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Fri 29 june 2001, 10:30 PM

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

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Fri 29 june 2001, 10:30 PM

I'm not sure what the final relevance will appear to be, but I've been looking at a sample based midi file player called TiMidity, which uses quite a sample set to act as general midi file player, and at least have quite liked the idea of feeding a few midis through it, that probably never have been heard in this way before. I'll write some because it interests me, and of course there is a direct relation with wanting to built synthesizer equipment.

15 years ago I had two Jimmi Swaggart albums, "live from Nashville" being the first, and I'd bought that one because I had borrowed a book about his life and read it with lets say serious interest, finding there seemed to be a living God involved in that life that seemed just about the only one that would ever realy matter to lets say see live in a way that made sense enough to indeed think about as if the gospel of Jesus and an eternal God who does love and condemn evil has something to do with it. Not that I didn't have my own interests and fullfullments in live, and not that I didn't consider myself christian, in a sense I do not like to share with some that seem to want the same, but this person talking about at least the importance in actual life of obedience to that God, playing the piano (which I already did many hours a day because I liked it before I read the book), preaching the gospel, dealing with his sort of nasty nephew Jerry lee Lewis, communicated a view that made most things in life people around me seemed so consumed by look meaningless.

If I find the time, I'll put on some stuff about Visual Tk and some of the packages I mentioned. I added the snack package to a tcl/tk interpreter running bwise and pcom (the block editor I've been writing, and the sort of aol+ftp remote access package), and was able to pretty easily load a waveform from a scack sound into a bwise oscilloscope window, scrolling included, which is more than fun. Also, visual tk does read and run bwise, except that I need to try still wether it will include it in its own object hierarchy easily enough, to be able to use for instance the 'inspect' tools, and maybe do some UI designing directly in it. For certain already just reading the package and having it effectively run in its own window is a good starting point to utilize bwise in combination witht the appication builder package, even the bwise function window works fine concurrently.

Jimmi Swaggart, yet another tv evangelist?

As I introductory wrote above, I knew about that person quite long ago, and at least was never in ways I remember ever repulsed or much taken aback, except probably for the as it seems sort of inevitable wrong wife stuff. It seems that in this world it is not rare but just about not occuring that there are major people who do seem to have followed the real God at least seriously, who also end up being with maybe marrying, sleeping with, let children live with or whatever it is (please not the 'have family with' to form cornerbricks in that terminology) that is logical with the right woman or women. Such subject has been a major reason for my quest for the right biblical doctrines and translations and interpretations years ago, and I cannot escape the idea that such is essential. The idea of swamping and controlling the world with children, making them suffer and abusing them for power and compensation of the worlds sin and failure, and as sacrifice for the ones that want more power, deamons and their doctrines and generally evil authorative persons is just as pagan as it is catholic, and has nothing to do with christs teachings, and if He, his Father or his apostles would have thought it so incredibly important to form the basic building blocks of society, they would have been housefathers with great herds of children and preached the principle, and they didn't, hardly any of them even mentions the principles in such direction much.


Without question oppressing people, getting them by the whatever it is called, making them at least deviate little bits, controlling their lives, blackmailing them, reversing their emotions, playing with their thoughts and all other annoyances or curses that evil parties in the world couldn't get themselves free from even if they tried are so hooked on, is most effective through an angle on people personal and everyday live, when they are tired, into their personal ideas, without much defense, adapting themselves to the lies that they have been made to surround themselves with in daily life.

In the time I read the book, I think it it was 'to cross a river', I found it sort of by chance yesterday on looking for album sound samples, of which there wasn't a single, I think the book is out of print but with second hand copies being offered, I wasn't the way I am now, and I didn't understand all te same things as now, or had the same focus, though some things I''m sure are not that different.

I didn't know what the reason was that even though jimmi swaggart played quite rocky music himself, he often felt compelled to make clear that the jerry lee lewis way was lets use the word 'sin', and ascibed it to the subject matter of the songs, and maybe even the parallel of the hipwiggling level that might offend the Lord, or something in that direction. Of course it was clear that 'great balls of fire' apart from being hit song was not bringing the gospel of Jesus so much, but some things in comparison would normally have appeared to me as rather thin lines, while there was a certain obviousness about the statements and comments in the sense of 'sin' that made it clear there was no doubt about the difference or crossing over from one side to the other without such being clearly noticable.

Now I've played hendrix in church (an actual one, funny enough) repeatedly, and am quite certain that musicwise that is stronger and more about subjects lets say 'in the world' than great balls of fire has ever been, while women wise I'm sure there was quite something else at stake there too then paradise by the dashboard light before marriage, and wether or not certain ways of touching were or were not in line with the exact party guidelines of Christ.

Does that make things better, necessarily? No, except that certain areas of live need to be dealt with, and will not if the subjects of thinking, preaching and other communication and learning are limited to a gospel that speaks only about some areas of live, excluding the most stingy, dramatic minus the divine, and influential except the fact that salvation of persons is needed, and that the world and man natural self lies in and is inclined to evil. The 'christians' (deliberate quotes) I've been near for years at the time made me not completely but still mainly stay with my thoughts that normal life in this world is that usually people marry, have children maybe, and live those ways. Not that I disagree that there are normal enough elements in there, but the prefixed idea that that is the way it works is wrong for more reasons than at the time I'd have had fantasy for to imagine.

I'm sure there are quite some people not at all familiar with Jimmy Swaggarts' music, and probably more importantly, with the message that he still brings, for which at least the internet has a remedy, check the site for instance for the real video archive where each service video seems to start with at least a number of songs, in some cases from him himself, and I think one ofthe last even with him on piano and singing himself, which is definately worth a listen.

So what about that gospel preaching, evangelising, 'christians' bringing a message? For some I'm sure there is a true calling from the one who I consider indeed God, and a few even are serious about such a ministry, and make themselves known and hopefully useful as such, and at least I think this is one of the ones I don't need to feel yucky about the begin with, which is an emotion I wouldn't even try on many others, and it seems to me babylon and its secret worshippers and sneaky partakers probably had some impact on his surroundings, but seems even explicitly, effectively and lastingly rebuked from the essence of what he brings forward, which is more than many can say, I'm sure.

I'll skip the 'I have sinned' episode and the wife choice subject, than from what I see and read now there a serious apostle (prophet with capacity to bring organised doctrine) at work who at least I can look at, try to gather also the liptalk stuff from and not be disappointed that at least there seems to be truth and content enough. I'm sure that such is the only thing in the world that can made a difference for better in an effective and lasting way when the whole misery comes together or is addressed that seeks to rule this world, and that without God giving people with the corresponding authority, there is not much hope of finding buildup in true enough christian sense except probably for some not so global individuals, and probably some that succeed in staying out of the worst misery and being not too liarish or unreliable. Are there no more? I'm sure there must be obedient and serious enough christians here and there, but quite frankly I wouldn't know many people that would stand a scrutinous test, I guess God limits his mercy in that sense, why else would it be that way, all shades of misery can be had everywhere, there is not much interest or newness or true power or uprightness there.

I said I'll skip those subject, because of two reasons, first, I can chose to do so for my own particular reasons, two, because from what I observe I can make up an idea of what I'd find realy evil or generally missing a main goal or something else, and that, too, is my business. Fairness would lead me to make clear where I stand, certain people I'd not even like to associate with just to make sure I've nothing to do with what they stand for, others I can look at without getting into what I'd obviously not agree with in their life when I so choose. And if I go wrong there, I can be informed, possibly corrected or not, hopefully find out at some point, or generally be taken for imperfect.

Anyhow, I cannot escape the general notion that Gods dealings with this world, however He has organised them through time and space, and when I that is so, I must somehow find out what He has to say about the way He wants things to run, this world to be led even, and how he organises the body of people He called to have the priviledge of serving Him, especially when it concerns globally scoped ones, and when it is about the way the Holy Spirit (as a person) leads also the ones that make up for other circuits than global ones, that are in numbers and in amounts of work large.

When I look at a lot that goes on an is taken for important in this world, there is not much at all even worth looking at, that alone, hope and learning wise makes it important that there is something else, people that are different, have not the same greeds and evil purposes, who are not almost dead of the real God and continuously walking over every edge of his permitted will, and in need of continuous attention to correct what is not right. Probably for the important things in life, such people are essential, and cannot be found in any other way then by God approval and long term proven reliability.

It seems to me that Gods way in all this is that He has made himself clear on certain subjects, and that He allows quite some deviations from His guidelines and will, and judges when such happens, just, and hard if appropriate, and that in some ways like that He makes clear that there is no messing with Him, and that His church, as in the people that have been found by Christ and live in His life, would better believe and live according to the rule that God is in charge of every work He does on the earth He thoroughly damned Himself, and offers salvation for in the way He choses, and no one else. And that even when for a long time there is hardly anyone visible that He has the mercy and grace for giving a good enough heart, life, purpose and way of achieving something even worth looking at, that that too may well be because He is showing the difference between who He is and what mankind is by nature, and what the ways of the world end up like. And that He may well be letting himself play along with their games long enough to be at world top convincing that realy when He sais A He means A and not B, and that nothing will distort, lie about or blackmail Him to make that different, no matter how much those satan suckers would like to believe otherwise, though even if it would work what they'd want, there not much point anyhow. And the things they would crave for if they were smart enough to understand their own motivation structure are exactly the things Christ would give, and even for free when people are listening to what He and his word make clear.

                   From, search for 'solarpowered plane'
                                              (after some image processing)

The image above is an example of at least something fun enough, and probably not even much polluding: an actual solar powered aiplane, remote controlled it can fly for at least hours it seems.I am listening to 'orientex.mid' (also from the 'china' CD) on the midi renderer I described, which is sort of transparent and fun and nice enough too. The bluesrock channel on works for me, too, but that is different.

The service I've just looked at is the most recent one, about the almost children subject it could appear to me when not paying attention, of Cain and Abel, about the jelousy over an accepted against an unaccepted sacrify between brothers, that leads to a ''and now shut that one up' and murder.

TiMidity sound rendering

I've been just starting to program scack, because it has a few idiosyncracies, errors, or ununderstood features in how it applies filters to detune samples as I like to experiment with some of my own physical modeling samples, though I in principle have made a small test which did what I want. The fourier analysis should be a good tool, though I find it hard to do actual harmonic analysis with it, I'm looking into that.

The timidity package I stumbled upon because I considered getting midi data out some nice midi files to use as music data for the string modeler or maybe ny additive synthesis and filter simulation software, that is to have some of my synthesized instrument play some actual music in virtual space. Initially, I looked at it because it promised to provide midi file reading, and the C sources to do such, which is good.

When I tried it, and looked up a few versions, it appeared to be a major, sample loaded general midi player made out of a real time geared up version of a command line started .wav file renderer. And the makers appear to have done quite a good job, playing a nice guitar based midi file supplied as example is almost a live guitar finger picking experience, realy good, maybe if I have the chance I'll put on a little mpeg of a piece of it. Let me see if I can point at their web sites, I remember they put some on of their own. Here are some mpeg examples, though I'd say download the package and render the cavatina guitar song midi.

The massive amount of samples make for good CD quality midi file rendering, which is major fun. I've run 'summernight city' (a in my opinion for at least 20 years already strong abba song) though it, which would be worth trying at at least a few hundred watts on the pa sys I had made.Of course a real synth and a real production has more options and quality, and midis capture only so much of a musical piece, but with a good sample set and player this thing already rocks.

And all that even with source files available, ha. I didn't check the sources out yet, but in general it is a good thought.

Format: 1  Tracks: 10  Divisions: 120
Track name: Synth Bass 1
Track name: Brass 1
Track name: Syn Vox
Track name: Saw Wave
Track name: Square Wave Vocal
Track name: Synth Strings
Track name: Echo Drop Chords
Track name: Fretless Bass
Track name: Drums
Drum set 17 is undefined
(Summer Night City (Remix) by Abba)

Is from the information window of a midi being rendered of 'summernight city', made into a reasonable quality mpeg, a first minute and a half or so sounds like this. Not nothing for a software product, those synth sounds don't all work but a few enough at least to blend with the drum pattern into something remindfull of music being made to work enough.The mpeg sounds a little weaker than te direct audio feed, though as usual a bit more subtle, or maybe less agressive in the mid high range.The rest of the midi is not mere or senseless repetition, but the mpeg is big enough already.

I just tried 'the visitors' (also abba), which almost works, a few things, the strings hitting in at the end of the chorus like part, a few drum breaks, and the latter part of the bass arpeggio with the sort canon piece in the end come together good enough and make for and example, the rest is nice, which is fine too, but a but too much of the sort of thing that winamp seemed to top of by sound choice, except that those short sample players have a certain feel within their general midi file rendering that is immedeately recogniseable. I tried a few Jean Michel Jarre songs from 'concerts in china', which is definately good party stuff, certainly for people who know the album, and at least musical experiment enough for those who don't, band in the rain is a bit to weak in some ways unfortunately, but fun, while 'souvenir' is at points even close to the original, maybe with a better motor camera sample.