Theo Verelst Main Wish page

What do I want with all these pages about both power and sexual abuse?
Mainly three things:

Being in touch with the people Ive expressed the desire for, and anybody else that wants to contribute or communicate.

Aiming for a REAL solution for the grave injustice inflicted on me on the personal level and the professional level
There is an additional remark I want to make here, so there is no misunderstanding. I've picked up on it, some time ago, that there is a possibility of inheriting or getting access to significant amounts of riches by having performe excellently in certain areas of life. The conditions I could imagine are bringing about justice, performing very well in keeping society on track for instance when it comes to nazism, etc. What I absolutely NOT accept, is that the whole path, of which I know some things must have been planned, I've followed would be the condition. IF that is so, I hereby state clearly and having my senses together that I refrain from riches obtained through this type of completely superfluous ssuffering, in other words: I don't want it. I have nothing against (large) inheritances or such, but not under these conditions, and that is my final word on it, I do NOT accept that, and can certainly make enough money using my own skills, and I simply do not valua riches in that way enough, to accept being treated as I am. (in case this playes a role, of course).

A real solution for the situtation Ive described in terms of punishment of criminal behaviour and replacement of their positions.
I feel it is only possible to lastingly and with success fight the types of (abusive) criminal behaviour I've described on my pages by dismantling the power system it uses, starting at the top, simply by exposing it, and by sending those who murder, steal, blackmail, and bring about misery and destruction to prison, simply by regarding their deeds. Especially starting at the top, because people at the top are the most judged for thir deeds and should lead the most examplatory lives, and have the most honour bestowed on them.