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A building up list of links to my (electrical/computer/physics) engineering/science pages as I have created and am making them. Note that this page (contrary to the 'highlights' page in general has the latest material at the bottom.

First some links to existing pages

'old' home address containing a lot of material: wil refine this later

Some of my latest thoughts

computer and electronics ideas: not too refined, but serious and feasible
Synthesizer related circuits: A voltage based exponentional converter (NEW !)

Some PC software, (NEW !!)

Robot arm
An implementation in openGL of a goureaud shaded 'arm' with 3 degrees of freedom (arrows, z,x), compiled under sigwin, will need the shared libraries wing32.dll and cygwin.dll to function, the latter I will put on in uncompressed form as I have space.
A analog/digital simulator with extensive graphical interface
a screen shot of an running example, seems quite usefull (interactively alter the schematic diagram, get a graphical output, seems to beat Spice)
I did some designing and simulations this morning, and found out that I can do mixed analog/digital designs, made a sample and hold unit, get good and fast simulation results.
Damped sine generator example
This is a design I built in highschool while experimenting with analog rythm box circuits, and its got a nice (P)SPICE output to .wav soundfile converter on it. And it has my first SPICE generated sound file !
(frankly, I haven't even tried what is sounds like yet myself, it should be a rather dull short 'plick' with a sharp edge, remotely resembling a drum being hit. As soon as I access other facilities I'll check it, and maybe improve it.)
Switched Filter
I've already mentioned on my synth pages that I've recently tackled the voltage controlled filter problem by using a switched filter design. This page features a PSPICE simulation of an idealized version of such a filter.
NEW !!
Sampler Design
A rudimentary sound (or signal) sampler, simulated in PSPICE. An input signal is AD converted, sampled, stored in memory, and automatically played back (in looped form). Example of mixed analog and digital design and simulation, run into the demo version limitations, but works.
NEW !!
Processor Design
This is startig to get seriously digital: a working processor design. Three machine cycles, a memory, instruction decoder, and a limited ALU, squeezed into the time and node space my demo version of microsim PSPICE will allow me. A test program and resulting circuit output diagrams are included.
Tcl/Tk Page
The interpreted tcl/tk language has been one of my ways to quickly program user interfaces in the past, and I've started to us it again for non-trivial interfaces such as a block diagram editor. A first verion of an interactive graphical block-wire editor is available, and I'll soon extend it and take some of the limitations out. Some interesting compact tcl/tk examples are included.
I've added an HTML embedded Bwise program (requires Tcl/tk Web browser plugin)
NEW !!
Filtering Page
A page to host my recent delving into the digital audio processing realm, with an as solid as possible within short time span and limited page space theoretical foundation. The result should be a working digital simulation of an analog 4 pole filter as they can be found in analog synthesizers, starting as a linear version with resonance.
Mesa 3D Graphics, with Server Example Page
Both as a demonstration of the use of (UNIX-like) socket calls under cygnus/Gnu, and as an example of how to use a state of the art graphics environment such as Mesa under it, this page contains all the libraries, source code, and programs to have an interactie Tcl/Tk application control a real time 3D graphics program. It uses version 1.8 of the Cygnus env., I doubt if I shortly will have the time to try this under 1.9, which gave me a continuous bash shell hangups. Apart from that: a Unix like env with these possiblities (for free download !) is quite serious.