Theo Verelst Christianit and Society and Sex(uality)

Title say all, a gathering of thoughts on the combined subjects of christianity, the society and large and the whole area of sexual behaviour and sex related utterances.

Some chistianity based links and thoughts

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More general thoughts

How do I gather the cast for a film on the Song of Salomon? Even "worse" how do I do a video version of the movie, and can this be done in an American Funniest (?) Home Video fashion?
I'm sory, I'm pushing things here, gues I'm bored of being kept outside university, jobs, and seriously contentwise social connections, and even from knowning what my pages generate.
I don't say it has to be done, and I don't say anybody would have to watch it, it was just a thought that arises when you walk into christian bookstores and find all kinds of materials, some pleasurable, some educational, (some erronous), includings classical videos such as Ben Hur and those types of movies, and not a single "adult" movie. I guess learning how to be gay and how to be atrociously violent is more desirable than the book of salomon. Or is it learning by counter-example? Oh incase someone is wondering, I did watch those movies, had a pretty severe selection criterion (I have to like them, and they have to contain at least remotely attractive human beings and scenes making love in a natural way). Do they teach a person anything? "The joy of sex"? I guess what it showed me is the (on itself fairly obvious) idea that it is not about which bodypart goes where (any 12 year old can tell you that), but about people having at least some amont of care being together. An at times its nice, as long as it isn't out of control, and doesn't get in the way of the real thing.
Is that solid, scriptural doctrine, or Verelst babling or fairy tales? There is ample scriptural material all over to indicate that relationships are to include sexuality as a main issue, even as a desirable and essential one (e.g. 1 Cor 7, see also translation notes), and that at least in some very verifiable cases this was not limited to obscurity. Is is quite remarkable that some of the most examplatory periods of free and peaceful life the history of the promised people in the promised land shows a lot of activity in these areas. Also remarkable is that this is not at all hidden, limited to marriage boundaries, mixed with evil (at least not without rebukal and correction), or with evil fruits.

Anyway, The last tempation of Christ was almost banned by Rome, so I guess I must watch my language. Or protest?