Christ versus antichrist

A short strawl in contemporary christianity raised my eyebrows, as a token of suprise, too many times, and geave me feelings that this not only make me lose my appetite, but made painstakingly clear to me that the lack of solid teaching and of a healthy amount of protests in favour of sane behaviour has produces situations that I for years thought were described in overly dramatic terms in scripture. In revelattion, and various other books and letters, there is talk of blashphemous systems of worship for the god of the world that christianity is supposed to change the cosmetics instead of the God that Peter claims to have "moved, born or carried along" (greek) holy men of God to prophesy words that allow no private interpretation. Paul, who by Peter is acclaimed to also have received revelation of God, talks about salvation by law or works (sacrifices) in clear and unmistakeable words, "he who expects it from works of law is damned", and makes clear that it is very much a matter of importance to follow solid doctrine and a gospel that actually is a gospel (good news), and that there are teaching ministries who with fear for the real God instruct reliable people in the new law of freedom, rebuking and edifying people as is fitting, either in a spirit of meekness or with the rod.

Some things I observed in terms of power abuse, setting people up against eachother, total lack of respest of the word of God and the authority it has, and some of the people in front of congregations made me think there are not too obscure people in christianity that do not need to be given over to the satan, because they already are. I think it is scriptural that people that stretch out (greek) for a position in the body of Christ are at least younsters in Christ, and thus have overcome the evil one, because if they are still sucklings (must check my spelling here) they might fall in a trap of satan.

Just like the roman catholic system as a whole has failed the last tempation (it gladly accepted all the kingdoms of the world to whore with them), it seems there are more christians who fail to understand what the actual meaning of holy is. No one expects christians to be perfect (yet), but for people that take on the responsibility of instructing in or even formulating doctrines, or fail altogether to acknowledge that doctrine is always going to be an issue wether you make it that or not. Paul's letters for a major part revolve around doctrinal issues, and Peter in fact literally states that there will be false teachers that will bring doctrines in the body of Christ that produce damnation or destruction (greek). It will give christianity a bad name, and will be followed by many. Well, it happened. And reformation has not freed us from all of the miseries of it yet, not even in protestant religions. Remember that the early christians were people that loved eachother, shared each others houses and goods, and some traveled around to preach the gospel and provide follow-up education, as the disciples in Stephans time also deemed relevant, even thought the gospel of christ had been preached to them already, and even though they had had the privilige of hearing Christs teachings in person. Probably they thought there was still something to learn from old testament books, which at least could have told John when he received his revelation that he wasn't too far out (Daniel and various OT prophets have said very similar things).

The concept of correct teaching is very much an OT thought, and though Jesus challenged the validity of many of the scribes' interpretations of the hebrew scrolls, He certainly didn't challenge the fundamental value of the gospel, good instruction in righteousness and knowledge of the One that sent Him. His life in Israel served no other purpose than teaching His audience about both the kindom of heavens as of the earth, being the, at that point mystery, of the church, and the, postponed, kingdom where Isreal is head of the nations in a thousand years of peace.

Assuming Gods revelation is ongoing, that is every period in His word adds more to the knowledge of who He is and what His plan is, the book of revelation is likely to be a finishing statement, written as the last NT book, and detailing many lines that have been drawn throughout scripture, and pointing to future events that are related to similar problems as described in very strong words in the old testament, and in various letters.

Some problems, like the biggest insult to God, and the hardest to detect by some, the old and the new Babylon, are recurrent themes of oppression, abuse, horror, bondage, lies, mysteries, taking and stealing of lives, treating people as merchandise and sacrificing to idols, because the modern version of it, the roman catholic system (in that time Rome was widely known to be the city on seven hills), claims to be the church (bride) of Christ. In fact, it claims to be the only true church, and the only true representative of christ on tis earth, even though it teaches its victims that the way to heaven is the way that books in bible from cover to cover tell you is NOT the way, and in fact will damn you: we are on earth to earn our place in heaven by doing good works, or something to that extend. It seems that this great whore has taken her divinely depicted role as mother of whores serious, to indeed end up as the big mother church of all pagan religions. The big, major, completely underestimated, fatal, and utterly blashemous problem is, that quite a few people that have indeed found Christ as their personal Saviour believe the lie that that system is te body of Christ. And there is a spirit that is not the Holy Spirit that will gladly acknowledge that this is so and provide further misdirections, and become powerful by hunting people away from God, just like the original Babylon, founded by Nimrod. In the end it will put a fake saviour in the temple who will proclaim himself God, and many will follow, be deluded and damned in the process. And currently hardly a soul to protest against it. Lets nicely team up with the catholic system, we all serve the same God, and lets even invite the muslims, just like all the other pagan religions ever since Babylon (which indeed originate there).

Well, it is NOT the same god who sais "I am the Lord thy God who has brought thee out of the house of bondage, thou shalt have no other gods before me, you shall make no images of any likeness of anything that is either on above or under the earth, and you shall NOT bow down before them". Absolutely NOT. And if it would be, I would immedeately become agnostic or want to be dead.

It is important to dwell on the issue of choice here, because you have a choice in terms of decent scientific, rational, human behaviour. The Babylonic system, and its new incarnation in Rome are incredibly creul, abusive, power and money greedy, people devouring systems, that do not deserve to exist on the face of this earth. If you believe they do, you have the democratic right in most western societies to be a part of them as much as you want, as long as neither you or your children are forced to act against the constitution, but I reserve the right to openly expose and call damnable the fruits of these systems consisting of worse mafioso structures than you might find on Sicily, and to protest against it in every way I possibly can. You also have the semocratic right to change your countries' constitution to allow some of the mysteriously hidden practices of such systems into something that is consistent with a new constitution, but if you don't, I might just as well call you criminal, if that is what the natural law tells me what you are. And I will do so, as an act of actual, scriptural, freedom and integrety preserving, blissfull protest.

Unfurtunately, a lot of christian groups have, trough lack of proper teaching, been exposed to some degree of of their doctrines of damnation. I fail to see why I should be carefull about saying what I think inthis area, because when scripute says that some words spread like cancer, they probably do, and that means it is about time somebody stops it. Rigorously. I will repeat: the doctrines of the Roman catholic system, the system itself in its core, and in its roots are NOTHING BUT THE WORSHIP OF SATAN.

Of course I just a hard boiled protestant here who needs a scapegoat for the failing of the christian church to be what it is supposed to be: the holy body of Christ without spot, etc. Maybe that is true, and I again want to say that I am NOT out there to do some catholic bashing, I want true christianity to be free from the stains it so evidently has from a system that brings so much misery in the lifes of so many people. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth, and the greek word here is simple everyday truth, not something mystical, simply the type that is refered to inthe phrase " do you swear to speak the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth". Every deviation from that might be explicable, but not scriptural, and will be treated by me, and in my opinion by every reasonably normal person, especially someone who claims to have that Spirit of Truth, for what it is: a lie. The type of lie that rendered a woman infertile for blaming David to dance naked, because I am aware I am taking reformation a touch further away from a lot of missing of the mark and purpose than most (though not all) people in history have since proposed and adhered to, without becoming abuse, violent or otherwise unacceptable, with or without claiming to act on the basis of scripture.

It is scriptural to expect that since the early days of christianity, a spirit has been unleashed that is the spirit of the anti christ, the false prophet that prepares his ways, the beast, and the whore that it carries at some point in time. In this text, I want to emphasize mainly the spirit of the anti christ, because I observed that that spirit has taken over more of christianity that many will even want to consider. Without including my own exegetical lines, simply by taking fundamental scriptural concepts, and, in good hebrew and dialectical tradition, juxtaposing them with their anti or reversed version.

Bear in mind that almost all table entries are taken directly from the word of the God that actually is God (considering the acuracy of his words).

Christ anti-christ
truth lie
manifest hidden
in the light mystery
eternal temporal
gives Himself as eternal scarifice manslayer from the character, demanding human sacrifices
sweet smelling sacrifice, grace whoring treating as merchandise
unfeigned love out of a true hart whoring, selling, not showing one's face when claiming to, missing the mark (sinning)
meeting the needs of widows in their affliction eating up the house of widows
taking care of orphans cursed children
hitting the mark going astray missing the purpose
natural use of women abuse, burn in the lust, burn for members of same sex
simple truth great sawelling words of vanity
being the most by serving greed for power (masters of greed)
access to life juices (of the promise), leafs of the tree of life fof healing wheel of birth enflamed by hell
verifyably true, to the point prophesy, for building up and bringing truth to the light lies, swollen, unrelyable, glorification of the god of the world instead of the work of Jesus
forgiveness hard yoke
no forgiveness of sinning against the Holy Spirit (by thouroughly knowingly and willingly acclaiming words and works that are not His as His) institutionalizing this behaviour, and agree with others who do the same
sharp sword of the Spirit Babel, mix-up (literal meaning)
peace (for as far as depends on you) misery and destruction
justice exchange the truth of God for a lie
honorable replace the image of an incorruptable God with the image of corruptable man
breaking down barriers and tearing down fences against the truth working against His words
people with the Spirit naturally born beasts, ... for destruction
esteem the other higher than oneself proud, not regarding (sane) authority
worship God worship the created above its Creator
God loves the upright pulling people behind themselves, bow down before the god of the world
life, giving, no condemnation murder, stealing, adultary against the spirit of God
even deamons tremble because God is One divide et impera
body of people with trust (based on truth) body of whores (deception, abuse)
gift of salvation slaves of destruction, hell
fruits of faith advantageous when lawfully applied greed, gathering up riches, playing miserable games
with Him it is yes mysteries, abusing alledged means of salvation for power games, (unscriptural) purgatory
let your yes be yes and your no be no swearing, marriage related games, sacrificing to the baal (of which one of the meanings is "husbandman")
holyness, (literally) meaning seperated (but not out of) the common mode of this world, dedicated to the real God integral part of oppressive, abusive, devil owned world that Jesus denied, and that is supposed to change trough christians
Abraham (believe and follow promise to new home) Nimrod (building own tower of babel, cruel empire and religion with human sacrifices)
Jerusalem (peace and justice, healing) Old and new Babylon (human sacrifices, oppression, corruption, cancer)
Israel, church Roman empire taken over, body of whores
David (correcting the missing of Gods target) Pharao (house of bondage)
Salomon (wisdom, skill, rational, loved) Emperor (power true military and oppressive means, proclaimed themself to be god just before Christ was born)
Scripture has been written by people that were move born or carried along (greek) by the Holy Spirit, and allows no private interpretation scripture has been replaced by everything advantageous (for instance by church fathers seeking to change the interpretation of the very clear NT greek just like scribes did, and by loads of latin writings, all too loosely based on scripture)
sanity, reproof, correction, edification; instruction in righteousness doctrines of damnation, introduction in misteries and rituals that keep you captivated thru shame
receiving reward from government for good behaviour murder, slander, abuse, evil intentions, ...
goverment doesn't carry the sword in vain abuse of state system to oppress truth and honorable lifes
skillfull in doing good the depths of satan
infants in evil all have gone astray, no one that is wise
babes know Christ, younsters have overcome the evil one, fathers know Him that is from the beginning professing to be wise (greek: also skillfull) they became foolish (greek: boring)
crown of life receiving the rewards of their behaviour in their own bodies
entrusting Gods words to reliable people that will be skillful to instruct others cunning words to make merchandise of you, swearing priests not to reveal mysteries (RC priets swear such an oath)
growing to the image of Jesus full measure of iniquity
freedom bondage
joy evil lust

Lets examine the end of the works of the leaders, follow their faith (trust) if they are worth it.
Be a watchfull.
Jesus does talk about people that would better have been killed (a millstone around the neck and dumped in the sea is probably lethal) before they seduce even one little one to sin, and sais it would be better for them, let alone for their victims.
There is forgiveness even for the things that God calls the worst, which in OT times would have meant a sure death by stoning or fire for the ones that did those things (such as sacrificing children, living according to the babylonian religion), but if there is no true repentence in the form of complete holyness from these type of horrors (in the opinion of the only true God), I do not see why the judgement shouln't indeed start a the house of God, and why these members shouldn't be cut of, to prevent them from further defiling the body of Christ.

Lets not forget that Jesus actually used violence when he kicked the thieves out of the temple. Revelation talks about 'overcoming', which could mean that one overcomes the evil one (not just by being saved because God has taken a person in His family, but by having the actua; authority over the evil that is encountered), and also mentions a very protestant concept: hating the works of the nicolaitians (the early papals), and in other places it talks about catharsis and about being or becoming en-hatred (in the greek it says that very literally). No child stuff, and apearently relevant. When Paul talkes about the spiritual armour, is he preparing an army?

Admittedly a rigorous thought, but long and bloody (actual) wars have been fought for many of the freedoms that every human being in the western world, and real christians and fake christians enjoy, and I bet that protestant christianity under the yoke of a true oppressor was a lot more attentive towards the question of what actually produces which fruits. The dark Byzantine and Roman catholic middle ages were not called that for nothing, and the only things that are inescapably linked with the freedoms many countries enjoy for a relatively short timespan of 3 or 4 centuries are people like Luther, Calvin and others who had their own uncorrupted opinions about the word of God, the invention of bookprint to spread a lot better version it, and people that hated the roman catholic ways enough to protest against it to the point of winning. Many even lost their lives in the process, be not fooled by the appearance of a whore with evil intend, the "nice" outward picture cannot cloak that it still claims to be the only true church of Christ, and there is no reason to believe that it will not again succome to variations on the theme of inquisition when it or others see a chance to do so.

If your riches are gathered up in a system that smells like it, you should start to consider that you might one day have to stand afar of to see the smoke of its burning, with your riches being brought to nought by an unreliable and abusive, pyramid type of evil inflated stock market. And lose your life with it. And your peace, and your justice, and find in the end that keep paying the whore only takes more from you and is definately not capable of offering you eternal salvation, not even temporal.

Be awake.