devoted to the gods: sacred, holy: temple Holy of Holies, holy, pure, the Saints, the Holy Spirit, accursed, execrable, yajati

of wind air, HA CP moved by wind, of the nature of wind air, vapour, of subtle substance, inflated, distended with air, HA causing flatulence, by flatulence, breathing, exhaling, CP of the breath breathing, GA of spirit, spiritual, who referred all questions of health to pneumatic agencies, conveying UP in one breath

grace outward grace fauour, beauty, graces, gracefully, glory, grace favour felt, grace, kindness, goodwill, for towards kind feeling towards partiality, favour, sense of favour thankfulness, gratitude, for thanks for a sense of favour, feel grateful, for VA gratitude, thanks for gratitude, gratit ude, thanks from for thank favour, influence, love-charm, philtre, a favour boon, a favour to oblige OC indulge, humour, OC a favour, a boon, a return favours favour, grant grants favours granted gratification, delight, in from a delight, homage due worship, majesty, thank-offering, in favour, for pleasure, for sake, for pleasure, for sake, for the sake of, on behalf of, on account of, for reason? for pleasure sake, as far as regards . . , as to if would serve, about, about being a favour, since it is (was) a favour, to do a pleasure, thanks for the sake as a favour, freely, to heart's content, from partiality for gratification, pleasure, gratefully, pleasing of pure good will, the cypress, myrtle, salt, Charis, the Graces, Graces,

down from downward motion down upon over upon down over . . along, upon on . . down into under under down by through . . towards at by over A towards against against for for in respect of, concerning bestowed on of downwards down down with to leeward HA HA on, over, throughout to at in in the region of upon in opposite, over against distributively by by by separately in separate to his own by individually at each POxy by by at a time detailed list, by on every in separate sums of in column as many times as towards on for after in search of for the purpose of for after on in the same in the same in accordance with after as is for for because of as for reason to the best of suitably with according to in relation to, concerning military public as far as concerns as far as am concerned in respect in way so far as corresponding with, after the fashion of like answering to the description of like in rank of sort in style was common among by the favour of nearly, about more or less next to during in the course of by about about the time of this by partially individually, severally naturally skilfully pleasant downwards, from above, down downwards, down in answer to, in accordance with occino against back, back again be- be waste consumption disparaging