Theo Verelst Current Interests

My personal and scientific interests for fast referencing

My interests are all long term interests, and can be summed up as follows, seperated in more personal and more directly professionally oriented interests:

Beta Oriented Scientific Interests

I'll take a short time to explain both areas, and point to some more links and references.

A major interest in computer/electrical engineering, physics and biology are 'neural networks', because they suppossedly represent the way the human brain processes and stores information. I found out pretty soon when I looked into them, having a healty scientific apetite for interesting research, that neural networks cannot accurately represent what actually goes on in the brain, not even when they are included in expert systems or similar environments.The main reasons for this are the absense of timing in neural nets, and therefore the impossibility of accurately modeling the time behaviour of neurons (which interact in a physical fashion where time is not a negligible factor, and cannot be simply replaced by causality), and the very limited way of growing connections between neurons, and the absense of multi layered structures, which are quite likely to appear in something as complex as the human brain. And evidently neurons cannot be accurately simulated on any computer system in decades to come, not even with the most simplistic binary transfer function/ fire rule neurons with limited connectivity.

Nanobiology as I refer to it here occupies itself amoungst others with two major domains: actuators/sensors connections in the body, and the mechanisms involved in transfering information between neurons, both in the buildup of the dendrites and axons, as in the cell protoplasm, involving membrane interactions. In fact, nanobiology is involved in very essential other areas, such as mytosis, where it describes the nano-level mechanisms for actualizing genetically stored (dna) information during cell division. My interest lies primarily in the area of neuron (brain) functioning, though I very much realize the relevance of other areas which are not in my area of focus.

I'm not at all a biologist, but I've taken time to read about this material, since it offered a very interesting angle on the way the brain deals with the growing of dendrites and other inter neuron connections, and because it may well offer insight in neuronal 'firing' behaviour, i.e. when information is passed between neurons, through which channels, and in which forms.

Considering the possibility of connections which extend over large areas of the brain (possibly circular) leads to thoughts about the sensitivity of such large scale structures when all their elements (neurons) are near the 'trigger level' (firing), or when patterns of information are regularly transfered over large distances in an almost symmetrical way, so that smal anomalities in the transfer over alternate routes can be measured by signal comparison in terms of arrival time, orientation, or amplitude. Since the mechanisms involved in neuronal transfer of information (e.g. the mechanical tranfer of binary information over the rims of microtubules, or the possible carrying of solitons through the same, or all chemical processes involved in membrane interactions) almost invaribly take place at a scale where quantum effects are not negligble, it is possible that a large algomerate of neurons can act as quantum state amplifier, and that at least it is possible to observe effects at a larger scale that have their origins at the quantum level.

Knowing that brain wave patterns are directly related to perception of music, and that the way musical instruments can be modeled (as waveguides with non-linear interactions) is indeed very comparable to neuronal interaction, and that physical modeling of musical instruments is related to the geometrical properties of intruments, which can be modeled by powerfull graphics systems, and which can be simulated also using 3d (and higher) geometric techniques and that highly capable computer systems are needed both for high end geometrical processing and for computing the wave patterns when simulating musical instruments accurately, the first and second interest are directly and logically connected.

In short I think both the line of synthesis (and actualization) of large systems that have the capacity to simulate musical instruments (this is a very practically feasible subject, such synthesisers are currently becoming available), the line of linking these systems with the physical and geometrical systems that they are supposed to represent (and the theoretics to make that link), and the line of starting to have a feel for what goes on in the brain, and to produce theoretical frames for that (non-linearly linked, multi layered, large scale interaction based systems, and their computer realization) are highly interesting subjects, and can be quite practically dealt with at this point in time.

The link with quantum dynamics and with the progress made in biological (medical) science, to assert possible theorectical models, and to verify wether the brain indeed posseses the properties that could be synthesized (simulated) using these techniques, is a more long term interest, for which I have some experiments in mind, but which encompass scientific areas where I feel I currently have insufficient expertise myself. Al the more reason to think about cooperation with those that do.

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Biblical Interests

Though these are still very much subjects I want to be involved in, there has been another long lasting interest, in christianity, that has recenty revived and led to a part time effort for the last year or so to consider the translation of the bible as we know it. In short, I found that both in the greek and in the hebrew there are passages concerning very essential areas of life where there are major errors in translation. Not exegesis, not minor errors, but major translation errors of large consequence to the perception of what this book has to say the about subjects discussed.

Admittedly, this may not be of primary interest to all, and it is a bold statement to make, but the effect of the these errors on the make up of (western) society as a whole is major, and at this point in time I have sufficient material to make what I have to say stand against all types of decent Popperian attempts to falsify it that I've encountered thusfar, and in fact as time progresses I am strenghtened in what I think.

These are in short the reasons I have dedicated time to the subject, and that I intend t do more so. In fact I would be very interested in ways to work on both translation of the greek and hebrew, its most obvious interpretation, and dedicating myself to sharing the practical consiquences of it. My own opinion about this is that the greek translation is probably best done in cooperation with those who don't need to rely on lexicons and look up every noun or verb for its possible declension and tense, and that in fact the greek that is used is quite straightforward, and that there is only one thing to consider in all this, that the greek language has been changed during the first few centuries AD (a fact that everyone with a lexicon containing dates for its examples can verify) because so called ;'church fathers' have had their own thoughts about the writings of people who had no high spun ideas of the letter they wrote, and who wanted to make something clear, not to make themselves a position or name (they already had that) by changing the course of literature.

The hebrew is a bit of a different story, and I've had only about 3/4 of a year or so of experience with it, but that suffices to observe that also in our translation of the old testament there are very noticable differences in what various lexicons have to say about certain words and what our translation sais. And again about very relevant subjects.

Since the christian faith (in various, possibly perverted variations) has a profound effect on our society, both historcaly and nowadays, it pays to at least get the basis of it right, and not to rely to much on what people other than have started a good implementation of it have to say, when they are just maintaining their position of power.

I personally believe that what it realy has to say in unpolluted, straightforward fashion is very valuable, a fact which is easily veryfied by comparison (ever considered living in a society whe your women are supposed to hide even their faces, where having a party is considered to be contrary to the law, and where violence is the rule instead of the exception, or living in an environment that is notorious for its corruption , abuse and exploitation?), and for the time being want to give time to finding that straightforward translation (and its implications) and sharing it.

That also means that I want my work to be verifyable itself, and that I want to do as good a job at it as reasonably possible, and that means that it should be scientifically checked, and preferably be done in a environment where it is most fruitful.

Considering the above, at this time I'd like to put emphasis on the Hebrew, though its the whole picture I'm after. Needless to say I'll take on work in other areas to pay the rent if there is a need for that, and that the interests stated above still very much apply. But for the coming period I'd like to have a main focus as mentioned.

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Some Questions that Interest Me

While I'm at it, there's another subject that has surprised me. It is a widely but supposedly not well known fact that there is a group of people from international banks who meet in Basel (near the central station, I've seen the building), who singlehandledly with maybe a dozen or so arrange major international banking affairsm including the determining of currency exchange rate. I know the facility is there, I read from reliable sources that at a point in time (I guess the text was from some ten years ago) that that was the situation, that a handfull of people have been bestowed with so much power, but most of all that it is hidden, totally undemocratic, and not even under a posteriori control of some democratic organ.

At that time I read about a lot more outrageous situations, that at that time I wasn't aware of, and found hard to believe (unless you have a preference for conspiricy theories, or are generally paranoid), and that were currently verified by simple general encyclopedia lookup, such as the funding of several wars and the bringing about of the crisis by certain groups of people in the banking world with evidently unscrupulous greed for power.

Though I would say that a general encyclopedia is probably not unreliable in talking about these things, I'd like more information on these subjects, since my usually quite successful library queries over various major libraries have not given me a single reference to a book that actually described the structure of the (international) banking world (and I looked pretty good for it, and its not the first time I work a library index), though I guess there would be ample interest for it, and quite some people who could write about it. That brings me to another interesting phenomena, that is that I tried to find books written by Phoebe Courtney in the Netherlands, and even though the subjects are quite interesting (e.g. NATO) and not at all limited to US interest I didn't find a single of her books, except for two small ones about minor subjects at the Univ. of Amsterdam. If check the library of congress however, I find dozens of copies of various of her works, to say the least: remarkable. Amazing that in the 'free western world' such subjects are not openly discussed, and that the unification of Europe get so much public attention, while such an incredible concentration of power remains completely obscure, and is in nature so undemocratic. (unless my sources are lying, of course, which is why I'd like some more information).

More on this later, and as more info gathers up.