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These are all the diary pages on a row. As I take time, I'll add subheadings and comments, and maybe throw in tags to jump to sub-subjects. Note that I've (aug 2001) added text to all the page references.

At Nov 17, 2001, I've replaced the xoom and later nbci based files by tripod copies, because that site seems down. Most links and pictures should be fine, but it might be some deeper links are corrupted. All files should be on, though. Sunday, March 10 2002, I think I've made this list work neatly again, everything should be a click away, also the older pages with pictures.

Local Diary Pages There are now 3 local diary pages via this link, the latest one is from 18 feb 1003 !

172 (local, ssl secure version, public key (might change after a while, then I`ll post the new one): 30 48 02 41 00 ba 52 01 07 ac 65 30 2a 2a 4b 16 24 09 ce 5d 40 6c e0 18 4a be 82 ab 0c 4c 27 7d 12 94 df c4 c2 eb ac 2d 9d 96 f0 c6 21 10 8c 17 b2 29 8f 5e e2 b8 42 c8 db ed d6 13 18 45 cc 80 eb 06 62 4a 0d 02 03 01 00 01 ) Wed Jan 1 15:52:50 2003; This page and probably more to follow is on my local server, as it is possible to run it, and therefore easier to update and have more materials like sounds videos and programs on.

171 Fri Dec 27 2002, 4:31 AM; secure server; Microtubules aren't going to kill you...

163 Thu Nov 28 2002, 12:47 PM ; Local webserver is running (page in buildup)

162 piece of house music as mp3 file, pictures, good stuff. What is life about; Pms getting presentation; Leadership and science and religion; Am I in house ?

161 Nov 1, 2002. Fascism. The rainbow swastika?

160 Not finished yet page, pictures, though

159 Fri Oct 18 19:11:33 2002 ; More pictures and demo song with voice and string simulator musical sound,

158 Tue Oct 15 19:55:25 2002
Check this one out, lots of pictures!

157 Wed sept 26 2002

156 A music studio for free; Midi input to the string simulator program; links to some of my music example files.

155 Radiosity computer graphics from bankrupt Blender; The diary pages; 'The blues ain't nothing but a good man feeling bad'; Gods' Son; The use of the tripple double u;

154 Sound Doctrine, the basics; Example of thinking about doctrince: Marriage and its pitfalls

153 Montreux Jazz Festival

152 Fighting the challenge or the challengers; The connection machine, is that any fun ?; Snap your fingers or Walter Carlos; Recapping highschool level history lessons, or: were the reds realy only wrong ?

151 Graphical pms musical string simulator program; Inflating software intelligence value, or a proxy server on an A4; The button pushers

150 Wed Feb 20 2001, 2:03 AM: Staroffice, starbase, 1e-6 soft office, are you experienced ?; Development on various platforms and machines; Britney and the Godfather?

149 Hervormd Nederland, 9 feb AD 2002, nederlandse pagina

148 Are computers exact?; Abominations of the earth

147 Wed Feb 6 2001, 3:39 AM

146 Doing the samba thing. Electrical engineering motivations.

145 Work

144 The perfect son-in-law; Lord of the Rings ?!; Sex and drugs and rock and roll

143 Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Jaco Pastorius or John Scofield ?;
To have and to hold, forsaking all others, till death do us part; but I say, swear not at all

142 Tue Jan 15 2001, 0:40 AM; (page in progress); Is Holland damned?; De nozem en de non (try the sound sample!)

141 The chances of anything coming from Mars; Permutations and theoretical physics; (nice pictures!)

140 Revelation 5; The digital clock; The vending c.q. coffee machine; Internetworking basics

139 Tue Dec 25 2001, The amazin' satan and its 'ists.

138 Theosophy, The freemason, the nazi gazette, the rotary chronical and the illuminati's bible ?; The next big innovation thing; Pentecostals

137 Wed Dec 13 2001, 2:41

136 Election and calling; My sheep hear my voice; New Age; Computer Networks, sequencers?; Diary ?

135 Mustard jar; Peter and John; Fear not; Gods will concerning marriage

134 >Cubase; A part of the root of all evil is the lust for money; Webcams ?

133 Hellhound on my trail; Give me a lever, and I change the postion of the world; The bliss of internet, the law of freedom

132 Stairway to heaven

131 Major bandwidth?

130 Four letter words and their meaning.

129 I want my netradio; Cold hard programming?; About that david and his influence; Sun 21 Oct 2001, 13:34 PM; Windows 2000; Tcl again?; A small network; Jimi Hendrix conversation with Eric Clapton quote.

128 Madening wine; Native Instruments; Paradise Lost; sound files with my own synth demo and a software hammond and prophet demo

127 Not millions; Internet security ?

126 The meaning of programs

125 Physical String Simulation in a window; Radio, are you in?

124 Picture

123 Mike Stern (lots of modern jazz/fusion example sound bytes); Anti semitism; the navy

122 Damnable doctrines; Ralley cars (and Marley songs on this page)

121 Job wise; Windows programming; Combining processed sound files

120 Heavy background picture; asia and internet;

119 Tue Jul 31 2001, 12:41 PM (biblical teaching? Swaggart, Wilkerson. Who is in charge of who, and why should that be so?)

118 Church; Pretty Girl

117 Bikes, boats, the weather

116 Live Music

115 Tcl/Tk as user interface; Javascript interacting with self compiled java applet

114 A tryout version of the Physical String Simulator program which feeds it output directly to the PC sound interface

113 An almost complete cygwin Tcl/Tk built from source (running all standard demos flawless), a small fortune source; The secret life of prayer.

112 Mon 9 june 2001, 11:30 PM; Doctrines of demons; Cygnus, a free X xsimulator!; Live sounds preps; From tcl sources to executable

111 Java 1.3

110 Want a fortune cookie ?; Some dutch (page in progress)

109 Jimmi Swaggart, yet another tv evangelist?; TiMidity sound rendering

108 Thu 28 june 2001, 12:09 PM: Pagan rites (What was it with those nuclear missiles again ?)

107 Texel; Monsterrack; Unpaid labour

106 Sliding over bwise and network links; Sinfull guitar playing

105 A custom web server with bwise building blocks (a working redo after quite a long time !)

104 Isaia; Asterix and the bureaucracy ?

103 21:34pm 13-06-2001; Gonna hava a houseparty, Am7 D7/A Gsus4 E7/10b

102 So I though I knew something about history; Gmpf; Rock around the clock

101 The Cult of the Saints, Its rise and Function in Latin Christianity;
1. The Holy and the Grave
2. A Fine and Private Place
3. The invisible Companion
4. The Very Special Dead
5. Preasentia
6. Potentia
Scientific considerations; Observations of explicit christian origin; Contemparary value; Diary Page continued

100 Big daddy; Wed Jun 6, 2001, 11:00pm, Potentials

99 Social Observations; Social observations continued; Check out the nanobio page

98 Neurons with Bwise

97 Page progress; Casinos and cells

96 Visual tk, and my bwise lib on the latest version of tcl/tk; Bible translation and its effect on history; Nanotubules; Live !; Who is Brown, Peter Brown?

95 The bank; Books about algorithms; Bible Study

94 Multiple windows

93 Want some Spice?; The Lost City

92 Peter Brown; The great Bowl; Brave New World, may the system f* itself; Suffering

91 Fri Apr 13 15:07:31 2001

90 Wed Apr 11 18:56:40 2001;A synthesizer module as open software platform; Railtracks versus having wheels and using them; Multitrack Recording;

89 What's with that car stuff; Zeus; The Holy Spirit, rev.; A smooth bass; A sound development example screen dump.

88 (Page isn't finished yet, but readable) ; Synthesizers are more fun; Modern Synthesizers; How to make complicated software work with the aid of blocks; javascript for fortune; The Holy Spirit thing

87 Christian Presidents, Separation d'etat et religion?; Anti nonsense fun; Relations

86 Compression: steaming audio tapes?; Loud music and cars

85 Personal Faith; More Later

84 The joy of Tcl/Tk; Legal news; Prelude to life

83 Life expectance; The bwise picts

82 What a mess ?; The bwise canvas and simulating block behaviour; The bwise canvas and simulating block behaviour

81 Tcl/tk on windows 3.f*11 ?; Visual Tcl/tk; Humanly speaking

80 Pictures, users interfaces; What's a person in this world

79 Computers and their men and world dominion;
Shield levels, 50%, sensibility level -inf., steady as she goes, prepare for hyperspace, doc. " hyperspace sends 1 baud signals back after 20 years, captain", good, than we didn't lose that one yet, skip the warp drive, something still works here.

78 Adultery, mysteries, the sound of silence, hello ms robertson; In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god; Nobody’s Perfect (ANDREW O’HAGAN, Conversations with Wilder); American Apostle (ROBERT STONE, God and the American Writer); Musterion, Babuloon he megale, mater te porne; The image after the correct rotation (as on my screen) (example graphics program output image (jpeg)!).

77 Uploads of some recent graphics programs and other materials

76 Graphics and sounds

75 What's gnu, anyway ?; Function pointers and objects; More pins have more fun ?

74Radiosity, objects, what's fundamental; Inheritance

73 Homework: straight matrix inversion in C; What about those ^#% matrices on my *&^$% diary pages ?; Real men ?

72 Matrices; Csound (example wav file)

71 A keyboard ?!?; Hardware versus software.

70 Dx72csnd dx7 simulated sound samples; Mathematics on a sound page; The system stuff; A wet suit or stoned to death

69 Microsoft nazism?; Csound (I'm planning on putting example samples on)

68 Computer basics; GREP; Harddisc Recording; Simulating marimba; Ansi C

67 Another C compiler; Earth; More than compilers

66 Portable systems

65 Samples and such; What about the diary idea

64 Latest web programming

63 Little devices trouble

62 Binary Javascript; Grades; Philosophy is like slippery rock, religion is like a smile on a dog; Does the bible help? Greek from James 1, first part, with references;
Can I trust them; check out the major learning application: an interactive von Neuman machine in a web page !

61 Experiments; The physical stuff

60 Exposure of Babylon; Informatics; Clintultery ?; The biosphere days;

59 Looking around; Commercial synthesizer development; Electronics, system theory, digital circuits, and signals

58 My thoughts about the synth subject; Essential Greek

57 Aren't we all illuminati; Computers, do they live ?

56 Christian faith alikes that are actually a church of satan; The Gospel

55 Selling software; University life; Bwise ?

54 Let's all pray to the holy Drumcomputer ;Is God an organ ?; The art of noise

53 Faith; Scientific Research

52 What is it with that wave applet; CGI's on tripod!

51 Java continued; Quitin' while its still good, songtext stuff;

50 The super and root class idea; Traditionally (programming);
What's a computer, anyway (a computer structure explanation for layman, recommended);
The java applet in the page is restricted, put the page on disc to try it.

49 Correction; waterdrops;Non-linearities in the filter; New York Times; Amplifiers forever; Software building blocks; Not the synth database;
Try things yourself: I've put my tcl/tk libraries with server and database stuff in the public domain.

48 Networks and religion; Analog samples; State vs. who ?

47 Fm synthesis, interesting Clavia (north lead synth manufacturer) stuff.
Waveform viewer and FFT applet, good stuff, see what synth software waveforms look like, and try some yourself (graphs, not audio)!

46 Networks

45 The additive synthesis sample software for download as zip + description; Politics; Plato and James

44 The additive synthesis sample software for download; multicomputing / connection server

43deeply religeous persons as leaders?, sound studio's, modern apostles ?
Pictures of my previously owned synths!

42 pda's, synth computer repair, tcl/tk

41 about the fridge em pulses,

40 more computer circuit course,

39 not complete yet page, about old uni, next computer circuit course page. I noticed there are some errors in the page, I'll prepare a corrected one (jan 8).

38 Jan 1, 2000; Alice and Ben in turmoil; Dexters wave laboratory

37 Computer circuit course

36 Stereo listening; Digital sound synthesis, some context

35 SF Story bit

34 a.o. Java, Cisco comments

33 Sample; The world; Isms; More Music; Dec 17, 2000; dec 18, 2000; The law on my personal data; Philosophy; James again

32 Nazism; National History; Affairs of state and the effective Modus Operandus; Less Heavyness

31 Dec 1, 2000; Computers and synthesizers; Asterix and the New York Book Review magazine; Java, IDL, Corba, SQL

30 internet security, Java examples

27 string simulator software with sources and example sound

26 mpegizer

25 tcl/tk screendump and examples, DSP simulator screen dump

24 a.o. thesis info

23 pictures ! taken with a videocam, mainly in the hague (my city of birth)

22 Some daily stuff; Obedience to whom/what?; The natural, the spiritual and the brain; More down to earth: coupled vibrating strings;

21 a.o. pictures Jennifer

20 June 10th 1999;

19 virtual sting sound sample

17 May 22d 1999

16 string sample

15 music theory

14 pevious version string simulator with GUI code and examples

13 pictures, veronica bo, and others

12 May 1st 1999

11 some picts

10 late nigth webcam picts

9 April 19th '99; Romans quote

8 Many q picts, also from art fair hall with PA sys and models ! Even an early balloon prototype nearly stuck at the ceiling.

7 April 14, 1999;

6 April 8, 1999; little picture

5 Amplifier contruction, models and house party picts

4 various big picts; 11 March 1999

3 3-10 March 1999

2  27-2-99, and 1-3-99

1 The first diary page. Why did it happen?