There are two major observations concerning the access of these pages that must be clearly known, and whose violation will make me use every (legal) means for correction.


Obviously, the copyright for all the pages on this site lis mine, and I grant noone the right to copy, process, adapt, or redistribute in any other form than a direct URL link. To be very clear: no translated or transcribed pages are to exist anywhere in or outside the WWW without my prior written consent. This is because I understand that people may have taken parts of my work for not too good purposes, and I do NOT grant permission for that.

Page Access

One one and possibly two occasions people have granted themselves access to this account, without any right to do so. I do NOT allow this: these pages are MY responsibility ad their content would only change contrary to my view through a LEGAL obligation, and I do not think there is even a single ground for that.

I express MY opinions in a way that I see fit, and if that is contrary to your point of view: email me, leave a message on the guestbook, write your own pages, whatever, but you do NOT access my account or transfer material based on these pages without asking me.

Is this sounds angry, it should, because it offends me that certain people appearently are not willing to deal with me in the open. Do they ave something to hide? Maybe, at any rate I will use every means I can find to make the material that I present indeed convey MY opinions, in a way that I see fit to communicate them, and am perfectly aware of the possible implications for people that have tried to interfere with my life for many years, and that is exactly the reason I present these materials. If you have something against me: let me know. In public.


The simple summary is that these pages are based on MY thoughts, and written in the way I have considered most appropriate, and are NOT FREELY USEABLE, CHANGEABLE OR FOR OTHER PURPOSES THAN READING.

If you have something to say about them: leave a decent message on the guestbook, everybody will be able to know your opinion too.

I'll go legal if I have to, to correct situations of this type if that is needed, hopefully I'm merely seeing ghosts. I am serious, and put myself up for public testing, are and do you?