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Thu 28 june 2001, 12:09 PM

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

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Thu 28 june 2001, 12:09 PM

I wasn't finished with thinking about the personal versus the public, starting from this type of web pages, but in fact the subject is relevant far broader. Suppose I want to expose people with certain positions for wanting to destroy, ruin, rule, exploit or otherwise abuse the lives of others, and expecially personal and private lives. Then the purpose is to achieve something against all kinds of oppression and undesired intrusions in peoples lives, feelings, plans and activities, and not so much making some kind of minor point or scoring some minor points publically, or maybe and hopefully making some obvious improvements in my live.

The purpose or target is more than that, and that is what I have aimed for for quite some years, and that hasn't changed, so that will be the subject todays at least as well, because I'm not willing to stray from my major ideas, and think it may be of use to at least once more communicate what I think about certain lets say religiously inspired evils in this world that in some way are still influencing even my direct live way to much.

We are all babylon sacrifice meat is not an opinion I second.

Pagan rites

When I was in primary school, which in my former opinion was sort of moderately protestant, meaning there would be hymns and day opening prayers, but no noticable religeous oppression in practice I was aware of, I was also knowledgeable about lets say the worlds miserable natural religions, and their horrible past as well in the time of the taking over of the promised land by Gods' alledged chosen people.

Also, the african cannibals and their horrible rituals and human sacrifices were not unknown to me, and I was quite informed about the inclusion of the pagan religions by the catholic system, their powergreed and horrible religeously inspired rule over europe during the middle ages, having control more than anyone in their right mind would like over people's lives, their children, money, and if it would have been up to them, their evernal salvation and heritage.

Also, my early education told me about heridital debts, the concept of slaves for live and personal slavery, violent oppression of such unfortunate ones, the riches piled up in the churches, and the way that people were convinced that living those ways and believing it is somehow Gods holy will to make all things such and that the ones advocating such a system should be honoured as god given leaders, is actually based on provable lies, and that the real God did care about also a better world was that there were people occupying themselves with Gods word and wordsin this world, stuck with what they believed He seriously meant and indeed had made people write down under His inspiration, made the mechanics work to multiply truthfull enough versions of His bible in a language people could understand, and preached about what they considered truth with their own and their followers lives at stake, and with sometimes executed threats of horrible tortures at times public to make them utter that the roman system was god after all.

And they won, as we all know. Rome has been ridiculed, effectively put out of power in many churches, in a majority of the official and reasonably upheld constitutions even in europe, robbed of their physical and spiritual riches, been made in to a second rate, lame, uncapable, sort of succer religion, contentwise more defeated than a religion probably ever has been, and clearly enough exposed and made known as the religion refered to in revelation which only serves evil purposes, is under exact control of God when He choses to bless the world in such a way, and can be considerd to in the end draw all fake religions together.

All that as far as I;m concerned is an open and shut case, common knowledge since I was a kid, and in fact in many ways it still is. And seriously, this is major world history, there is no way to deny the relevance of all this for the lives most westerners have. I'm not sure, but I hold it possible that the lesson that is in there is a main point the (real) Holy Spirit has made in the last few milennia, so we'd better learn it, those castles might have been cozy and all, but I wouldn't like to live in those times, and I think romanticism may have been noticable for a few during the crusades, but I don't see much fun the whole epoch.

I've been more than adequately informed about great land owners, I recently heard the term, in dutch it's 'grootgrondbezitters', as the people who used their family oppression and systematic exploitation games such that they became filthy rich and in the end remained only with a few who ruled all others simply because they practically owned all the money and made people play their games to keep it so.

Then colonisation, also a fairly easily understandable concept, though in need of some additional thought in my opinion, and industrialisation followed and the public power game changed focus from slavery to the posession of production goods and maybe knowledge.

Later on I learned about the english ruling of the waves and elizabethism, early and late revolutions, the american war, something about second and first world wars, the history of science and 'progress' the dealings of the various european royal families and their kindoms, of course marx, the effects of improved transportation and telecommunication means, mass media and the 'Nuclear Bomb'.

The latter having to do with the pagan rites of the japanese being ended by a world top level display of destructive power that is probably unbeatable and not in need of inprovement. In at most twenty minutes this whole world, every little place that you and I live in can be so utterly destroyed a space ship with aliens could probably not even dig for our remains much. When those 50 thousand warheads all go of I think you and I might just as well have made the sun our habitat, the difference in burning would probably be not noticable.

And when even ONE of those missiles goes of somewhere within at least hundreds of kilometers from me, the effects of it would most probably be so much worse then chernobil ever could be that my live is worth nothing is such circumstance, and I doubt wether I would see the light of another year of living if such a machine would go of in the heart of australia. Let alone that I can imagine the effect of a massive amount of those little machines going of somewhere in europe. The movies about a nuclear holocaust, as far as people still know them, they were popular some time ago, are absolute fiction in that respect. When those things, even the ones I knew about 20 years ago, of which there were dozens of thousands, go of, live ends.

Have a look at the hiroshima / nagasaki movies to see what I'm talking about, those mushrooms were created by bombs no heavier than a volkswagen, carried by planes that were technically not that challanging already 50 years ago, containing as I remember maybe a few kilograms of effective nuclear explosive material, and were the size of a city lets say not unlike amterdam. Bam, dead. Vanished. Ceased to exists. Half a million people and all they have wiped away, blown away, evaporated in split seconds. And obsolute void remained, and cancer of unhappy sods living near. And fall out, dangerous, cloud and air carried polluding materials. And blindness for the unfortunate ones who look at the blast.

THAT was major theme in the 70's.

I remember all to well, salt 1..., american versus russion builtup of arsenal, incredible rockets making V2's bleak in comparison, guidance electronics.

In holland there was the discussion about not wanting medium range missiles at all.

What about all this stuff? It is for REAL. Those babies exist. The army chants I remember from vietnam movies about napalm and its supposed horribly effective dealing with at least some pagan religion effectuators and possibly victims are nothing in comparison with what just one nuclear missile, or lets say the bomb itself can do. Childs play. And those missiles are there, maybe diminished by some hard to discern 10,000 or more the last decades, but they are still there, taken on parade by the russians, in various pictures from american side, probably in more than a few demonstration videos of very small experiments, maybe by the french, where those supposedly very controlled experimental nuclear blasts make waved percieved as distant earth quakes on another continent, they exist, they fly like hell, they go off, and make chernobil in you back yard look like cold fire. These machines cannot just raise hell, they can kill just about everything that lives in this world within maybe half an hour, probably quite sooner, effectively, for real, with maybe the exception of deep see plancton, though I wouldn't like to take gamble on even that. And all that is even practically needed is one button to make them all go off.

Of course, there are safety keys, wires, and who knows what else, command structures, the whole thing, but in the end it is technically not that advanced to make it all end with one big red knob that can be pushed by someone in charge, and that will kill the world probably in minutes. FOR REAL. As in goddamnit. Even those partiots fly for real, and mighty fast, so way wouldn't something somewhere in between a space rocket and the size of a patriot fly for real. Those patriots fly in seconds, so why wouldn't those long range missiles fly in seconds after one button is pushed. And CNN is viewed pratically instantaneously all over the world, so why couldn't all rockets all over the world be set of by a single button? Easy enough stuff, the internet or a &*^ set of telex lines could do that job.

And when ford can make lets say hundreds of cars a day, making those missiles with the budget of the american army makes it completely credible there are many, many thousands now, completely operational, effective more than hell, and under such command without trouble. BAM. all dead. For real. I mean, this is serious stuff, and is not understoof properly at times it seems. These things are not growing planes approaching, throwing some major weight bombs and creating a few fires in a city here and there repeated until death and destruction relay start to count, this is stuff that can decide on the fate of the whole of the world in under half an hour, controlled by a microbe under an electron microscope if so desired as comparison. No problem even. Doesn't need much arranging, except for some army structures working as needed, I guess in the times those machines were supposed to launch counter attacs in minutes the whole machinery should be capable of being put 'sharp' in minutes. Isn't that amazing.

Technically, maybe unfortunately, no, not even that much, though rockets flying across half the earth in half an hour beats the concorde quite a bit, and though probably those warheads are nothing unadvanced, engineering wise, those missiles were there before reagan, and probably operative and effective more than most ever need to find out about

Who controls such almost incredible power of destruction? Clearly enough, human beings and structures, maybe reliable computer systems, but basically, the are human beings with postions and physical possibilities that can be though to effectively have the power to control such machinery and possibly make it go of. It is hard to deny that such possibility realy exists, that is that there is no way to relativate the risc that is in such a world for real. So in short there is no human being that loves live in this world that would not better hope that those in charge of such powers are at least reliable enough not to err seriously, with predictable effects. And that is not a political game that can simply be not put into action when suddenly people don't like it anymore, when those missiles fly, all are gonna die, and that's it. Not a funny game.

About 20 years ago, the dutch, as they are commonly known in their own language, had the reverential, or maybe controll sick, attitude about the subject, where there were protesters that wanted all missiles out of the world, to begin with holland, as in improve the world but start with yourself. Major discussion, demonstration actions and political games were played around the subject of ever giving place on dutch soil to intermedeate range counter attack nuclear missiles. As a small country, what can you do?!

How would that work on the world stage? I'm sure that many sane persons were quite aware of the actual risc of such weapons' existence, and that at times the world effective political stage has been dominated by such realistic fears. Some nut in lets say a hot blooded rebelious country is all that is needed to light the fuse of the whole world being destroyed, knowing that even when a counter attack is fired, the only effect is the knowledge of the defenders that at leats their attackers die of immedeate nuclear blast as well, instead of just fall out deseases, or simply a tidal wave.

Then we had 'surgical precision laser guided attaks' in the gulf war, eternal yougoslavia, scuds and patriots, disarmament talks, glasnost, pakistan maybe, and it seems that in the meanwhile there are less and less people aware of the destructive powers that are readily availble in this world and that somehow need to be constraint and kept under strickt control, without a single messup, because already on error is incredibly much worse than chernobil. And we have simulations on computer systems for mean little, 'controlled' weapons, and God knows what other modern warfare stuff. All common knowledge enough, but it seems some have a hard time getting their minds of little pityfull religion like rules and considerations in life, and understand that at certain points, such ways of living is like giving a nuclear missile to the bush negros and telling then it will realy kill their enemies. Or the bad enough comparison of giving raisor blades to a baby.

That would seem not to get to the point yet. There are people that live according to internal rules that make me think about the 'ule bule' song (maybe i'll put a media player sample on) as only response to their intellectual capabilities, as in the reliability of their effective thought processes when it realy comes down to it. And that is not about our lower IQ neightbour, that is mainly about people who according to their status or education are supposed to be intelligent and capable enough to lead also when things are not easy.

Of course there are many other, often hidden, dangers in the world that in the end render a lot of people dead and unhappy. The question in all this is, how can at least not the worst people find a way lets say to live together without their worst fears gaining on them. That is a major historic theme of evident relevance, and the theme is pushed to its limits in this nuclear age. Without the n bomb, 2d world war would probably have ended with victory for the non-nazi's as well in my opinion, but I'm not sure what would have happened, and the asian lets say slowly burning barrel of gun powder might have become mighty hard to put in proper place in the world and quite bad for many people.