Theo Verelst Tclet Bwise Page

As an examle of the use of Tcl/Tk as a sensible programming environment, and to show what Bwise basically can do, this page shows a running version Bwise as part of a html page.

Bwise as Tclet

A Tclet is a Tcl/Tk application in a html web page, that requires the TclTk plugin (see for instance  sunscript ), which is a fairly simple to install plugin (about 1Meg). Most Tcl-Tk code runs perfectly as a tclet,
except file access and windowing stuff, but it was fairly easy to make a Tclet out of the bwise application:

This picture  is missing from the menu, because bwise looks it up in a local directory, for the rest the application works as intended, blocks can be created by clicking on the respective buttons, blocks can be connected by clicking on to pins to make them green and pressing Wire, and moved around by simply
dragging them. Double clicking on one or more blocks selects them, for instance for deletion by  'Del Sel'.