or a name of such, but the whole idea area I covered many years ago more than enough, and applied in practice.

Bible Study

I've been doing the verbal interpretation of the expression more than enough for some years, because of my interest in the text, especially the originals.

The noun type of interpretation of the expression I've regulalry engaged in as well, ranging from youth hostel hours of contemplation in 'christian' sense to a few groups I've been visiting for mainly that purpose.

It has struck me a few times that thinking practical and straightforward about biblical passages with people in not to reli-type of thinking, but sober or lets say normal enough, is often quite rewarding or fruitfull in understanding for instance what Jesus' words must have been about.

The formal religeous, also of the better and probably quite worth while kinds of interpretation are no doubt of use, but what the practical, life wise intention of many passages is only gets value in indeed that: real life. And it has at various occasions become clear that people that are not formalizing or complicating things here are probably better at making a sensible understanding come about then letting reading and thinking have its course: a group with some sensible enough people discussing a piece of scripture or ideas that have to do with it can be quite instrumental getting truth above the table.

As an example, the parabel or story Jesus' is written about to have told in I think Mathew (could be another, though I think it is just in one gospel, you might want to check or some other searchable bible site if you don't know the story), never struck me as much as it did a few times spread out over a long period in such a bible study. What happens when the son leaves the home of is father, taking his part of the inheritance, and goes abroad and tries to have a good life, spends way to much, gets untrue friends, uses the services of whores, and ends up with nothing, in fact as a result of bad luck: a famine wasn't planned, and it might be that when his money started to run out he would earlier have decided to do something about that.

And why is that model son that stayed with his father, having the same choices, so pissed when the adventurous one returns with nothing and is given a welcome back feast ?

Lots of questions and answers possible, and instead of getting rehearsed and maybe share some of my knowledge, in fact I found it interesting to think about various such subjects, giving another view of lets say formal knowledge, also about for instance this parabel, that I' mostly already have.

Maybe I should be teaching more myself, as in giving decent and reliable enough bible courses and such, which in fact makes sense enough: it is not so easy over 'normal' channels to get a good education when you've for instance just found Christ, or are interested in being serious about your faith and want to live it somehow. Sure there are books, sermons, formal and informal churches and gatherings, but seriously, from what I've seen seriously interested people that want to learn about biblical ideas and solid doctrines I think may not have an easy time finding reliable, in depth and life covering sources of information easily.

I've given software courses in the past, tought and instructed quite some students, so why not, at least it is usefull. I guess it could even be quite lucrative, as long as I don't sell the Holy Spirit along, I might even get away with it...

What would happen if one wants to teach serious subjects that do realy affect people, and are dangerous or lets say controversial or expecially powerfull against certain power sources in this or the christian world? I have no problem breaking down catholic doctrines for instance, and I mean relay grind them and make sure they are utterly unbiblical, damning, and worship of the devil. Not that I wouldn't be lets say nice to people who are bon in such a system and can't help that, but I mean, maybe the next day I'll be confronted with stawmen of that system telling me I can't work in informatics because my formal system views are not in alingment with their catholic financers and their allies.

And also, I guess it is quite a risc to take on a certain leadership over people that would, in itself rightfully so, serious what I'd teach, and want to or start to live accordingly. There were people put at the stake for no doubt also the things I would indeed teach as well. For myself, I'd take the risc: my spiritual mirror is worth taking risc for, when I can't look at myself anymore because things get to ugly, I'd rather take such riscs than lie against what I know is true, but I can't decide on such riscs for others, and I'm not sure I have a good enough overview of all ins and outs people of various background and conviction are about to teach authoritively enough what the whole idea should be about.

And I'm sure God Himself has at least a thing or two to say about it, both about wether I teach in His name (which is fine enough on this site, I guess), and wether I take the place of someone being listened to and effectuating what He may be against given rules He has, plans He's preparing, or grace He is not giving, given certain circumstances.