Personal Data / Persoonlijke gegevens

Just to make sure I can be reached.. (Om zeker te stellen dat ik te bereiken ben)

Latest reachability

I can be reached at the Salvation Army headquarters in Amsterdam, I think 020-6301111, extension 210 (lotusmail

Please Note

This page is not applicable at this moment, the fastest way to reach me is over (normally daily on week days, this account is seriously used for years already, mainly because it is reliable and can be accessed from anywhere), or over

Paper mail can be sent quick enough via: karperstr. 10, 1075 KZ A'dam.


Until Recently (tot recent): van Bossestraat 99, 1051 JW, Amnsterdam In a short time (binnenkort): Overtoom 130 (BG), Amsterdam (wil update / binnenkort wordt dit ge-update), there is a phone, but I must check the number (vraag gallery evt. voor nummer).

Reachability / Bereikbaarheid

email: ,

Phone / telefoon:
Daytime / overdag: (0031) 0348485728 (Sylvan Prometric, Woerden)
Evening / 's-avonds: gallery Donkersloot, Amsterdam 020-5722722 (P. C. HOOFTSTR 127, 1071BS AMSTERDAM )