Theo Verelst Synthesizer Building Block page

Seriously, the title sais it, how is that for free circuit diagrams. Unfortunately, I don't have breadbords or soldering iron and electronics parts or my collection of ideas and diagrams with me, so it will be from the top of my head, and require some more engineering, but its for free, and the blocks have been proven to at least work to the level of doing what they are supposed to do. But some hardhead would want to make them work at professional specs, for which directions are given.

Html test

Tryal circuit diagram in ascii mode (looks ugly? Fund me !)

     |          |   -----------
  -->|   A      |-->|   B     |-->
     |          |   -----------

The real thing

This list will built up with synthesizer building blocks, including processor cards, vca / envelope generators, filters, digital simulations, dispay units, AD/DA circuits, etc.

Top octave based synthesis:Clock generator, top divider, and octave dividers, mixing rail, global vca/filter, and loads of tricks. Similar to my 15 years ago $100 homebuilt synth.
Processor Card:Z80 based processor design as a do-it-all retro microcontroller (works up to at least 40 Mhz, because not all is crammed on the same chip?
Analog circuitry:vca, cheap analog sampled 24dB/oct vcf, envelope generator ideas, envelope follower, etc.
Digital synthesis: waveguide (+sine) generators, filter as analog sounding equivalent outline + discussion, main set of DSP/processor ameanable synthesis modules, dsp real time interacting multithreading?
Display Unit:multiplexed led display I built some 15 years ago.
Related circuitry:Suggestions for how to use all this new technology for auxilary audio units.
Interactive Front plate mechanical design ideaHad the idea in highschool, seems to be still a valid and useful one
Moog (-like) Analog building blocksIf those guys at Microsim would know what you can do with a demo version...