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As a good trainee to become an effective, cutting to the core and winning protestant, I want to give my opinion on current day christianity related events, encountered in media or other forms. Might be instructive to be a good, well informed, critical consumer of what christianity has to offer as well, and discern the possibly deadly differences between a feigned religion, and one with power.
Power to perceive and stay with truth to start with, not even a necessarily christian thought.

Example of Catholic "points of view", including (easy) refutation.

A dutch newspaper the "NRC", friday 10 april 1998 published an article written by Prof. mag. dr. E.C.F.A. Schillebeeckx, from catholic university of nijmegen (Holland) entitled "Not man seeks God, God seeks man". I'm loosely translating from dutch here, apologies for possible inaccuracies, I assure everyone that they won't affect the content the conclusions, which once again simply point to the fact already mentioned 20 centuries ago and summed up by the phrase "mystery, Babylon the Great, ...".

I'll coarsely go over the content, spotlight some statements, and examine the value of the conclusion in comparison with biblical views based on straightforward exegese, and try to capture the tenure of the piece, which, boringly enough, is predictably summed up by the above expression.

The first two paragraphs cetereson the question of what the meaning of easter is without the crusifiction, and the fact that crusifiction is a horrible death, and was not even depicted in early church history, say 4 centuries. He mentiones the slaughtering of even children in one breath with the crusifiction, without explicitly stating wether he is for or against both forms of suffering, and seems to suggest that protesting against chrildren and others being slaughtered is what Jesus' crucifiction is about.
Then Jesus walking with the cross is romanticised as the sign of Jesus caring love for humanity, which according to his view should be interpreted as foltering for the sake of good, and his death as the best part of His life and act of love for humanity.

I'll go on without interpreting further, and save more comments until further on. The next statement (or observation or wish ?) is that, and I quote" where real people without violence persue a good cause, the mighty ones of "this world" resist against every disarming, loving act of a person towards another person in trouble. Nothing is as dangerous as unarmed and disarming love as a protest against factual injustice. And such a situation is dangerous for both sides: threatening for the position of the ones in power who abuse their power. But also threatening for the witnesses of of justice and love. The latter become vulnerable to the violent ones in powerm, deadly vulnerable. Such people with vision are disposed of, quitely or by a fake official trial. And this history doesn't stop, it keeps repeating itself until today. End of quote.

What is this man talking about? What is he alluding to? Sacrifice of the masses? The take over of the incredibly cruel and abusive Roman power structures by a system that even carries its name?

Seriously, which people in power resist against unarmed resistance? I don't think I mistranslated, it says that people in power start to have a problem when people protest in an unarmed way. So? Should they resist in an armed way instead, would that bve better? And of course someone in power is dangerous for someone who is not, what kind of rethoric is that? Of course peoople in power might become dangerous to unamrd people resisting them, what does this have to do with God searching man or easter? To me it sounds almost like a threat from a power system that is affraid of resistance and is appearently willing to be lethal in the process. Well, the only appropriate response to that seems to be more lethal, isn't it? It is rather cheap to say that people should be (spiritually) unarmed laymen, when the ones calling you to be that are te ones in power, and fail to mention that armed resistance is even more lethal. A fact well known from reformation times, to mention another "random" time period, about 4 centuries ago. Or am I seeing ghosts here?

.. I'skip some parts for shortage of time...

Jesus alledgedly questioned the reason for his crusifiction. Wrong: He asked why his Father left Him.
Power abuse: which power abuse ?
More later.

Roman catholicism and the 6 million killed jews and others Is it reasonably credible that 12 years of thinking about the roman catholic role in 2d ww produce 12 (!) pages of non-apologies instead of the pope crawling on his knees to Jerusalem?

And now, some more subjects

The rough guide to the dutch social aid circuit

Is there need for a roughguide?

Theoretical desirabilities

One does expect the best for a client of the system, so what does the consumer prospect guide say? At least the best for the client. Is that an accurate term? Does one get the same openness and product aimed-ness as in an average store? Good morning how are we feeling today? Well, I'm a bit depressed. Then what? We have the followinf solutions a) we find out what the cause is and change it b) we find a nice medication c) we start up the burocracy the a reeeeaaally good solution (?), which gives our prosect client, sorry ambitous aiders, sorry unknown maffia bosses the best chances of succes. Lets play the game and let that wheel of life set in fire by gehenna roll.

Redicilous scenario of course

My current situation

Personal guesses as to the possible scenarios behind this

Is there actually a scenario or am I suffering from delusions and being paranoid, or do I simply not understand how many roads a man must walk, appearently without looking back? I gues I don't understand the f* system yet. (It is my opinion there is good use for functional explicit language, but I'll be carefull not to be kicked of my nice free world wide publishing site).

The homeless scene (?)

There used to be a hippi scene, there is a rock and roll scene, there could still be a madonna scene, but is there actually a homeless scene?

Since my family and quite possibly the non-officially present social aid circuit (because I renounced its help deeming it more needed to find some people that speak the truth) in their infinite wisdom have deemed it better to be outside the christian sheltered yuoghthostel scene and on the street, I have the unmeasurable privilige of finding out the actual social content of the (in)famous Amsterdam social face, and find that just like eastern europe, the main activity that is expected and possible for its subjects is joining the queue.
Please get me straight here there are people and organizations that put in a lot of serious effort to aid and be there for people that are not necessarily the nicest persons and the assets to society, although this is evidently just as much subject to variation as the average education level of the homeless person. But I would like to make clear that in my opinion some mechanisms to keep people from using the Salvation Army and all other more or less similar organizetions as a holyday resort could use some polishing and oiling.

The pigeon problem

Again something completely different, since hee was a lecture on the subject at University of Amsterdam. In the past i've made myself the possible middle point of ridicule in circles where I should have been carefull to keep the esteem of becoming a professor in EE in a few years and possibly a director in some more, but i couldn't resist talking about that (admittedly possibly quite unchristian) Rupert Sheldrake, who amoung many other low cost experiments reminded us that in first world war, pigeon homes were moved (instead of the pigeons!) and those stupod birds could still find them back.

Not quie as ridiculous as claiming that computers are aware of social events which draw a lot of focussed attention, and change the random generators numbers as a result. Science ? yes. Fiction? No. Obscure wannabe scientist? No.
A princeton professor in psychology to be precise, with well documented, double checked, long standing research results. As I have time I want to elaborate on this, because it may have profound fundamentally scientific repercussions, with respect to event horizons and reordering, predefined compbination patterns in number theory and major human events, etc. I will find out wether the changed random patterns are recurrent when one starts fro the same seed in the same time interval. Or wether maybe there is a random seed uncertainty principle, excluding the possibility of combined knowledge of the seed and the attention peek matching results, which maybe circumventable by similar techniques as in the photon coupling experiment. Take a complex number as random seed?
A more down to earth but still highly intreaging option is the assumption of inducing a processor or memory failure at an comman attention peak. Since computer circuitry is not free from possible quantum level originating faults, it is possible that this actually affects the random generators output sequence. At least it would take things outside the before the big bang or works only once or measurement induced observation realm.

A question that also burns on my lips is the question of double or single implication: does the reverse also hold, taking the same sed, can one be sure to generate an event which draws a lot of attention after the same time inerval. Or does the random generato /clock generator get entangled in a time gap? But what about files as a record? Considering this article, maybe. Der liebe Gott dobbelt nicht, er macht attention Democratie. .

Or should we observe a law for conservation of variance here? But that would raise the question of what varies compared to what, that all depends on the non-variant model. The whole question of common geometric properties would seem to be at stake here, is there a reason to assume that at some level preferences for certain (maybe even relativistic) geometric structures are influenced be appearence of matching or non-matching structures, i.e. do basic structures self-amplify? Or is that a similar question to asking wether the uncertainty relation should still be strictly linked with the wave equation when split photons measurably interact? (OK I'm pushing it here).

The worlds military machinery

I'm not a natural army lover for the sake of the army itself, it serves a purpose, and considering there is a need for this, as the second world war, at some point in history at least, clearly examplifies, the purpose would better be served at the best of good willing mans' capabiity. The recent (probably merely coincidental) appearance of an international convoy of navy ships in Amsterdam harbor where I happened to be, raised some questions in my head as to the technical possibilities of producing arms that I do not know to exist. Hence, some of my thoughts, emphasizing that they only have a tangible foundation in my own capabilities of assessing technological possibilities in areas not completely aliean to my sphere of interest, so I wouldn't too easily discard my thoughts as the brain product of a feeble minded layman.

I want to start with a observing a few fairly known and reasonably verifiable technological concepts applicable to the development and production of high tech weapons. Some scientific historical achievements There are 2 major developments that come to attention with respect to possible application in weapon industry: knowledge about human biology, and knowledge about radiation of all types, including ordinary types such as radio transmitters. Some time ago I saw documentary material (on dutch VPRO television) concerning visually recorded the use of tuned high frequency radiation used in the 30's or so by a producer of high quality optical microscopes to selectively literally explode cancer cells in living tissue. More commonly known of course is the general use of radiation to do something similar, but at least this type of affecting living cells is clearly known already for a long time, and that could make one wonder what those nazi "medical" experiments during secondworld war were actually about. Of course I at this point do not speak about the ("forbidden") mosterd gas and other more subtle biological weapons, but about directable, steerable, invisible, unhampered by known international agreements type of weapons based on radioation from anywhere in the technically available spectrum from 0 to a few hundred giga Herz.
Another area where knowledge has quickly accumulated in forms roughly known to the general public is the area of small scale biology. Well known is the whole area of genetics, from dna blueprints of living cells to engineering new genetic material. Less well known, but available in widely spread books (such as Hammeroff c.s. "Ultimate Computing", which I stumbled on by browsing a library index for books on parallel computing, and consider a provoking enough title to take a peek at the book, ending up devouring it) is the area of nano-biology which concerns sub-cell structures and processes which gouvern the mechanics of mytosis, the DNA guided replication of cells, give more insight into the possible processes involved in the transfering of signals through nerve cells, and the growth of axons and dendrites in the brain, and possibly can provide the highly relevant and yet not available answeres to questions concerning the geometrical guides of tissue growth. The answer to the latter question would have to take in to account some type of inter-cell communication between body cells, a subject of which is hardly touched on even in its most basic two cell version by academic writings and PhD thesises. At least this was the situation when I looked into that area a few years ago.
The main thing to notice is that Hameroff's book was written I think about 20 years ago (could be wrong, but it was quite some time), and that it contains a lot of possible research directions, with a lot of quite non-theoretical results available already, and generates a wealth of interesting lines of though concerning the operation of human cells, tissues, ans brain functioning. I want to seperately mention brain functioning, because there is widely known scientificaly founded material on the functioning of neurons and their interaction, which completely fails to accurately model both the dynamical behaviour of existing neuronical structures as the way the brain "choses" or decides to make new connections grow. It is in my mind impossible that these processes are at least to some degree influenced by nano-biological events and particles such as micro-tubules and filaments made of the same, researching of which might lead to less ill-informed models on how the brain manages to mechanically (?) implement its remarkable capabilities and sensitivities, and as a result might take brain research away from fairly course grained e.g. tomological observations and neural network approaches that are never going to be able to capture some of the brains main properties into a more mechanismwise understanding of small and large scale behaviour our most powerful organ.
The main observation is that there is an incrediable amount of effort going on for years already in the genetics area, amazing amounts of funding and results, and the basis for the actual processes around this valued inherited materials gouverning most of the most serious deseases such as immune deseases and cancer is already arond for the incredibly long time span of decades and is hardly touched upon, at least in public. Why? Is my assesment of the possiblities and implications these subject so far from reality? I seriously doubt this point of view.

Known techniques not known to be applied in weapons A major subject of discussion of the so called star wars project was the use of heavy industrial type of lasers. The main idea was to start and give impulse to continue the research and development of very high energy laser devices that from a position in space would be able to inactivate nuclear or other types of mainly long range missiles, by hitting them with a directed beam of radiation in either the light wavelength range, or higher. The amount of energy these devises would generate would be in the the dozens of megawatt rangem which is incredibly much, and be of a coherent, non-divergent (up to 10 meter of diameter) or focussed beam type. That would eiter be enough energy to melt the outside of the missiles by mere brute radiation, or to seriously upset the (shielded) electronics inside the missile to make it change course or self destruct. It can be verified that lasers of serious power (maybe not yet up to those levels) are already available in fully operative even civilly apllied fashion, as industrial laser for processing metals, ceramics and other materials. Imagine walking into the beam of an industrial laser set in action to burn holes in metal, that is probably enough to do lasting if not lethal damage, requires no bullets, is not too easy to shield, although I guess this is negotiable (a nice mirror?), and when (electronically) kept tightly focussed could probably simply burn holes in army materials to render them inactive, evidently including al the fragile biological tissue that it happens to encounter. These type of lasers are usually pulsed, and already require a very large mains supply socket, but their power can be increased technically for instance by not using them in pulsed mode, and short bursts of use might be powerable from not too large transportable devices.
In short, a possible weapon which I have never heard of. Maybe there are problems with its application, maybe it would be too ugly (?), I don't know.

A brainstorm on combining detailed biologial knowledge and highly controlled radiation technology, and the likelyhood of military application In short, I cannot imagine that all the scientific knowledge and disclosed areas of research have not been explored to at least some degree, that the army wouldn't have an interest int them, that there are no heavyweight reasons for such slow taking hold of the good medical possibilities of the type of research I mentioned, and that the combination with highly controllable and buildable radiation transmitters has not been given consideration and led to results. (more later).

Resulting major questions Does equipment like the above exist, what are its capabilities, what is its stage of development, what's next? Is it unthinkable that it is possible to influence brain cell or biological subsystem behaviour by technological means? Is it possible that billions of funding have yielded deviced that are capable of having an increasing amount of accuracy to do so, to the point of seriously influencing though or biological patterns? Can TV sets be fitted with hardly noticable teletext steerable circuits to mess with ones' brain. You could tuch them away in the high voltage circuitry nicely sealed in plastic, sufficient power available. I seriously doubt wether this would be the case but hearing workers that install electrical equipment say that sometimes they install some realy weird boxes makes me wonder. I know it is quite possible to switch on public lights by simply modulating the 50/60Hz power supply wires with some additional information, and you can even modulate audio on them.

Everything I always wanted to know about the banking world

Is that where the real power is? Can I democratically influence this power or become part of it as say an little above average middle class bred person? Or is the whole thing a mystery? What about these illuminaty, for instance during french revolution, what about the Rothshields and Rockefellers, what about the funding of world wars and the russian revolution, oh, and Marx and Engels, for that matter? Some fairly solid books and encyclopedia give unmistakable information about subjects like these, why is there wo much talk about the Euro without a single press article even including these subjects? Too dangerous? Simply rubbish? Unsoluable? Undesired by (mofioso) gouvernment circles? (I guess he's way out of line here. You see, it even bothers him that Courtney Phoebe's books for instance on CFR and related subjects are available in abundane from the library of congress, and cannot be fond in a single dutch university library, and appearently neither in bookstores. in fact books about the banking world and rich families can also not be found between al those smartly concocked up paparazi articles. He thinks the press are avoiding subjects. He's probably not normal.)

Issues in Politic

Utopia? Christianity?

General considerations

Polis, Politeia, Politike^ (politazomai, whatever).
Legal system

Observations concerning dutch politics

Long term versus short term.
Department politics versus democracy?
Underworld influence in the upper world denial
Judgement versus tolerance, peace AND justice
Curse, blessing; saywing and reaping
Open gouvernment versus mystery
What makes manifest is light: free internet and talk about some fundamental real issues such as what is actually the desirable mode of operation of political bodies and how does this compare with their actual mode of conduct?

Historical lines

80 year (30 year) war, spanish (catholic inquisition, Alfa), golden century, constitution, seperation from Belgium,

The merchands stood from afar of saying alas the grrrreat (new) Babylon has fallen,
I will bless who bless thee
The fruit of God is indeed advantageous when lawfully (nomos: norm, grazing grounds, mode of conduct, pastures) applied
The law of freedom
The mark of the beast: 666 written in roman or in chaldee yields the name of the upper god of their systems of workship, which is the highest humanly made instance, the number of man, for which on ecan bow down, and which can replace the image of God. I guess those electrical engineers weren't joking when they decided (because thats all it is) to make the product label checksum 666, because linking all doors and all money transfers with a worldwide non-democratic (note that the internet in its most original form is extremely democratic as long as not owned by single instances or companies) network would give the people in absolute control of that network very big power, if they can exist. Again, the very concept of IP (one of the layers in the internet protocol suite) make it very unlikely that independent parties connected up to form a part of internet can seriously block or unnotacibly tamper with the content of the data they tranfer: there are simply alternative routes.
Is there a legitimate, morally acceptable and publically appraisable form fo merchandising? I would say that a good merchandizing operation has 4 major parts: transportation system, logistical thinking, means of storage, and channels to advertize the availability and properties of the product(s). I guess most of this holds for a large number of legitiate and usefull businesses, and could even be done in a humane, environment friendly, and long term fahig fashion.
I guess the dutch VOC wasn't that stupid. Completely environment friendly and based on recycled natural products sailing of nice herbs around the world in a completely peacable and honorable fashion. Bon apetit.