Theo Verelst Business Plan Page

Some of my desired activities are probably best served by starting some business activities of my own, but with some serious side remarks. And it feels a bit awkward to be quite pennyless and in my current situation, and have these type of thoughts, but I guess a man is allowed to dream or set out to construct his own future.

Major Sideline Remarks

The fist major remark concerns my ignorance, or at least lack of factual evidence, about my professional and personal whereabouts. A lot depends on matrial that I have heard only in spirit, and haven't yet been able to verify. Evidently, some serious situation has arisen around me, otherwise I cannot explain a load of recent and life-long experiences, but there are various explanations possible as to their causes. For the moment, I will assume that me lates assesments as laid down in my personal pages are more or less representative of the actual reasons for what happened (and still doesn't happen, such as reinstatement with full honour restored in the university world, starting with my previous group, and loads of excuses from people "near" to me).

Another major remark concerns christianity. Recently I have effective turned my back on major portions of christianity, simply because I couldn't stand it, but that doesn't change the fact that I know I have been following the God they too claim to honour, and in that area there is incredible need for solid doctrine and people with sufficient authority, knowledge, skil, and especially these type of people who are not infected by some kind of malicious or obscure thinking in other words who are honourable and just, have nothing to hide, and understand that holy does not refer to a certain emotional state which would better be circumscribed as hypocracy or at best as being of good will. Add to that that in intellectual, political and gouverning circles christianity has a relatively large say (in the west), for some relevant parts based on a moral that I cannot take serious without finding it at least cruel, and it becomes clear that there is a lot of possible use for people thinking and communicating about the subjects I've gathered some knowledge about. And that I have sufficient education to take it that what I have to say may well be relevant. So there are two reasons that another use of my capacities may be either required or desired than a full persuit of the scientific and business goals presented in following paragraphs.

Luckily most activities are not completely mutually exclusive, and many combinations may even prove to be fruitfull to some extend.

Activities I have in mind, and their motivation

To start with I'll shortly outline the main activities I would like to engage in in the forseeable future.

Continuation of my biblical research both in the sense of translation and exegese.

Improving my knowledge about major needs in both society and christianity related to power and sexual abuse, and about feasible and lasting solutions.

Perseuing scientific research various areas of interest and applying its results.

Give content to my interests in sound synthesis and processing.

Apply my electrical (and other types of) engineering skills to create and lead opportunities for employement and the production and distribution of (limited types of) circuitry and products that have my interest and are desireable in society. Could include (high performance) computer equipment, programs and parallel system essentials, and computer graphics software and/or hardware.

Main ways of serving my interests

A significant portion of these interests are best served by a appropriate university connection. Some could be served by a position in industry, and by private and corporate enterprise.

Private (or corporate) enterprise outline

A long standing interest of mine has been sound synthesis and processing, I have quite a working knowledge of synthesizer techniques and related materials, and can transform that in not too long a time into various high-tech products with commercial potential. This is a challenge in itself, since the synthesizer (and electronic organ) market is quiet crowded and certainly not devoid of top technology. I have a serious interest in testing my capabiblities to at least produce valid ideas, prototypes, and preferably commercialize some of the best.

This would serve various interests, the first being my own desire, but also it provides a very good and profound entry point in modern micro electronics and its applications and the related software and mechanical issues, and algorithmically it can be a stimulating research area and offer direct connections with various fundamental sciences amoung which physics and mathematics. Also, analog and mixed sampled/digital electronics designs are in fairly high demand to provide interesting and rich sounding instruments, and offer more opportunities to experiment with, and may well provide very good connections with other electronics and low level digital circuit design research areas (will add more links on this later).

I see no limitation in the way I could occupy myself in this area, it would interest me very much to contribute in an existing environment where sound synthesis related work and research are done.

The reason to currently focus this is that apart from my interest, it provides very good and realistic means to start activitities in both contentwise as geographically desired areas.

Fitting other desires in

It would be a prerequisite to at some point be free to be active in some of the other areas of interest, both simulaneously and after a fulfilled time period. This should pose no unsurmountable problems, of course depending on the course of events.

A desire of mine standing alredy for years is to be professionally active in the US, with a preference for the "Silicon Valey" area, for obvious reasons, both professionally and environment-wise.

Assuming it would be possible to start up activities in the desired area, I consider it a possibly realistic and dessirable options to start a (or continue in a US based) private enterprise. Of course this leaves room for redistribution of attention to my other interests after an intensive start up period.

Overview of possibilities

Assesment of realism levels

How about the short term, bootstrapping ideas?

My first concern (apart from the heavy weight concerns outlined in other pages) is to start generating some funds and continue professional activities with some means of generating income. This is now becoming possible without being taken by malicious partis to be either emotionally or professionally in need of aid, and could be actualized by a private enterprise for instance to give courses, write softare, do custom circuit design, or general consultancy.

My most prefered option at this moment is to have a temporal position for a short time in one of the areas of my interest, if I that would be in the US it would be most desirable.