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Last Modified: 1 may 1998

This will probably be a new relay page for some of my web stuff, because 5Meg is a nice a amount of free space to have, my thanks tripods (and their advertisers, I guess).

Some stuff is available from other sites, so my links will jump around a bit, and I'm just setting this page up, stay tuned.

WANTED ! Last Update 29 april 1998
Communication Centre Proposal: for a discussion on power and sexual abuse. Please comment ! (e.g. on the guestbook on the bottom of the page)


A set of links to other internet homes of mine, and some sub relay pages

DDS homepage: Also a free home-site.
Delft University of Technology (old) Homepage: used to be my workplace.
Fortune City Homepage:Mainly fo more disc space.
Actuality:main actuality page.Last update: 27 April
Business Plan:Medium term activity outline NEW !
My wishes:What do I want to be done? NEW !
Main religious links: still building this from pages already available on other site, and more Last Update: 28 april 1998.
Main engineering/scientific links: idem.(Latest update: 20 april 1998)
Favorite/useful links: all kinds.
Christ versus anti-christ: Comparison for the critical christian consumer.
The intellectual ridicule of nazism: Ever try to make sense of or even read Mein Kampf? Should cure you very fast of wanting to implement even one of its atrocious so called solutions.

Christian faith FAQ: possibly frequently asked questions and my answers.
Abuse FAQ: a set of questions I gathered while thinking about sexual and power abuse.
Consumers pages: the Verelst guide to Christianity: Michelin has stars, what will I use ? Maybe I should call it the Rough Guide.

CV for synthesiser based companies:A long standing interest of mine, contains info on some of my own projects not elaborately described in other pages NEW !
Example synthesizer building blocks:Bear with me, I can only use ascii circuit diagrams, but the ideas will be clear NEW ! (Last update 23 april)
Other electronical circuit ideas:Mixed analog and digital(NEW!)

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