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Wed Nov 14 2001, 22:12 PM

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

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Wed Nov 14 2001, 22:12 PM

How does the world come together? Lets hope not by some of the images warned for in revelation, which will happen in some future time as in an apocalipse, but preferably only when needed before.

Hellhound on my trail

After some years I've listened to wbgo (a jazz radio station) again, even in stereo, and they had a blues hour or day, or I don't know what, starting with a familiar blues about beating the devil and being faced with an evil woman, and 'hellhound on my trail', Robert Johnson. Good stuff. I used to have the double CD with his very old recordings on a cassette, which is definately inspirational.

I should have made notes of some of the lyrics, they were well done, though maybe it isn't needed to express such things well and ponder much on them.

This country isn't normal. I'm sure this wajang thing has to do with it, and that as Peter warned us when God sends a strong delusion, many follow it, even when it is lame enough to look stupid in general and achieve nothing good. The mercy in that is at least that than for those who want to know truth about those errors is prevalent by simple observation. What was that about observing shadows in a cave again? As old as plato. I think those puppets on a stich causing shadows on a back lamp lit screen are no good example on how to want people to be in the game of the rich and wannabe powerfull. Holland would better not have embraced such an elementary and insipid error sourcing from the demonically inspired ways of a former colony. It may look like much, but I think having it in ones heart to impact the world having the size of a stamp, and a foreign trade balance of a third or so of its national income makes it quite hard to imagine fulfilling the dreams of some to even impact the world by using the blackmail schemes of some rich and abusive ones, and taking power of the nazis by sheer military force probably isn't a valid option either considering the power of the dutch forces and their inclination to be so.

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, I knew that one way before the age of 14 or so, yet it is still true, and nothing is new under the sun. Babylon existed already, the miserable pagan habits survived the middle ages probably without much hindrance and as ever bring nothing but misery and oppression, and the satan will still want to incarnate some pityfull antichrist in the end and take its ridiculous place in the temple to show to under 20 iq-ed or seriously deluded, maybe that it realy is god. Right, as if that is new. All firstborn babies dead? Also not new.

What a misery. So what is this world in turmoil or labour for? Maybe not to fall asleep in major lies and delusion and death of a kind which leads to nothing but sub animal life forms.

Being christian by conviction, and I'm sure by calling, I'll live according to the law of freedom and mercy and even grace a bit by giving away some words for free, I'm sure that wajang thing is a deamon, too, probably some authority now no longer there and that its doctrine leads to the generally (globally) applicable and known sort of double lifedness or schizofrenia like condition at least somewhat known from older christian literature from sources who were at least not willing to give up truth.

James again, Verelst? No marx, happy now? Oh sorry, you're christian (in name), lets see, its sort of like I am against you taking the face of talented widows and orphans, stand on streatcorners to make sure you can preach that that is actually right, and make others damned enough to be realy suffering in your place, which is of course very just and supported by a certain religiously inspired scapegoat idea, with just a few little flaws in the plot, which will not show to much to most through your dead language latin constitution. Clear enough?

In fact, it would seem that the you have faith, we have works stuff in James, and the waves being generates instead of something worth while, leading to certains ones not 'having' as they seem so to desire, and I'm sure that doesn't refer to being poor is quite making clear what some are not willing to consider as exposing quite accurately what underlies or even spans their christianity or what they consider desirable for no good reason. Synagoges who are actually worship of satan, and official religeous leaders being accused by actual God to maybe deserve to drop dead are nothing new.

And I should learn to be nice and small provincially minded sort of not nuts enough person respecting and realy trusting the impossible stupid and undeveloped bitches and asses with my life, forgetting anything worth while in the world for the sake of doctrines that damn and make normally speaking rather pityfull even themselves, and not just their fruits? Yeah right.

But certain things are powerfull, you see! Yep, and that is why one should learn that certain damnations are of God, and just like He solved the sin problem His way, He is probably not letting certain things be the way evil and deluded people plan.

What is that preoccupation with money, trade, and having? Isn't it so that the amount of money existing in for instance this country is sort of constant, and completely countervalued normally by actual assets, so that there is no point at all having some spiritual law related to it to make the whole sum of it increase. That is just a matter of redivision, changing the amounts per person or group, adding up to the same total, no matter how we look at it, and when some rich play certain games, they shouldn't, for such easy enough considerations alone already, be taken for spiritual or idealistic leaders at all, unless they are running a lottery and you're winning, which I think is not likely. Paid maffia members is feasible, I guess, which in most worlds isn't very honorable, and usually not worth too much attention. Slaves, maybe, is possible, and then pay to become free was a known mercy in the roman empire already, no matter how savage they were against the implementers of many pagan religions' bearers. Luckily, slavery, ant-semitism, and being enslaved by depts of one's ancestors are outlawed concepts in out world. Completely illegal, what a progress. And widows and orphans can live in freedom, even with the advantage of knowing Paul seems to find it higher not to be married, instead of being labeled socially reprobate by living the life of various apostles, or completely unserious and unresponsible Jesus-like bohemians, never learning to leave that stupid idea alone that they should work with their hands and be worth the pay for hard work, instead of learning to sacrifice to the moloch and the mannon, as we all know the man made and demonic gods damned us with as it seems forever, and gambling with the rich a bit, maybe put ourselves on the roof of the temple, or become salesmen, preferably realy powerfull, with man, and maybe the highest power we good give to some sort of god: in the temple, and then maybe even making it legal and call it money change, and administrate well, not mixing that up with administering. And of course we must also administrate and value our natural gifts well, and make sure they are paid for, to make profits for our branch of the family maffia, because if we'd give up that chain letter, the nation may actually be a higher concept, and than what profit would we work for? So lets make sure authority is given to some familiar spirit which of course is more beneficial to us when it makes it relay high up the hierarchy of the world, forgetting that that may be a long, unsuccessfull, unfruitfull, and generally completely lame idea.

Isn't it nice that there were some nice man, and I'm sure women, who made a little revolution work, which even at some point a few centuries ago may have made the wonderfull spiritual building of the liars, satanists, families, illuminaty and spiritual authorities not even seen in the face of the real authority of Christ crumble a bit. Isn't it. No. Officially, western worlders live in a system more according to for instance James letters' ideas than all that misery. And never did the evil system, even in elizabethian times become the actual multi headed thing that actually could 'be' the idol it sort of is always supposed to be, to make sure all those emotional projections are part of at least something divine-like and realy mighty and amazing. Yeah, right, lets do that. It seems to me clear enough that both the source of real power and knowledge as the source of good and life, and that which is worth while or honorable (for real and not as her flick) is the same, so there is no reason to play the real God against something else, He is both the source of what has value and of spiritual and I'm sure natural authority, except He appearently has a lot to let come up and grow and expose and make clear and damn or deal with, as it is, but the difference between Him and His spirit and all that other stuff that wants to be that much is pretty clear when one can discern the various works for the probably clear enough source. Yet many follow doctrines of deamons that damn them, which according to Peter is His will, too, when they want error, many can have it, and the fruits aren't nice. For the sake of my own happiness, I don't like to even let the possibility exist that people might think I might agree with them.

And at least then it is clear that when some people are not in that damnation, and need not live in a lie to hide their sins or a lot worse, who is who in all that. And luckily, that is quite evident in certain respects. So that we know what is a deamon when the story of Jesus casting them out is know, and we know that Rome realy against normal and sane thinking will become the new babylon long before it actually happens, and that spacecrafts may actually have been to the moon before we bow for some illuminati or man made neon-god in spirit, which may actually receice authority, and speak. Well, well, there realy is something in spirit, and realy there are some with experience with it. Isn't that something, and was it worth it? No? Luckily the only source of goodness and mercy and sane wisdom in those senses is the holy spirit, all the rest by nature lies in sin and is of a nature inclined to badness, so at least we can safely put all that misery aside as irrelevant ever going to any kind of heaven with.

The idea of freedom, and the laws that are in place to deal with that are an idea from even known translations of James (the epistle probably from the natural brother of Jesus in the back of our bibles, dating form maybe a few decades after Jesus' life) and therefore more biblical than killing and challenging God with baal priests. And certainly more pleasant and practically interesting and effective for living at least somehow worth while.

Lets have another look at the greek of James, which is at least interesting.

Give me a lever, and I change the postion of the world

Who was that: a) Jesus b) the Pope c) some obscure satanist d) Plato e) other f) donno ?

James 1 around 18 in our known translation is like:
Don't be deceived, my beloved brothers. [17] Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom can be no variation, nor turning shadow. [18] Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures. [19] So, then, my beloved brothers, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger; [20] for the ..

Various words from verse 18 on a row let at least a more profound picture become visible.

a passing from hand to hand, transmission

denotes a point on the horizon, prob. the West or place where the sum sets (Od.15.404) , turn, change, the turning about of the enemy, putting to flight or routing him

shadow; illusion, deceit

to bear young, bring forth;

hÍmas (egŰ)
masc/fem acc 1st pl indeclform
'We' (I) hÍmas (hÍmeteros)
fem gen sg doric aeolic
our, (ours, of us)

the word or that by which the inward thought is expressed ; computation, reckoning ; public accounts, i. e. branch of treasury; measure, tale; esteem, consideration, value; relation, correspondence, proportion; explanation, law, rule; verbal expression or utterance; discussion; divine utterance, oracle;

truth, opp. lie or mere appearance; real war, opp. exercise or parade; true event, realization of dream or omen; of persons, truthfulness, sincerity

the beginning of a sacrifice, the primal offering
firstlings for sacrifice or offering,
After beginning of our calandar (1st century AD +): tax on inheritances, tax paid by Jews; entrance fee; board of officials; birth-certificate of a free person;

anything created, a creature; colony, foundation; generally, building, PSI1.84.8 (pl., iv/v A.D.)

More than worth a thorough study, which I never found, except that at least the perseus and Scott Liddel lexicon are as it seems valuable sources of information and comparison. It seem to me the previous verses and others too, quite underline truths and views I remember from long ago, which I understood, but didn't know exactly where to base on, and certainly the 'normal' version didn't shed all too much light on the whole of life as I perceived it, and seemed devoid of profound depth or clearness one should expect from the word of God, as I did take it by assumption, or some amount of trust.

The bliss of internet, the law of freedom

I was just reading a piece on an network error that I might have encountered in a network I didn't setup or manage, but do have to do with, which is at least good experience. Its sort of interesting to see how my knowledge from long ago is still completely relevant in this area, too. I remember pinging, echoing and tracing in appollo workstation domains, and wondering what a global email message or ftp connection was all passing to get where it goes.

Some time ago I had some (not indepth) info about current network practices, which made me quite aware that the ideas behind the most spread and as it seems reliable and scalable protocol stack, tcp/ip, were either not appreciated enough, not understood, or both, leaving the interesting idea of how to make subnets connect up to reliable and hard to trace and monitor but reliable internet not untouched by considerations about certain routers and their application in the sense of making at least a few ubernets, but not very nice or appealing.

Tcp/ip has been around a long time, as far as I remember some of its roots are in a radio carried network of terminals on tropical islands connecting up with a main (scientific) computer various decades ago, making sure those connections would actually get letters accross from radio transmitters to receivers and the computers living on either side. "we're going to have a scientific conference, in hawai !" ..

The amount of indirect information power the programmers of early socket basis routines, still available, I think even publically on an official tcp/ip download site (didn't bother checking, see altavista or ou favorite search engine), has been considerable. Using lists of limited lenght of bits or bytes is unpreventable, but the way a connection is built up, the information exchanged by various nodes in its path, the freedom of routing, the feedback security of (piggybacked or not) window indices, the redundance in choosing paths with competing security, are characteristics limited or removed by routing mechanisms which make other assumtions about the reliability of links, the amount of permitted possibly redundant broadcast information, the speed of various paths and their combined peak bandwidth, and the desirability to limit computers along an network path to rigidly described possibilies, possiblity for the sake of the rather pityfull or freakish activity of data monitoring.

Under dutch and I think some other laws, emails are considered just as secret as letters are, no one openly accepts in normal life when the mail people read letters they pass on to their clients, that's ridiculous, unless maybe you're living on sicily in some pityfull and sucking variation, and you yourself have the life of flee on the appearently interesting bloodstreams of the internet access of others.

The number of nodes that are passed between to sites on the internet is usually big enough to make sure that even one company or set of backbone providers can gather all information easily from even a single stream of data, when normal traffic situations are created, which is quite possible, using the various routing and connection possibilities. Reliable connections and efficient use of infrastructure are quite achievable, I'm sure. Maybe fibres (or coaxes) and the achievement of worldwide highdef tv channels will put an end to the desirability of furter efficiency, but reliability and the possiblity to ascertain integrety of data and connection builtup and possibly privacy of data are important considerations always, I guess.

If all fails and the web is to corrupted to be fun or to messed up to work right, windows 2000--xp--..-- or linux with some well chosen standard routing programs may easily facilitate neighbour to neighbour infrared and wireless (also for free in the 2g band) data connections which can easily form a shadow connection web for anything else, and when programmed right, such infrastructure without any infrastructure in the traditional sense to be owned and distributed and controlled by the ever present rich and power greedy cna be built, except maybe for some phone lines and (iridium ?) satelite links over the ocean, for very little amounts of money per citizen, and at least be fun enough. Keep those wirelesses charched, and regularly dock your handheld to make it continue its role as free and efficient node in a portable network..

Electronically? Quite possible with existing technology, and add some solar cells, I guess. And at least some interesting science is involved. Remember the example on data encrytion? It is quite possible to general more than perfect enough noise to be ungenerable by any means at all, and mixing noise with a datastream where the noise cannot be generated and needs to be known from the same source makes it quite feasible to make data unrecoverable from a stream for any other party then the ones having access to for instance a copy the cd with fm radio noise used at the source. Of which a new one can be generated at the cost of a cheap sound card and a writeable cb at any time. One may extract statistical information from the result, but cracking such a connections' data I think is quite beyond what most will ever try. Far more pleasant thought than the idea of making sure all artistic and interesting people must learn to die instead of making those wonderfull nazi loose their sense of control over all that life. Sort of gmpf.

Too many standard themes? I guess not, since they seem way to relevant still to abandon as passed stations.