The intellectual ridicule of nazism

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Jews have no history of their own (I guess when Salomon was king the Germans where doing some pretty interesting things and had a magnificent culture in their caves, or mud)
I guess the arians (the indians?) suddenly had a cosmetic change.
Breaking away the middle wall of partition between the jews and the gentiles must have meant that they collectively started to adhere to horrible Babylonic teachings in terms of moral, relational, sexual, and social behaviour.
When Paul sais "first the jew, than the gentile", "jew AND gentilenow have salvation through Christ", etc. missed a few additions stating that actually the jews had to be stopped from being the most succesfull darwinian species on the face of this earth, and that God has changed His promise from "I bless who will bless" Abraham's descendants in flesh and in promise to "I shall utterly desctroy" without informing new testament writers abot it, who still though the millenium would come with te jewish state as head of nations, and jerusalem as the (sorry for the literal OT words) big tit bringing healing to the nations. John (appearently mistakingly) even thought that when Jesus returns, on the mount of olives, which is hardly Berlin, the jews will even as a nation recognize Him as their king.

I allways though that it would be a real intellectual challenge to rebuke nazism and it main genius, but since I read a major portion, it suffices to read a few pages, I am convinced that an average highschool student should be able to discover at least a handful of complete nonsense, either in its assertions or its logic in a fairly short time.
Read the chapter which completely be itself forms the foundation of the shoa, the horrible killing of people (addmittedly, in NT non-hebrew woman at some point also became jealous of hebrew sisters, but it seems they solved their little competition problem a bit less violently) only because they implement what in NT is said to be the purpose since Christ is also saving gentiles. And on the basis of what? Quite a scientific challenge to find even one solid, logially or historically founded reason why even the german versus jew problem exist, let alone why it would justify such an incredibly crual solution. Unless you take his own words about the roman catholic system being on top of his little empire seriously, and start to consider the possible reasons why he wants to fight syphilus, and not prostitution.

Some of the major provably ridiculous main lines of Main Kampf

Even when you would be stupid enough to believe that it is remotely possible to claim that all the jewish and other incredible mysery and sadness of the second world war is merely based on fantasy and propaganda, it will be very instructive to read some actual nazi propaganda, of the great(?) man (?) himself. Remember that this is the real thing, when you adhere racist theories that smell like nazism, this is what you are basing yourself on. And for those who wouldn't even in their wildest dreams think of becoming inflated by such evil, but who have some doubts about the incredible ease by which this type of gladiator pyramid game can be exposed for being completely and utterly intellectually unfounded, a lie, and ridiculous, it might be instructive to consider reading for themselves that the genius of little adolf started its decay from birth from a seriously low level of intelligence or remotely logical thinking in the first place. Apart from being utterly and provably historically, theologically, socially and scientifically ill-informed or (of course) maliciously lying.