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Important Remark: This site is being processed to fit within the new Tripod file size demands, which means I might need some time to transfer 30 out of 50 megabytes to new web hosts. Until this process is finished I might not be able to update much, not even on this page, and lots of links may not be reachable, which is then not the browsing persons fault. As it seems, most text pages are still in their original place, but pictures and other non-text files may often be missing, except for the older ones.

My apologies while I'm in the process of fixing this, and note that some pages and files may end up at a new url address, though I'll try to keep key booknoteable pages in their original place, just as will remain the main entrance page for browsing into my page set. This index page will contain all information or links to all information as I proceed rearranging my site.

The above still holds (Dec 10, 2002), mainly because I didn't take enough opportunity to spread all materials to other servers, which sometimes don't have Ftp. However click on the brand new button when it appears hereunder to enter:
More than a year later, this is still unchanged (nobody pays me for all this, really..). Jan 22 2004 the server IP address for the locally running server changed to September 2005 again the IP address changed, for now, it is here:
Server not active at the moment, come back later.

A server that is probably up half the time or so at the moment. Music , a newly compiled version of the wavelab page, pictures, live feeds, and more. (The server certificate and public key are unchanged.)


A (not completely respresentative) picture

Personal Data/ bereikbaarheid

A new WEBCAM Though I'll probably not be on often, there are some new images here (sept 2002)! and here (2003)
Some Pictures / Foto's ('99)
Public Internet sequrity Dec 26, 2001
See this page for A recent sound recording (mpeg of a REAL piano with real airco noise! (Its on in Mpeg again! Sept 7 1999)
Truth and Dare: the continuation of a diary Regulary Updated (latest update Aug 2, 2005)
Diary page list All pages on a row, also some that weren't easily reachable over the link list New ! Local Diary page list, on a private, secure server New !, also reachable through this link.
Maybe check out these journal pages (regularly updated)

Last Modified: Mar 31, 2003

This is the new relay page for all my publicly available web materials. 50 Meg is not bad at all, my thanks to tripod (and their advertisers, I guess).

Some stuff is available from other sites, so my links will jump arounda bit. I am updating some outdated pages and their links, be sure to check the highlights page, it contains pointers to most interesting pages, recent ones first. Much is years old stuff, I'm thinking about (maybe automatically) indicating the dates of the files

WANTED !Last Update 10 Sept. 1998
Communication Centre Proposal: for a discussion on power and sexual abuse. Please comment ! (e.g. on the guestbook on the bottom of the page)


Highlights / Index Page (Latest update: 3 Jan 2001)

A set of links to other internet homes of mine, and some sub relay pages

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a curriculum vitae I recently made. (2002; Dutch addition about last years, April 3, 2001 )
De grondwet The full text of the dutch constitution.(upd oct 12 2000) I'm Translating!
Kunst RAI Camera, Gallery Camera (not active now) : Two currently active webcams (time ago).
Site under (my) construction: Amsterdam Painting-art Institute.
DDS homepage: Also a free dutch home-site. (It's also here)
Delft University of Technology (old) Homepage: used to be my workplace, email won't work!.Updated link location!
Accompanying reseach page (the link on the above page is not updated, this one works.)
Christian thought page B Used to contain a full length text, scans uploaded 13 Aug 99
Personal and Christian thought page : some essentials in my mind, please feel free to respond
Angelfire Homepage: Basically for more disc space
XOOM Homepage:Idem,contains some of mygraphics project files from university, Latest update: 30 August 1998(Recently, Nov 18 2001, moved to tripod)

Actuality: main actuality page.Last update: 14 May ('98 or so)
Business Plan: Medium term activity outline few years old
My wishes: What do I want to be done? Last update 5 may (few year ago)

Articles: A bwise article abstract in the making New 18 Feb 99

Wave Laboratory

    Working experimental page with javascript+java+math (uses frames). Updated april 10, 2001(fixed the missing menu images)
I fixed the java applet location sept 2001, and the java version (1.1) oct 2001, it should work on most browsers now! (As of Mar 31 2003 on local server due to tripod popup problem)
The Neurology and nanobiology pageNew: May 25 2001
SynthLab Page NEW ! feb 19, 2001: The sequel of the wave page, where we go from waves to synthesis
Interlinear HebrewNEW may 2000)! Scans of interlinear Old Testament pages.
Main religious links: still building this from pages already available on other site, and more Last Update: 28 april 1998.
Main engineering/scientific links: idem. (Latest update: 26 August 1998)
Favorite/useful links: all kinds, recently not updated
Christ versus anti-christ: Comparison for the critical christian consumer.
The intellectualridicule of nazism: Ever try to make sense of or even read Mein Kampf? Should cure you very fast of wanting to implement even one of its atrocious so called solutions.

Christian faith FAQ: possibly frequently asked questions and my answers.
Abuse FAQ: a set of questions I gathered while thinking about sexual and power abuse.
Consumers pages: the Verelst guide to Christianity: Michelin has stars, what will I use ? Maybe I should call it the Rough Guide. (remained unfinished)

CV for synthesiserbased companies: A long standing interest of mine, contains info on some of my own projects not elaborately described in other pages
Example synthesizer building blocks: Bear with me, I can only use ascii circuit diagrams, but the ideas will be clear Latest Update: 13 July (98?),MOOG FILTER added! (actually available now after some file failures, and even a MINIMOOG VCO is added!)
A modestPA system: To make a 19' rack synth, lets start with the enclosure andthrow in an Amp. Pictures available !Latest Update: 23 Dec 1998
Other electronicalcircuit ideas: Mixed analog and digital
A combinedBwise/C application:drum track sample generator(do it yourself),multiprocessor simulation, more Bwise stuff added 24 Dec
Software synthesis: drums, additive synthesis, sample processing. NEW !(Last update 15 June few years ago)

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