Theo Verelst Possible Broader Picture of the Abusive Structures around some people known to me.

The materials presented onthis page are my responsibility, and are not to be copied, distributed, processed (translated, transcribed) or presented outside the means of direct internet references without my explicit prior consent.
I am perfectly aware of the grave accusations that these pages would contain if their inferred content is close to the truth, and have no other purpose with them, then the purpose that any law-abiding citizen should have, that is to expose situations where crime is involved. That is: they are not intended to be vindictive or unnessecarily bold, or exegerated in terms of the material they present, the purpose is justice, freedoom for possible victims, and restoration of what is theirs as much as possible.
Most importantly I want to repeat from my other pages that the material presented here is based almost completely on the thoughts I received from various people I know from the past who communicated in spirit, and therefore the material is subjected to all doubts that go with such a connection (see my thoughts on page (will add reference)), and may be completely wrong. I repeat, all the material presented here is based on non-proven and possibly non-reliable information, ans should be taken as nothing else, only to open the way for discussion and possibly the gathering of proof if that is appropriate. For a final time I want to repeat that it is even possible that the persons I mention are on "good" side of the line, and have been used to project the thoughts concerning others on. If so, I apologize in advance for possible damage, and will make immediate corrections.

Having said this, I also would like to stress that I am not going about this easily, it has taken me years to get to this point, and that I in general consider the people that have communicated these horrible thoughts in spirit neither insane, nor unreliable, nor of evil intend or generally malicious.
The subject is a grave one, and from other as yet unproven information I gather that these type of situations are a lot more general than I would have dreamed in my worst nightmare, and that they remain largely intact because of fear on the victims side to fight them, or even make them public, even if it were just for the sake of analysis.

IFThese situations are the actual truth, I see no other objective ahead of me then to crush them in every way I see at my disposal, but only legitimate, and only after sane and good consideration of the effects. Currently, I am far from this, only information gathering is my current purpose.
If I sould be the swearing type, which I am not, I would say I hope to God (the real one) I'm completely wrong and out of line. When I'm realistic and read the writing on the wall, I unfortunately cannot be at ease that this will even remotely be the case.

Abusive sexual activities

These are summed up for as far as I am aware of them here (will add link as I have time), and include everything up to repeated almost lethal tortures, every means of inducing fear, and are evidently completely against the interest and will of the victims.

Power Abuse

One may say this is a mafia type of power abuse, and includes the putting an keeping in position of sexually and emotionally abusive people

Victims involved, and in which way

Alledged Purpetrators

I've been (I repeat in spirit, and without proof) informed about the fact that there are several abuser circles, with clear hierarchy. From someone from the wanted person list, backed by others in and outside the same, but as yet witouth verbal acknowledgement, I gathered that one of the top circles in holland and some environment include the following people: P. Dewilde and somoe others at Delft University, parents of Ingrid Vos, (...) deMey (not sure written correctly), Manuela Kemp, and others.
My own familily (according to one girls thoughts Manuela supposedly is familily, and there is some "pieter" for whom the same (unofficially) also is supposed to hold, or who is also involved), that is father and mother and other relatives have been involved in seriously types of sexual abuse as well, some also on the receiving end, many on the inflicting end, and for my personal history I can testify that many have been emotionally abusive in the sense that what I considered the limitation of their abilities was actually evil intent, and the secrecy even concerning the whereabouts of people dear to me that I considered discretion was malicious and to cover up a lot of unjustice and a good term "taking of faces". Pia and Wouter Hoff for instance who I considerd equally hurt by a supposedly sectarian bible school have repeatedly indicat4ed they know my fist sexual relation, Tal Ben Zvi, and some very relevant people such a Ingrid Vos, and refuse to even take me seriously.
The bible school, where I've been a model student, extremely giving, and nothing demanding, has not even bothered to deal with me in 5 years in tways of healing and deliverance that I have assisted in various times a week for years when I was there, and let me go without even a greeting. From what I gather, this, and unfortunately many other similar groups, has started as a coverup for sexual and other types of abuse, possibly even giving it a religeous "legitimation", and appearently in some senses has stayed that. Wonder why the writer of the course never wanted to visit them again.
Not too long ago I picked up on the fact that also G Bauer was (is) on the 'wannabee' list of some this circle (if that's the right word) and has, probably in cooperation with others, seriously, physially and emotionally abused Ingrid Vos, who at the moment when I actively took part in a post-grad physics course was working around her graduation, just a bit furhter along the hall. Some time before, I had met her at home, and talked about my wanting to go to the US (princeton /HP) for a few years, and didn't understand why she was so timid, didn;t ask me in, and didn;t want to talk about her graduation work, while she did say she wanted to have dinner with me, except later. I took that as more or less the same as I had indicated: that it s not so smart to start a relationship when she needs to graduate, and I want to go away for some time, and to wait until after this, with the later (in spirit) communicated possibility that she might join after her graduation. Somewhat later, when I wanted to talk with her, but didn't know exactly how to interpret her attitude, I walked by her workplace a few times to see what was going on, and maybe talk about what she did, and again didn't at all understand her appearent anxiety, even fear in retrospect, and neither did I understand nor like the fact that she said she didn't want to be in contact, so at least I knew that. I could live with that in the sense of the above reason, but felt I had no choice to also later o respect that desire, and lost contact because at the moment she started to inform me about the horrible rites and abuse that my own professor, maybe even at that time she didn't include that, nor did I ask, inflicted on her, I could hardly belief it and sought at least some visual confirmation by driving by her house, and was so disappointed and confused by her almost not showing anything that I discarded her and her story until she made clear she wanted to be with me again in the way I knew her, because as I saw her some times, I didn't know how to deal with her, and I couldn'd stand the thought of being cheated on as our first coming to gather still felt to me, so I told her in spirit and showed her visually that if I couldn't meet with the Ingrid I knew and had started to love (and to allow myself to do that), she could take a hike. I was quite unsubtle in both languages. That was because I doubded the whole means of communication, and on top of that the story, and the expected resonse didn't make sense to me: I wanted her anyway, wanted to deal with the problems to the best of my capabilities, so why couldn't I relate to her as before?
In retrospect, my capabilities, understanding, and christian assesment of the situation weren't at all as she told I would need, and I didn't by far have a real idea of what I was dealing with and how much fear this induced. Quite frankly, I still don't have any direct proof, except the completely unreliable behaviour of my project leader and professor, not even giving me a followup project while this and a PhD and a setup of contact to spend time in the US, while contentwise I delivered what I promised in the project (on time, the rest three year later still doens't work at the level I prepared), the being completely sidetracked and not taken seriously when I even conceded in continuing to work without official pay to finish texts that I indeed devlivered but where not at all taken up on, having close people trying to proclaim me nuts to render me incapable of being ever taken serious again at the desired leading research level, and eventually being forced to either accept an image of myself that not even I would rcognize as myself anymore for its limitation and the amount of insult gien to me, right to the point of being forced on the street.
Only very recently I finally got solid, written proof that indeed in my familily, and with connecitons to university, things have been going on that indeed are of the weight to warrant such treatment, and induce so much fear and shame that no one is willing to make this public. Not satisfying, but at least a point to start up again from, and to start to seriously deal with this situation, preferably with people I want to share my life with irrespective of all this, but who now also have the unfortunate role of being able to confirm with actual proof what has been and in some form undoubtably is still going on.
I should add, that in the time Ingris started to communicate with me in spirit, I had also just taken up on my christian faith again, with as a main interest the right assesment of the two sexual relations I had had in the meanwhile, which I, in that respect found only harmfull in the sense that the persons involved (Tal Ben Zvi (IL) and Andrea Schwyter (CH)) had ununderstandable motivations to not tell me what excactly went on, and were forced to this mystery preserving attitude by the situation very coursely outlined above, and fullfilling and rewarding in other senses. That didn't coincide with the one woman only until you die image I had, and I'd started by coincidence and command to look at and persue the right translation of some passages.
Again I want to pont at the notices on top of the page, and gladly receive any correction from any source.

What did I know, and when?

Very unfortunately, none of my close relative or "friends" have informed me of the possibility of even the existence of these type of situation, and it took me until some 3 years ago. The last year I worked in Delft university, Ingrid Vos has started to inform me about several of these situations, waiting with the people I've worked with until I had no longer a workplace there. From then on, I have started to seriously think and read, unfortunately only after I lost (physical) touch I took all she said completely serious, and was informed also about the problems she had at that point. (see also other pages (refs later)).