Theo Verelst Guide to Christianity.

Michelin has it's restaurant guide, Berliz it's travel guide, and since christianity could be both a bit of eating and visiting, let's have a guide to christianity. Alternatively, it could be seen as a consumers test of educational programs, whomever fits the shoe...
There are two major observations to be made here. One is that I have no intention of hurting someone's feelings, starting competition where there shouldn't be any, or otherwise be a bad or untruthful reporter, after all the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth, and all things lie naked and open before Him (God), including my motivations and behaviour. Secondly, I an a serious person, and I think christianity above all other aspects of life should be good, honorable, truthful, etc., and I seems fairly obvious that scripture clearly states the same. I realize that not every group or institution may have achieved it's desried level of holyness (not the statue and mirre kind), but that is all the more motivation for me to motivate them to become that. Even an apostle would see the point of such reporting I would say, because, just as Jesus Himself does in Revelation, the knownledge of what goes on makes it possible to give better doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.
I would say there is also an inspired side of this, beause a word of knowldge may also add to knowing what is realy going on somewhere (by that same Spirit), and a word of wisdom might even add what to do about certain situations, and we are called not to dispise prophesies (if there is place at all to have them and let them be tested by christians of approved ability in that area), and to stimulate people to find and stand in their ministries, if there are people available to teach them about ministries and discern what someone's ministry is, acknowledge their ministries, and of course gladly accept the gift of all ministries that God gives, and be glad that the local churches are linked up by people that have the capacity to provide global directions, and to take them up as they travel to places whre God through HIs Holy Spirit has sent them.
This guide is not written be Jesus, and it is certainly at this point fairly limited, but let's find out what those seven Spirits of God might have to observe in these times.

Some groups and places I revently visited

Please not that a lot more is present in my life than the average christian tourist, so what I observe, and as honestly and objectively as I can report, is not the kind of treatment that others might get (see my other pages for some of the out of the averageness I could be thinking about here)

Please note this is text in progress, probably lot's of typos, and I need to check some data, this text is provided simply on a as-is basis, and if there are real inaccuracies in it (which I doubt) I apologize beforehand, and invite a quick email or pulic guestbook corrective message. This is a consumer guide, not a papperazi report. Sort of a free advertisement against public evaluation deal ("Whom He loves He chastises", "But all things that are repoved are made manifest by the light, for whatsoever doth make manifest is light", so I don't think there is anything unscriptural here, on the contrary, things that may otherwise remain hidden untill the judgement seat of Christ may now have a chance of correction before that time.)

Christian Youth Hostel The Shelter

... A daughter (sister ?) of this hostel, also in Amsterdam is a bit of a different nature (but has the same people on top of them).

Church of Christ

Some personal findings, ...
Some of the appearent doctrinal points of view and their implementation ...

The Church of England

The Begijnhof Scottish Reformed Church

Solid Rock (meeting at the Aknaton)

The Salvation Army